Empire – western TV show

Empire – western TV show.

There are 32 one hour long episodes of this More Modern Day Western television series set on a 1960s 500,000-acre ranch in New Mexico. Also starring Terry Moore and Ryan O’Neal. Originally airing on NBC from September 25, 1962, to May 14, 1963. Also known as REDIGO.
Guest Stars include.
Philip Abbott
Barry Atwater

Barbara Bain
Roy Barcroft
Joanna Barnes
Ed Begley
Diane Brewster
Joyce Bulifant
Walter Burke
James T. Callahan
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Pat Conway
Ray Danton
John Dehner
Lawrence Dobkin
Keir Dullea
Sharon Farrell
Joan Freeman
Leo Gordon
Frank Gorshin
Harold Gould
Dabbs Greer
Virginia Gregg
James Gregory
James Griffith
Joan Hackett
Don C. Harvey
Anne Helm
Clegg Hoyt
Arch Johnson
L. Q. Jones
Richard Jordan
Victor Jory
Gail Kobe
Harvey Korman
Bethel Leslie
Joanne Linville
Ralph Meeker


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Roger Mobley
Bill Mumy
Dan O’Herlihy
Dennis Patrick
Ford Rainey
Gilman Rankin
Chris Robinson
Telly Savalas
Karen Steele
Robert J. Stevenson
Harold J. Stone
Frank Sutton
Ray Teal
Russell Thorson
Tom Tully
John Vivyan
Eddy Waller
William Windom
EPISODE GUIDE for the Empire – western TV show
Season 1

Unknown Season

Unaired Pilot: This Rugged Land Unknown
28 Nov. 1963 Unaired Pilot: This Rugged Land
The story concerns a ranch foreman persecuting the man he believes killed his daughter.

The Day the Empire Stood Still S1, Ep1
25 Sep. 1962 The Day the Empire Stood Still

Ballard Number One S1, Ep2
2 Oct. 1962 Ballard Number One

A Place to Put a Life S1, Ep3
9 Oct. 1962 A Place to Put a Life

Ride to a Fall S1, Ep4
16 Oct. 1962 Ride to a Fall

Long Past, Long Remembered S1, Ep5
23 Oct. 1962 Long Past, Long Remembered

Walk Like a King S1, Ep6
30 Oct. 1962 Walk Like a King

The Fire Dancer S1, Ep7
13 Nov. 1962 The Fire Dancer

The Tall Shadow S1, Ep8
20 Nov. 1962 The Tall Shadow

The Earth Mover S1, Ep9
27 Nov. 1962 The Earth Mover

Pressure Lock S1, Ep10
4 Dec. 1962 Pressure Lock

Echo of a Man S1, Ep11
12 Dec. 1962 Echo of a Man
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When the Gods Laugh S1, Ep12
18 Dec. 1962 When the Gods Laugh

Green, Green Hills S1, Ep13
25 Dec. 1962 Green, Green Hills

Stopover on the Way to the Moon S1, Ep14
1 Jan. 1963 Stopover on the Way to the Moon

The Four Thumbs Story S1, Ep15
8 Jan. 1963 The Four Thumbs Story

End of an Image S1, Ep16
15 Jan. 1963 End of an Image

The Loner S1, Ep17
22 Jan. 1963 The Loner

Where the Hawk Is Wheeling S1, Ep18
29 Jan. 1963 Where the Hawk Is Wheeling

No Small Wars S1, Ep19
5 Feb. 1963 No Small Wars

The Tiger Inside S1, Ep20
12 Feb. 1963 The Tiger Inside

Season of Growth S1, Ep21
19 Feb. 1963 Season of Growth

Seven Days on Rough Street S1, Ep22
26 Feb. 1963 Seven Days on Rough Street

A House in Order S1, Ep23
5 Mar. 1963 A House in Order

Down There, the World S1, Ep24
12 Mar. 1963 Down There, the World

Burnout S1, Ep25
19 Mar. 1963 Burnout

Hidden Asset S1, Ep26
26 Mar. 1963 Hidden Asset

Arrow in the Sky S1, Ep27
9 Apr. 1963 Arrow in the Sky

Nobody Dies on Saturday S1, Ep28
16 Apr. 1963 Nobody Dies on Saturday

65 Miles Is a Long, Long Way S1, Ep29
23 Apr. 1963 65 Miles Is a Long, Long Way

Duet for Eight Wheels S1, Ep30
30 Apr. 1963 Duet for Eight Wheels

Between Friday and Monday S1, Ep31
7 May 1963 Between Friday and Monday

The Convention S1, Ep32
14 May 1963 The Convention

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