Four Feather Falls a puppet show – western TV show

Four Feather Falls a puppet show – western TV show.

Set in the late 1800′s fictional Kansas town of Four Feather Falls where the hero of the series Tex Tucker is the sheriff. Four Feather Falls is the third puppet TV show produced by Gerry Anderson for Granada Television. Based on an idea by Barry Gray who also wrote the show’s music. The series was the first to use an early version of Anderson’s Supermarionation puppetry. Thirty-nine 13-minute episodes were produced and broadcast by Granada from February 1960 – November 1960. The four feathers of the title refers to

four magical feathers given to Tex by the Indian chief Kalamakooya as a reward for saving his grandson. 2 feathers allowed Tex’s guns to swivel and fire without being touched whenever he was in danger and two conferred the power of speech on Tex’s horse and dog. Tex’s speaking voice was provided by Nicholas Parsons and his singing voice by Michael Holliday. The series has never been repeated on British television. This western series was released on DVD in 2005. Nicholas Parsons, Kenneth Connor, David Graham.


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Season 1

How It Began S1, Ep1
25 Feb. 1960

Kidnapped S1, Ep2
3 Mar. 1960

Pedro Has a Plan S1, Ep3
10 Mar. 1960

Pedro’s Pardon S1, Ep4
17 Mar. 1960

A Close Shave S1, Ep5
24 Mar. 1960

Indian Attack S1, Ep6
31 Mar. 1960

Sheriff for a Day S1, Ep7
7 Apr. 1960

Dusty Becomes Deputy S1, Ep8
14 Apr. 1960

Gunrunners S1, Ep9
21 Apr. 1960

Trouble at Yellow Gulch S1, Ep10
28 Apr. 1960

Frame Up S1, Ep11
5 May 1960

Gold Diggers S1, Ep12
12 May 1960

Gold Is Where You Find It S1, Ep13
19 May 1960

Trapped S1, Ep14
26 May 1960

The Best Laid Plans S1, Ep15
2 Jun. 1960

Escort S1, Ep16
9 Jun. 1960

The Toughest Guy in the West S1, Ep17
16 Jun. 1960

Ghost of a Chance S1, Ep18
23 Jun. 1960

Gunplay S1, Ep19
30 Jun. 1960

A Lawman Rides Alone S1, Ep20
7 Jul. 1960

Jailbreak S1, Ep21
14 Jul. 1960

A Little Bit of Luck S1, Ep22
21 Jul. 1960

Land Grabbers S1, Ep23
28 Jul. 1960

Once a Lawman S1, Ep24
4 Aug. 1960

Election Day S1, Ep25
11 Aug. 1960

Gunfight on Main Street S1, Ep26
18 Aug. 1960

A Bad Name S1, Ep27
29 Sep. 1960

Horse Thieves S1, Ep28
1 Sep. 1960

The Ma Jones Story S1, Ep29
8 Sep. 1960

Bandits Abroad S1, Ep30
15 Sep. 1960

A Cure for Everything S1, Ep31
22 Sep. 1960

Teething Troubles S1, Ep32
29 Sep. 1960

Buffalo Rocky S1, Ep33
6 Oct. 1960

Safe as Houses S1, Ep34
13 Oct. 1960

First Train Through S1, Ep35
20 Oct. 1960

Fancy Shooting S1, Ep36
27 Oct. 1960

Happy Birthday S1, Ep37
17 Nov. 1960

Ambush S1, Ep38
10 Nov. 1960

Ride ‘Em Cowboy S1, Ep39
17 Nov. 1960

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