Buffalo Bill Jr. Western Movies to Watch Free

Buffalo Bill Jr. Western Movies to Watch Free.
Jay Wilsey (February 6, 1896 – October 25, 1961) was an American film actor (born Wilbert Jay Wilsey). He appeared in nearly 100 films between 1924 and 1944. He starred in a series of very low-budget westerns in the 1920s and 1930s, billed as “Buffalo Bill Jr.”

Wilbert Jay Wilsey was born in Clark County, Missouri, in 1896. He learned to ride a horse at a very young age, and when he got older he began appearing on the rodeo circuit. In 1924 he found himself in Hollywood and, hearing that producers were looking for good horsemen for western movies, went looking for work and wound up under contract to producer Lester F. Scott Jr. and his Action Pictures, a low-budget company that produced mostly westerns. The company gave him the stage name “Buffalo Bill Jr.”, although he had no connection whatsoever with the real William F. Cody, aka Buffalo Bill. Wilsey worked steadily during the silent era, mostly for Scott. He also appeared in a couple of non-westerns for Universal, the serials A Final Reckoning (1928) and The Pirate of Panama (1929).


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When sound came along Wilsey didn’t have any trouble making the transition, and along with former colleagues at Action Pictures Buddy Roosevelt and Hal Taliaferro (aka Wally Wales) worked in westerns on a regular basis for a succession of low-budget–VERY low-budget–production companies, such as Big 4, Syndicate, West Coast Pictures and Cosmos Pictures. Wilsey worked for notorious micro-budget producer Victor Adamson (aka Denver Dixon and the father of 1960s schlock director/producer Al Adamson) in a string of ultra-cheap westerns that are considered among the worst pictures–let alone westerns–ever made. Inept and shoddy in every conceivable aspect of filmmaking–the budget on the 1934 Adamson western “Lightning Bill” was so low that its title card was misspelled as Lighting Bill (1934) and Adamson couldn’t afford to have the card redone–they nevertheless made money because the budgets were so rock-bottom they didn’t have to sell all that many tickets in order to make a profit.

Wilsey stayed mired at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain, churning out not only cheap features but also even cheaper two-reelers for such quickie producers as William M. Pizor of Imperial Pictures. He also ground out several “Z” westerns for infamous fly-by-night schlockmeister Robert J. Horner, whose “epics” made the bottom-of-the-barrel films Wilsey turned out for Adamson look like Gone with the Wind (1939) by comparison. Wilsey was paid a pittance for the independent westerns he made–his colleague Buddy Roosevelt is known to have gotten $250 for each three-day wonder he made for Victor Adamson, so Wilsey’s pay was most likely about the same–and as starring roles in the independent “B” westerns dried up he took to accepting supporting parts and stunt work in other cowboy stars’ westerns and personal appearances at rodeos and “wild west” shows.

His last film role was in the John Wayne Cold War propaganda piece Big Jim McLain (1952), in which Wayne, as an investigator ferreting out Communist subversives, travels to Hawaii to root out Commies plotting to take over the islands. Wilsey, unbilled, has a one-line role as a Communist labor organizer.

After Wilsey retired, he and his wife, actress Genee Boutell, spent much time on board their 42-foot-long saiboat, the “Ruana”, which Wilsey had built himself, and sailed all over the Pacific Ocean, to such places as Mexico, Hawaii and Tahiti.

Jay Wilsey died of lung cancer on October 25, 1961, in Los Angeles.
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Acting credits
1952 Big Jim McLain
Mr. Whalen (uncredited)
1944 The Last Horseman
Henchman (uncredited)
1943 The Dancing Masters
Stage Driver (uncredited)
1943 Frontier Fury
Stage Shotgun (uncredited)
1942 Lawless Plainsmen
Cowhand Slim (uncredited)
1941 The Lone Rider in Ghost Town
Cowboy (uncredited)
1941 The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio
Henchman Bart
1941 The Lone Rider Rides On
Henchman Bart (as J. Wilsey)
1940 Pioneers of the Frontier
Henchman (uncredited)
1939 Blue Montana Skies
Mallew (uncredited)
1939 Rough Riders’ Round-up
Barfly (uncredited)
1937 The Rangers Step In
Captain Thomas
1937 Wild West Days
Henchman / Ranch Hand / Townsman (uncredited)
1937 Forlorn River
Blaine Cowhand (uncredited)
1937 Law of the Ranger
Ranger Lieutenant Wells (uncredited)
1937 Way Out West
Audience at Saloon (uncredited)
1937 Ranger Courage
Ranger Lieutenant Caps (uncredited)
1936 Rio Grande Ranger
Texas Ranger (uncredited)
1936 Oh, Susanna!
Sage City Deputy (uncredited)
1936 The Phantom Rider
Deputy Tom (uncredited)
1936 Avenging Waters
Fence Foreman (uncredited)
1936 Heroes of the Range
Deputy (uncredited)
1936 Red River Valley
Construction Worker (uncredited)
1935 The Fire-Trap
Henchman (uncredited)
1935 Three Kids and a Queen
Cop (uncredited)
1935 Powdersmoke Range
‘Tex’ Malcolm (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1935 The Roaring West
Cowhand Slim (uncredited)
1935 The Miracle Rider
Daniel Boone [Ch. 1] / Henchman [Ch. 11] (uncredited)
1935 Princess O’Hara
Mounted Policeman (uncredited)
1935 Rainbow Valley
Butch Galt (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1935 Five Bad Men
Bad Man #1 (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1935 The Phantom Empire
Thunder Guard (uncredited)
1935 Texas Terror
Blackie Martin (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 ‘Neath the Arizona Skies
Jim Moore (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 The Lawless Frontier
2nd Zanti Henchman (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 Pals of the Prairie (Short)
Bob Bentley (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 Rawhide Romance
Buck Cartwright (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 Adventures of Texas Jack
Bill Mayberry (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 Riding Speed
Steve (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 Wheels of Destiny
Bill Collins (as Jay Wilsie)
1934 Lighting Bill
Bill (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1934 The Whirlwind Rider
Bill Reed (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1933 Trails of Adventure
Bill Merritt (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1933 Strange People
Traveller (uncredited)
1933 Rusty Rides Alone
Luke Quillan (uncredited)
1933 Deadwood Pass
Deputy (as Buffalo Bill Junior)
1933 The Fighting Cowboy
Bill Carson (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1933 Thrill Hunter
Pilot (uncredited)
1933 Terror Trail
Prisoner (uncredited)
1932 The Lost Special
Forest Station Agent [Ch. 2] (uncredited)
1932 Hidden Gold
Cowhand (uncredited)
1932 Dynamite Denny
‘Dynamite’ Denny
1932 The Texan
Bill Rust (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1932 Ridin’ for Justice
Barfly (uncredited)
1932 Riders of the Golden Gulch (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1931 A Holy Terror
Cowboy (uncredited)
1931 Pueblo Terror
Bill Sommers (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1931 The Mystery Trooper
Tall Henchman (uncredited)
1931 Trails of the Golden West (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1930 Westward Bound
Bob Lansing (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1930 South of Sonora
Bill Tracy (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1930 The Utah Kid
Deputy (uncredited)
1930 Beyond the Law
Henchman (uncredited)
1930 Way Out West
1930 The Cheyenne Kid
Buck Allen / The Cheyenne Kid (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1930 Beyond the Rio Grande
Bill (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1930 Bar-L Ranch
Bob Tyler (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1929 Thundering Thompson
Cowhand (uncredited)
1929 Faro Nell (Short)
Dorsey (uncredited)
1929 The Pirate of Panama
Kacl Sedgwocl
1928 A Final Reckoning
Captain Wilson (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1928 The Valley of Hunted Men
Tom Mallory (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1928 The Ballyhoo Buster
Bob Warner (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1927 Roarin’ Broncs
Bill Morris (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1927 The Obligin’ Buckaroo
Bill Murray (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1927 The Interferin’ Gent
Bill Stannard (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1927 Pals in Peril
Bill Gordon (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1927 The Ridin’ Rowdy
Bill Gibson
1927 The Galloping Gobs
Bill Corbitt (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Bad Man’s Bluff
Zane Castleton (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 The Bonanza Buckaroo
Bill Merritt (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Speedy Spurs
Bill Clark (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Rawhide
Rawhide Rawlins (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Deuce High
Ted Crawford (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Coming an’ Going
Bill Martin (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Trumpin’ Trouble
Bill Lawson (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 Hoodoo Ranch (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1926 The Roaring Rider
Buffalo Bill Jr. (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925 A Streak of Luck
Billy Burton (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925 Saddle Cyclone
Bill Demming (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925 The Desert Demon
Bill Davis (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925 Quicker’n Lightnin’
Quicker’n Lightnin’ (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925 Double Action Daniels
Double Action Daniels (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925/I On the Go
Bill Drake (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1925 Full Speed (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1924 Thundering Romance
Lightning Bill (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1924 Bringin’ Home the Bacon
Bill Winton (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1924 Hard-Hittin’ Hamilton
Bill Hamilton (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1924 Fast and Fearless
Lightning Bill Lewis (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)
1924 Rarin’ to Go
Bill Dillon (as Buffalo Bill Jr.)

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