Buffalo Bill Jr. – western TV show

Buffalo Bill Jr. – western TV show.

There are 42 episodes of this wonderful classic western television series. Produced by Gene Autry’s Flying A productions and starring Dickie Jones, Nancy Gilbert, Harry Cheshire. With many wonderful guest stars including an early appearance by Angie Dickinson. This show originally aired from 1955 to 1956.
Season 1

Fight for Geronimo S1, Ep1
1 Mar. 1955 Fight for Geronimo

Runaway Renegade S1, Ep2
1 Mar. 1955 Runaway Renegade

Empire Pass S1, Ep3
3 Mar. 1955 Empire Pass

Trail of the Killer S1, Ep4
4 Mar. 1955 Trail of the Killer

The Black Ghost S1, Ep5
12 Mar. 1955 The Black Ghost

The Death of Johnny Ringo S1, Ep6
22 Mar. 1955 The Death of Johnny Ringo

Boomer’s Blunder S1, Ep7
1 Apr. 1955 Boomer’s Blunder


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The Rain Wagon S1, Ep8
8 Apr. 1955 The Rain Wagon

Tough Tenderfoot S1, Ep9
14 Apr. 1955 Tough Tenderfoot

First Posse S1, Ep10
18 Apr. 1955 First Posse

Hooded Vengeance S1, Ep11
22 Apr. 1955 Hooded Vengeance

A Bronc Called Gunboat S1, Ep12
11 May 1955 A Bronc Called Gunboat

The Calico Kid S1, Ep13
15 May 1955 The Calico Kid

Pawnee Stampede S1, Ep14
19 May 1955 Pawnee Stampede

The Six-Gun Symphony S1, Ep15
24 May 1955 The Six-Gun Symphony

Grave of the Monsters S1, Ep16
24 May 1955 Grave of the Monsters

Lucky Horseshoe S1, Ep17
27 May 1955 Lucky Horseshoe

Red Hawk S1, Ep18
28 May 1955 Red Hawk

Redskin Gap S1, Ep19
22 Jun. 1955 Redskin Gap

Legacy of Jesse James S1, Ep20
23 Jun. 1955 Legacy of Jesse James

The Devil’s Washbowl S1, Ep21
27 Jul. 1955 The Devil’s Washbowl

The Fight for Texas S1, Ep22
27 Jul. 1955 The Fight for Texas

Apache Raid S1, Ep23
27 Jul. 1955 Apache Raid

Rails Westward S1, Ep24
30 Jul. 1955 Rails Westward

The Little Mavericks S1, Ep25
1 Aug. 1955 The Little Mavericks

Fugitive from Injustice S1, Ep26
13 Aug. 1955 Fugitive from Injustice

Season 2

Ambush at Lizard Rock S2, Ep1
27 Apr. 1956 Ambush at Lizard Rock

The Assassins S2, Ep2
27 Apr. 1956 The Assassins

The Jayhawker S2, Ep3
27 Apr. 1956 The Jayhawker

Trouble Thompson S2, Ep4
11 May 1956 Trouble Thompson

The Golden Plant S2, Ep5
15 May 1956 The Golden Plant

Kid Curry – Killer S2, Ep6
18 May 1956 Kid Curry – Killer

Secret of the Silverado S2, Ep7
21 May 1956 Secret of the Silverado

Angelo Goes West S2, Ep8
29 May 1956 Angelo Goes West

Kansas City Lady S2, Ep9
23 Jul. 1956 Kansas City Lady

A Diamond for Grandpa S2, Ep10
23 Jul. 1956 A Diamond for Grandpa

The Lady and the Judge S2, Ep11
1 Aug. 1956 The Lady and the Judge

Double-Cross Money S2, Ep12
8 Aug. 1956 Double-Cross Money

Silver Mine Mystery S2, Ep13
16 Aug. 1956 Silver Mine Mystery

Blazing Guns S2, Ep14
24 Aug. 1956 Blazing Guns

Gun-Talk S2, Ep15
14 Sep. 1956 Gun-Talk

Rough-Shod S2, Ep16
21 Sep. 1956 Rough-Shod

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