Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater – western TV show

Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater – western TV show.

A western TV show. Created by Luke Short and Charles A. Wallace, Zane Grey Theatre was originally based on the short stories and novels of Western author Zane Grey, but as the episodes continued, new material was included. Aaron Spelling wrote 20 Zane Grey episodes. The series opened each week with a prelude of the episode followed by the introduction by Dick Powell. Dick Powell appeared in many of the episodes as various characters and hosted the entire run of the western series. Zane Grey Theatre debuted at 8:30 Eastern on Friday, October 5, 1956, and ran until the end of the 1960-1961 season. Dick Powell was also an artist!
Zane Grey Theatre western TV series has five episodes that were developed into other western series – Trackdown (from “Badge of Honor”) starring Robert Culp

as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman. Johnny Ringo (from “Man Alone”), starring Don Durant, both on CBS, The Rifleman (from “The Sharpshooter”) with Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain on ABC, The Westerner on NBC (from “Trouble at Tres Cruces”), starring Brian Keith as Dave Blassingame, and Black Saddle (from “Threat of Violence”) with Chris Alcaide instead of subsequent series star Peter Breck as the gunfighter-turned-lawyer Clay Culhane) on ABC. THEN Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen as Josh Randall is a CBS spinoff of Trackdown and Law of the Plainsman starring Michael Ansara as a Native American U.S. Marshal is an NBC spin-off of The Rifleman. Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater – western TV show has 149 half hour episodes.
Season 1

You Only Run Once S1, Ep1
5 Oct. 1956 You Only Run Once
When horses begin to turn up missing, the county forms a vigilante committee. Rancher Matt Jessop has the bad luck to innocently hire two shady characters to work on his ranch. Will the two drag Matt and his family down with them?

Fearful Courage S1, Ep2
12 Oct. 1956 Fearful Courage
Ranchers have hired a gunfighter to run farmers off the land. He kills a man and then goes after the wife. The wife flees to a shack nearby. Soon she and the stranger in the shack are pinned down and try to find a way out.


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The Long Road Home S1, Ep3
19 Oct. 1956 The Long Road Home
Sam Gracie returns to Texas from his law practice in Kansas. He is determined to bring an end to a feud involving his family to an end without the use of guns.

The Unrelenting Sky S1, Ep4
26 Oct. 1956 The Unrelenting Sky
There is drought in the land. One rancher has diverted water onto his land and is not of a mind to share with his neighbors.

Lariat S1, Ep5
2 Nov. 1956 Lariat
Dan Morgan accidentally kills a man and spends five years in jail. He returns to exact revenge against the judge who sent him up. The judge offers him a job which he refuses…until he meets the judges beautiful daughter.

Death Watch S1, Ep6
9 Nov. 1956 Death Watch
Three soldiers and a scout try to cope while a band of Comanche warriors surround their strong hold and begin a death watch for the men.

Stage for Tucson S1, Ep7
16 Nov. 1956 Stage for Tucson
Five people are on a stagecoach stopover. One of them is a bank robber and s sheriff must discretely try to determine who it is.

A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo S1, Ep8
23 Nov. 1956 A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo
The marshal of San Ardo is murdered. The town is concerned it may be a part of a plot to rob the bank. There is only one able bodied man in town to serve as marshal but he doesn’t want to serve.

Vengeance Canyon S1, Ep9
30 Nov. 1956 Vengeance Canyon
Clint Harding is on a mission to kill his father when he falls in with a group of bandits. One of the bandits is an old man who tries to convince him that vengeance is not fruitful.

Return to Nowhere S1, Ep10
7 Dec. 1956 Return to Nowhere
An outlaw gunfighter is haunted by his past and is trying to find his life. He goes looking for his wife and finds she is married to another man. He is determined to get her back.

Courage Is a Gun S1, Ep11
14 Dec. 1956 Courage Is a Gun
Johnny Adler comes to town. He is fast with a gun and loves to be feared. He accepts an offer to kill the town sheriff, however, first he wants to take care of an infection in his finger.

Muletown Gold Strike S1, Ep12
21 Dec. 1956 Muletown Gold Strike
Mason Ward, a former soldier, wants to leave the war behind and find new work. He is hired as the school teacher and finds one of his students obsessed with discovering gold in the area.

Star Over Texas S1, Ep13
28 Dec. 1956 Star Over Texas
Joel Todd is in a marriage for convenience to a younger woman. They are moving westward and receive a military escort through Indian country. A young Lieutenant openly shows his affection for the married woman.

Three Graves S1, Ep14
4 Jan. 1957 Three Graves
Cass Kendall is looking for the easy life. He is fast with a gun but not fastest. He moves to a town that doesn’t allow guns. He immediately starts scheming to become top man in town.

No Man Living S1, Ep15
11 Jan. 1957 No Man Living
Jim Todd, a former sheriff, has committed his life to track down the four men who held up a bank and shot his wife. After finding three, he finds a man who resembles the fourth but is a respected citizen.

Time of Decision S1, Ep16
18 Jan. 1957 Time of Decision
The son of the most influential man in the territory goads a farmer into a gunfight. The son is killed. Can the farmer get justice in a town owned by ranchers.

Until the Man Dies S1, Ep17
25 Jan. 1957 Until the Man Dies
Clint Belmet stops a lynching. He wants to prove that Nevada is a place of law and order and worthy of statehood. But is it worth the cost?

Backtrail S1, Ep18
1 Feb. 1957 Backtrail
Kane Eldridge wants to own the whole valley. He brings in a gunman to scare the small ranchers off. The gunman thinks he knows one of the small ranchers – a man he used to ride with.

Dangerous Orders S1, Ep19
8 Feb. 1957 Dangerous Orders
A Union army captain is given orders to carry through Indian country. But can he be trusted with these critical orders seeing as he is from Virginia?

The Necessary Breed S1, Ep20
15 Feb. 1957 The Necessary Breed
A bounty hunter tracks a man to his home town. After he kills the man, he stops in to visit his wife. His wife tells him she can’t live that type of life anymore and is leaving him. He says he can’t change.

Village of Fear S1, Ep21
1 Mar. 1957 Village of Fear
A traveling book salesman happens upon a town, finds a man hanging, and then is ordered at gunpoint into a barn. A robber tells him to find the man who shot his brother or the whole town will die.

Black Creek Encounter S1, Ep22
8 Mar. 1957 Black Creek Encounter
Davey Harper is determined to goad Big Jim Morrison into a gunfight for killing his father 12 years earlier. Big Jim Morrison is determined not to pick up a gun.

There Were Four S1, Ep23
15 Mar. 1957 There Were Four
Andy Todd wants revenge for the man responsible for the death of his father. He joins up with a gang of 3 cattle thieves and leads a raid on the man’s cattle to begin his revenge.

Fugitive S1, Ep24
22 Mar. 1957 Fugitive
A woman finds an injured fugitive in her barn. She soon finds that he has information about her husband who is overdue coming home from the war.

A Time to Live S1, Ep25
5 Apr. 1957 A Time to Live
Steve is the lone survivor of an armed robbery. He recovers from his injuries but is told because the location of the bullet in his body he will be lucky to live 6 months. Realizing time is short he goes on a desperate bid to live life to the fullest and extract revenge on those who tried to kill him

Black Is for Grief S1, Ep26
12 Apr. 1957 Black Is for Grief
Tom Andrews comes home after a long absence because of the war to find his wife Barbara has been murdered. He begins to try and unravel the circumstances of her death and discovers Barbara was not as pure as he’d hoped.

Badge of Honor S1, Ep27
3 May 1957 Badge of Honor
Hoby Gilman returns to Crawford, Texas after the war and finds the town is taken over by a former confederate colonel. Hoby is asked to stand up to the colonel but he has had enough of guns and violence.

Decision at Wilson’s Creek S1, Ep28
17 May 1957 Decision at Wilson’s Creek
A man abruptly resigns his commission in the confederate army to spend time with his wife and endures disgrace at every turn.

Man on the Run S1, Ep29
21 Jun. 1957 Man on the Run
A man in the desert follows a dead man’s horse in hopes it will lead him to water. Instead he finds a home where a young lady asks him to take her away with him.

Season 2

The Deserters S2, Ep1
4 Oct. 1957 The Deserters
A young private has deserted from the Army and is riding on a freight wagon with a manipulative woman who claims to love him. An Army sergeant, assigned to look for deserters, joins the ride and recognizes the woman from his own past.

Blood in the Dust S2, Ep2
11 Oct. 1957 Blood in the Dust
A newly appointed schoolteacher refuses to cave in to the demands of a gunman that he leave town. But he can’t convince his wife of the importance of not backing down, even though the gunman has vowed to face him in a showdown if he doesn’t leave, and the teacher has not fired a gun since he was in the war.

A Gun Is for Killing S2, Ep3
18 Oct. 1957 A Gun Is for Killing
When Russ Andrews’ oldest son is killed by a young punk who goaded him into drawing first, his wife begs him to stay away from the killer, but that’s not so easy, as whenever Russ comes into town to buy supplies, the punk does his best to goad him as well.

Proud Woman S2, Ep4
25 Oct. 1957 Proud Woman
Headstrong Consuela Bowers tries to resist her attraction to the intriguing drifter whom her father has hired on for their ranch, not knowing that he is plotting with a pair of horse thieves to steal their prize stallion.

Ride a Lonely Trail S2, Ep5
2 Nov. 1957 Ride a Lonely Trail
Several of the town’s leading citizens think that Sheriff John Larson is getting too old for the job and should not run for reelection, but Larson disagrees. He gets the chance to put himself to the test when he must pursue two outlaws, and insists on trailing them alone.

The Promise S2, Ep6
8 Nov. 1957 The Promise
Before he dies, Jace Rawlins’ father asks him to promise to stay and work his half of the ranch which will be split between Jace and his brother Noah. But Jace wants to roam first and doesn’t intend to stay, causing friction between him and Noah, over both the ranch and Noah’s wife.

Episode in Darkness S2, Ep7
15 Nov. 1957 Episode in Darkness
Cattleman Ethan Boyan is framed for murder and the only witness is Isabelle Rutledge, who is blind.

The Open Cell S2, Ep8
22 Nov. 1957 The Open Cell
Sheriff Morgan Winter decides to give a young man involved in a shooting another chance by taking him into his custody for a year. But the rest of the town, including Winter’s deputy, just wants to see the boy fail and get sent up to prison.

A Man to Look Up To S2, Ep9
29 Nov. 1957 A Man to Look Up To
Lawyer Jud Lester is just arriving in town right after a robbery when he finds one of the robbers hiding in his office wounded. The robber passes out and people in town assume that Jud shot him, and treat him as a hero. Unfortunately Jud decides to let them keep thinking this, and helps make plans to capture the rest of the gang when the captured man is scheduled to be hanged. But things may backfire.

The Bitter Land S2, Ep10
6 Dec. 1957 The Bitter Land
Sarah Jolland hires war hero Cleve Scott as foreman of her ranch. But her real plan is to use his gun skills in fighting a range war with a neighboring rancher over water rights, an idea Scott does not like. Sarah is even willing to risk her grandson in the showdown, much to the distress of her daughter-in-law.

Gift from a Gunman S2, Ep11
13 Dec. 1957 Gift from a Gunman
Gunfighter Will Gorman visits his old friend Colonel Overton. Gorman is tired of the gunman’s way of life, and hopes to settle down. But Overton’s wife, an old flame, is bored of her husband and wants to run away with him, and Overton’s nephew wants to follow in Gorman’s footsteps and become a gunslinger himself.

A Gun for My Bride S2, Ep12
27 Dec. 1957 A Gun for My Bride
Rancher Roger Morrow fires his hand Jed Wiley because he knows his daughter Ellen is falling for Jed. Jed and Ellen get married and leave town together, but then a bounty hunter tells Morrow that Jed is wanted for murder.

Man Unforgiving S2, Ep13
3 Jan. 1958 Man Unforgiving
Sheriff Adam Prescott begins to suspect that the drifter who he has taken into his house may be the Army doctor whom he blames for the loss of his leg in the Civil War. He thus tries to keep the man from leaving town, hoping to goad him into a showdown.

Trial by Fear S2, Ep14
10 Jan. 1958 Trial by Fear
Local fast gun Tod Owen guns down a man who was trying to shoot him from a rooftop. Everyone in town hates the trouble-making Owen and would like to convict and hang him quickly, except for Cob Oakley, who wants to make sure he gets a fair trial, even after Owen breaks jail.

The Freighter S2, Ep15
17 Jan. 1958 The Freighter
Belle Garrison is determined not to let the ruthless Murdock clan put her grandfather’s freight line out of business, even after they start attacking and burning her wagons and killing her drivers.

This Man Must Die S2, Ep16
24 Jan. 1958 This Man Must Die
Kirk Joiner escapes from custody on the day before he was scheduled to be hanged, for a murder he swears he did not commit. But he plans to kill the man who testified against him.

Wire S2, Ep17
31 Jan. 1958 Wire
Sam Fraser is determined not to be forced off of his farm as his neighbors have, so he buys barbed wire to keep McHugh cattle off his land, which only aggravates rancher Abel McHugh more.

License to Kill S2, Ep18
7 Feb. 1958 License to Kill
Sheriff Tom Baker is temporarily unable to use his right arm, which puts him at a disadvantage dealing with some wild cowboys. A young man named Lane helps Baker out—by killing one of the cowboys. The mayor hires Lane as Baker’s temporary deputy. But Baker is not pleased, as Lane is his younger brother who he feels is way too anxious to use his gun to kill.

Sundown at Bitter Creek S2, Ep19
14 Feb. 1958 Sundown at Bitter Creek
A man arrives in the town of Bitter Creek, and affects several people by his presence. An old singing cowboy assumes him to be gunman Dan Case. The man anxiously watches the clock and wonders who may be out to draw against him. A saloon hostess is attracted to him, but he is attracted to the beautiful sister of a young tough who hopes to challenge him to avenge his humiliation.

The Stranger S2, Ep20
28 Feb. 1958 The Stranger
Man stumbles onto shooting and is condemned by circumstantial evidence.

The Sharpshooter S2, Ep21
7 Mar. 1958 The Sharpshooter
This is the pilot for the series “The Rifleman”. Lucas and Mark McCain enter the town of North Fork, hoping to buy a small ranch, but they encounter trouble from a shady businessman and a young punk gunfighter.

Man of Fear S2, Ep22
14 Mar. 1958 Man of Fear
Doc Holliday visits an old friend and his wife. He finds that his friend, now crippled, is being shaken down for money by the corrupt local sheriff, along with everyone else in town, and he plans to put a stop to it.

The Doctor Keeps a Promise S2, Ep23
21 Mar. 1958 The Doctor Keeps a Promise
The cattleman who runs the town doesn’t like Dr. Alan McMurdo because he spends too much time treating homesteaders, and doesn’t want him to take over as the town’s main doctor when the old one retires. McMurdo faces another challenge when he is called to treat a young man who was shot while attempting to rob the cattleman’s money.

Three Days to Death S2, Ep24
4 Apr. 1958 Three Days to Death
An Easterner comes west to bring the killer of his brother to justice.

Shadow of a Dead Man S2, Ep25
11 Apr. 1958 Shadow of a Dead Man
Logan Wheeler tries to bring Raney Benson in for a bank robbery in which Wheeler’s father lost all his savings. But the tables are turned, in more ways than one, when Logan is bitten by a rattlesnake and Benson brings him in to his father and sister’s house.

Debt of Gratitude S2, Ep26
18 Apr. 1958 Debt of Gratitude
When Marshal Tolby learns that Ben Kincaid is wanted for murder, he feels he must arrest him and take him to Prescott for trial, even though Kincaid is regarded as a hero by the townsfolk and beg Tolby to let him go free.

A Handful of Ashes S2, Ep27
2 May 1958 A Handful of Ashes
The sheriff needs a deputy, but the only one volunteering for the job is Ben Cary, whom everyone thinks is too old for the job. When an outlaw, ill due to a snakebite, arrives at his farm, Ben sees a chance to prove he’s still up to the job.

Threat of Violence S2, Ep28
23 May 1958 Threat of Violence
Lawyer Clay Culhane doesn’t get the job with the mining company that he was first promised, after they learn he was once a famous gunfighter. But he soon finds a new client, a Mexican rancher friend who is accused of killing the man who he believes stole his land from him. This is the pilot for the series “Black Saddle” which premiered a year later, with Peter Breck in the role of Culhane.

Utopia, Wyoming S2, Ep29
6 Jun. 1958 Utopia, Wyoming
Two government surveyors find an old ghost town inhabited by a group of former Confederates. The residents do not want their presence in the town known to outsiders, and so they refuse to let the surveyors leave, even though they recognize one as a Confederate hero.

Season 3

Trail to Nowhere S3, Ep1
2 Oct. 1958 Trail to Nowhere
There is drought in the land and only one rancher has water and he will not share. He is killed and the prime suspect heads for Mexico. The sheriff won’t follow but the man’s wife will.

The Scaffold S3, Ep2
9 Oct. 1958 The Scaffold
A leading citizen is gunned down in broad daylight. The town and the man’s girlfriend want quick justice. They begin to build a scaffold so it will look legal. The sheriff is determined to make sure the law is followed.

The Homecoming S3, Ep3
23 Oct. 1958 The Homecoming
A man down on his luck robs a bank. His wife convinces him to give it back, but two outlaws have other plans for the money.

The Accuser S3, Ep4
30 Oct. 1958 The Accuser
A man is found dead by his neighbor. A deputy with a grudge against the neighbor is determined to see the murder is pinned on him.

Legacy of a Legend S3, Ep5
6 Nov. 1958 Legacy of a Legend
A man comes to town claiming to be a legendary gunfighter – Frank McKinnon – only Frank McKinnon has been dead for 20 years. He learns there has been a robbery and murder and is soon blamed.

To Sit in Judgment S3, Ep6
13 Nov. 1958 To Sit in Judgment
A lawman carries out a hanging sentence on a man found guilty of murder. The man’s sons promise revenge. The lawman’s wife and deputy think he is too hard of a man. How will he treat the boys bent on killing him?

The Tall Shadow S3, Ep7
20 Nov. 1958 The Tall Shadow
Linc Hardaway would like to do something just once, better than his father, the town’s most successful man. Then Hardaway Sr. is murdered and Linc is the prime suspect.

The Vaunted S3, Ep8
27 Nov. 1958 The Vaunted
Jess Matson is a wanted man who wants to visit his wife and son. But the law is on his trail and meeting his wife and son won’t be easy.

Pressure Point S3, Ep9
4 Dec. 1958 Pressure Point
A thief comes to town to exact revenge for the death of his brother and is not deterred when he finds the sheriff who killed his brother is now blind.

Bury Me Dead S3, Ep10
11 Dec. 1958 Bury Me Dead
A man and his wife find two injured people on their land – an outlaw and a sheriff. The outlaw comes to and demands the sheriff be killed. The man convinces the outlaw he can deceive the sheriff into believing the outlaw is dead.

Let the Man Die S3, Ep11
18 Dec. 1958 Let the Man Die
A doctor learns that his step son is admiring a gunfighter. When the gunfighter is wounded, a series of dilemmas are faced by the doctor.

Medal for Valor S3, Ep12
25 Dec. 1958 Medal for Valor
A man agrees to serve in the military in place of a wealthy man’s son. He threatens to expose the deal when he is not given everything he was promised.

Living Is a Lonesome Thing S3, Ep13
1 Jan. 1959 Living Is a Lonesome Thing
A wealthy rancher is trying to monopolize the cattle drives leaving Texas. Small ranchers are trying to put their own drive together. The wealthy rancher hires a man’s wayward son to sabotage the effort.

Day of the Killing S3, Ep14
8 Jan. 1959 Day of the Killing
The town blacksmith is about to become the new sheriff when a stranger kills a man shooting at the blacksmith’s son. He soon learns his first job as sheriff is to go after the man who saved his son’s life.

Hang the Heart High S3, Ep15
15 Jan. 1959 Hang the Heart High
Regan Moore’s husband believes people can turn their lives around but constantly reminds them of their past. She wants to get away from him. Dix Porter is hired to work the ranch. Regan thinks he may be her way out.

Welcome Home a Stranger S3, Ep16
15 Jan. 1959 Welcome Home a Stranger
A man returns home after the war and finds he is unwelcome because he fought against the south.

Trail Incident S3, Ep17
2 Jan. 1959 Trail Incident
Andy McCall comes across a teenage boy wandering through the country. The boy, Peter Owens tells of being thrown by a horse, and his father is Tim Owens, the biggest banker in Chicago. Back at camp Charlie the cook who’s been crippled by an accident is bitter he can never partner Andy like they’d always dreamed. The cattle drive continues and Peter starts to adapt to camp life, first as a cook’s helper and then as one of the riders. Charlie tells the boy he will stake him a ticket for the stagecoach when they get close to a nearby town. Arriving at Redcliff Charlie …

Make It Look Good S3, Ep18
5 Feb. 1959 Make It Look Good
Sam Carter is the only reb in town. He is ill treated by the town He decides to plan a holdup at the bank where he is teller. The sheriff believes the robber is a reb and believes Sam is his partner.

A Thread of Respect S3, Ep19
12 Feb. 1959 A Thread of Respect
An immigrant and his son find opposition when they open up a tailor shop in a new town.

Deadfall S3, Ep20
19 Feb. 1959 Deadfall
Frank Gillette returns home after serving a prison sentence. He wants to start afresh but finds himself being used in a plot to gain control of the town.

The Last Raid S3, Ep21
26 Feb. 1959 The Last Raid
A man searches for the man who stole his gold his woman and her son.

Man Alone S3, Ep22
5 Mar. 1959 Man Alone
Johnny Ringo is hired to clean up a corrupt town. Pilot for the TV series “Johnny Ringo”.

Hanging Fever S3, Ep23
12 Mar. 1959 Hanging Fever
Sam Walston, a town leader, sets out to bring justice to a small town after a murder. A suspect suddenly leaves town and the people don’t want to wait for a trial. What Walston doesn’t know is that his own wife is the suspect’s alibi.

Trouble at Tres Cruces S3, Ep24
26 Mar. 1959 Trouble at Tres Cruces
Dave Blasingame is a drifter who is asked to come visit a friend and see his new gun. When he arrives the friend has been killed and the gun is gone and he wants to find out why. Pilot for TV series “The Westerner”.

Heritage S3, Ep25
2 Apr. 1959 Heritage
A man is visited by soldiers searching for his estranged son who deserted from the army. Soon he is reunited with his son.

The Sunrise Gun S3, Ep26
16 Apr. 1959 The Sunrise Gun
Johnny Sunrise is training his son to avenge the injury to his hand which was caused by Sam Duskin. Then Sam Duskin, Jr. comes to town and the sons agree to avoid a fight. But can they?

Checkmate S3, Ep27
30 Apr. 1959 Checkmate
A bank is robbed and it starts to look like the teller was involved, however, Ward Pendleton, a detective, happens to be in town and starts investigating.

Mission to Marathon S3, Ep28
14 May 1959 Mission to Marathon
Gar Durand is an ex-soldier who left the army in disgrace. He bounces from town to town until some federal officials provide him an opportunity to clear his record.

The Law and the Gun S3, Ep29
4 Jun. 1959 The Law and the Gun
John Welker’s new bride is killed by bank robbers. John goes undercover to try and infiltrate the gang.

Season 4

Interrogation S4, Ep1
1 Oct. 1959 Interrogation
An army captain and corporal are captured and put through some interrogations in an attempt to solicit some key information.

The Lone Woman S4, Ep2
8 Oct. 1959 The Lone Woman

Confession S4, Ep3
15 Oct. 1959 Confession

The Lonely Gun S4, Ep4
22 Oct. 1959 The Lonely Gun

Hand on the Latch S4, Ep5
29 Oct. 1959 Hand on the Latch

Shadows S4, Ep6
5 Nov. 1959 Shadows

Mission S4, Ep7
12 Nov. 1959 Mission
At a frontier cavalry post, a newly arrived black trooper must earn the respect and trust of his fellow cavalrymen, most of whom are white and don’t want a black in their outfit.

Lonesome Road S4, Ep8
19 Nov. 1959 Lonesome Road

King of the Valley S4, Ep9
26 Nov. 1959 King of the Valley
A wealthy rancher is blamed for missing funds at a bank.

Rebel Ranger S4, Ep10
3 Dec. 1959 Rebel Ranger
A Union law allows homes vacated by confederates to be sold at auction. A woman comes back to claim her home irregardless of the fact that it is lawfully occupied.

Death in a Wood S4, Ep11
17 Dec. 1959 Death in a Wood
Two soldiers are sent to spy out a Union army camp when they come upon a 12 year old boy who is helping to set up a telegraph system for the north.

The Grubstake S4, Ep12
24 Dec. 1959 The Grubstake
Jim Goad is summoned back home when his son falls in with a bad crowd Jim is determined to establish a relationship with him and set him on the right path.

The Ghost S4, Ep13
31 Dec. 1959 The Ghost
A U.S. Marshal is bringing a wanted man to Laredo when the man is killed by a sniper. In his dying words he tells the Marshal he is after John Wilkes Booth. The Marshal must find out if he is really alive.

Miss Jenny S4, Ep14
7 Jan. 1960 Miss Jenny
Jenny Breckenridge is unhappy with her life. She would much rather be back in the city, where she comes from. than out west with her husband, a lazy drunk. A good-looking young cowboy who stops by sparks her interest, but then the man announces that he has a plan–he’s going to take Jenny as his own, and to show that he means business he shoots her husband.

The Reckoning S4, Ep15
14 Jan. 1960 The Reckoning

Wayfarers S4, Ep16
21 Jan. 1960 Wayfarers

Picture of Sal S4, Ep17
28 Jan. 1960 Picture of Sal

Never Too Late S4, Ep18
4 Feb. 1960 Never Too Late

The Man in the Middle S4, Ep19
11 Feb. 1960 The Man in the Middle
Marshall Locke Gardner is an Indian agent who goes after an Indian boy missing from the reservation. He finds the boy shot and a dead cow nearby Locke seeks to mete out justice despite pressure from the Indians and local ranchers.

Guns for Garibaldi S4, Ep20
18 Feb. 1960 Guns for Garibaldi
Guns for Garibaldi aired Februrary 18, 1960 marking the 100th anniversary of the Unification of Italy 1860, and is among the only American shows that demonstrated the affairs of Italians in pre Civil War 19th century America. It takes place in a small Western gold mining town of Indian Creek. Giulio Mandati comes to Indian Creek to take over his brother’s gold claim. The townspeople had hoped that the gold would be used to pay for a much needed dam. Giulio plans to use the riches to finance Garibaldi’s Italian Reunification. General Giuseppe Garibaldi did ask for …

The Sunday Man S4, Ep21
25 Feb. 1960 The Sunday Man
A young deputy is determined to enforce the law even when it means going up against one of the most powerful ranchers in the territory.

Set-Up S4, Ep22
3 Mar. 1960 Set-Up
Mike Bagley is a young man who is forced to marry a woman at gun point and then run off his farm. Years later he returns to claim what is his.

A Small Town That Died S4, Ep23
10 Mar. 1960 A Small Town That Died
Dave Cameron comes to town looking for a friend. He finds that his friend was hung after shooting a beloved man of the town. Dave knows his friend would never shoot a man in the back and sets out to clear his name.

Killer Instinct S4, Ep24
17 Mar. 1960 Killer Instinct

Sundown Smith S4, Ep25
24 Mar. 1960 Sundown Smith

Calico Bait S4, Ep26
31 Mar. 1960 Calico Bait
A deputy on the trail of a bandit uses the outlaw’s girlfriend as bait to capture him. However, before he realizes it a bond begins to form between him and the woman.

Seed of Evil S4, Ep27
7 Apr. 1960 Seed of Evil

Deception S4, Ep28
14 Apr. 1960 Deception

Stagecoach to Yuma S4, Ep29
5 May 1960 Stagecoach to Yuma

Season 5

A Gun for Willie S5, Ep1
6 Oct. 1960 A Gun for Willie

Desert Flight S5, Ep2
13 Oct. 1960 Desert Flight

Cry Hope! Cry Hate! S5, Ep3
20 Oct. 1960 Cry Hope! Cry Hate!

The Ox S5, Ep4
3 Nov. 1960 The Ox

So Young the Savage Land S5, Ep5
20 Nov. 1960 So Young the Savage Land

Ransom S5, Ep6
17 Nov. 1960 Ransom

The Last Bugle S5, Ep7
24 Nov. 1960 The Last Bugle

The Black Wagon S5, Ep8
1 Dec. 1960 The Black Wagon

Knife of Hate S5, Ep9
8 Dec. 1960 Knife of Hate

The Mormons S5, Ep10
15 Dec. 1960 The Mormons

The Man from Yesterday S5, Ep11
22 Dec. 1960 The Man from Yesterday

Morning Incident S5, Ep12
29 Dec. 1960 Morning Incident

Ambush S5, Ep13
5 Jan. 1961 Ambush

One Must Die S5, Ep14
12 Jan. 1961 One Must Die

The Long Shadow S5, Ep15
19 Jan. 1961 The Long Shadow

Blood Red S5, Ep16
26 Jan. 1961 Blood Red

Honor Bright S5, Ep17
2 Feb. 1961 Honor Bright

The Broken Wing S5, Ep18
9 Feb. 1961 The Broken Wing

The Silent Sentry S5, Ep19
16 Feb. 1961 The Silent Sentry

The Bible Man S5, Ep20
23 Feb. 1961 The Bible Man

The Scar S5, Ep21
2 Mar. 1961 The Scar

Knight of the Sun S5, Ep22
9 Mar. 1961 Knight of the Sun

A Warm Day in Heaven S5, Ep23
23 Mar. 1961 A Warm Day in Heaven

The Empty Shell S5, Ep24
30 Mar. 1961 The Empty Shell

The Atoner S5, Ep25
6 Apr. 1961 The Atoner

Man from Everywhere S5, Ep26
13 Apr. 1961 Man from Everywhere

The Release S5, Ep27
27 Apr. 1961 The Release

Storm Over Eden S5, Ep28
4 May 1961 Storm Over Eden

Image of a Drawn Sword S5, Ep29
11 May 1961 Image of a Drawn Sword

Jericho S5, Ep30
18 May 1961 Jericho

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