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Western series is set in the late 1800′s and is the adventures of railroad engineer Casey Jones and the crew of the Cannonball Express steam locomotive train. Fireman Wallie Sims and conductor Redrock Smith, working for the Midwest and Central Railroad. Casey lived in Midvale, a fictional town within commuting distance of St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Alice, their young son, Casey, Jr., and their dog Cinders. Although there really was a famous locomotive engineer named Casey Jones of the Illinois Central, the television series is very loosely based on him. However, it uses the real names of his train, the Cannonball Express, and his fireman, Wallie.

Casey Jones – western TV show

Casey Jones – western TV show. This wonderful western TV series originally aired in 1957 and 1958 and starred Alan Hale Jr., Dub Taylor, Eddy Waller, Mary Lawrence and Bobby Clark. There are 32 episodes of this western series. Filmed one … Continue reading

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