Boots and Saddles – western TV show

Boots and Saddles – western TV show.

There are only 38 episodes of this rarely seen western series. Originally airing in 1957 and starring John Pickard, Patrick McVey, Gardner McKay. The unit depicted in the series, the 5th Cavalry, was an actual regiment in the US army. It fought in the Mexican War and the US Civil War and afterwards served in the Indian campaigns in

Nebraska and Kansas. Among its members were future Confederate General Robert E. Lee (who was a lieutenant colonel at the time) and William F. Cody, better known as “Buffalo Bill Cody”, who served as a scout. The western fort set used on the series was in Kanab, Utah, and was originally built for the western Pony Express (1953). It was also seen in the opening credits of TV’s Branded (1965) and was featured extensively in Duel at Diablo (1966).
Episode Guide for the Boots and Saddles – western TV show.


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Season 1

The Gatling Gun S1, Ep1
19 Sep. 1957 The Gatling Gun

The Repeater Rifle S1, Ep2
26 Sep. 1957 The Repeater Rifle

The Obsession S1, Ep3
3 Oct. 1957 The Obsession

Private War S1, Ep4
10 Oct. 1957 Private War

Prussian Farmers S1, Ep5
17 Oct. 1957 Prussian Farmers

The Paymaster S1, Ep6
24 Oct. 1957 The Paymaster

Terror at Fort Lowell S1, Ep7
31 Oct. 1957 Terror at Fort Lowell

Border Raiders S1, Ep8
7 Nov. 1957 Border Raiders

The Deserter S1, Ep9
14 Nov. 1957 The Deserter

Quiet Day at Fort Lowell S1, Ep10
21 Nov. 1957 Quiet Day at Fort Lowell

The Gift S1, Ep11
5 Dec. 1957 The Gift

The Treasure S1, Ep12
12 Dec. 1957 The Treasure

The Coward S1, Ep13
19 Dec. 1957 The Coward

The Marquis of Donnybrook S1, Ep14
26 Dec. 1957 The Marquis of Donnybrook

Pound of Flesh S1, Ep15
2 Jan. 1958 Pound of Flesh

The Strange Death of Trooper Jones S1, Ep16
9 Jan. 1958 The Strange Death of Trooper Jones

The Duel S1, Ep17
16 Jan. 1958 The Duel

The Last Word S1, Ep18
23 Jan. 1958 The Last Word

The Proud Condemned S1, Ep19
30 Jan. 1958 The Proud Condemned

Female of the Species S1, Ep20
6 Feb. 1958 Female of the Species

The Dispatch Rider S1, Ep21
13 Feb. 1958 The Dispatch Rider

The Eight-for-Five Men S1, Ep22
20 Feb. 1958 The Eight-for-Five Men

Late Arrival S1, Ep23
27 Feb. 1958 Late Arrival

Rescue of the Stranger S1, Ep24
6 Mar. 1958 Rescue of the Stranger

The Cook S1, Ep25
13 Mar. 1958 The Cook

The Court Martial S1, Ep26
20 Mar. 1958 The Court Martial

The Lost Patrol S1, Ep27
27 Mar. 1958 The Lost Patrol

A Question of Duty S1, Ep28
3 Apr. 1958 A Question of Duty

One Man War S1, Ep29
10 Apr. 1958 One Man War

The Indian Scout S1, Ep30
17 Apr. 1958 The Indian Scout

The Politician S1, Ep31
24 Apr. 1958 The Politician

The Recruit S1, Ep32
1 May 1958 The Recruit

The Superstition S1, Ep33
8 May 1958 The Superstition

Iron John S1, Ep34
15 May 1958 Iron John

The Holdout S1, Ep35
22 May 1958 The Holdout

Weight of Command S1, Ep36
27 May 1958 Weight of Command

The Decision S1, Ep37
1958 The Decision

The Captain’s Leave S1, Ep38
10 Jun. 1958 The Captain’s Leave

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