Frontier Doctor – western TV show

Frontier Doctor – western TV show.

This western show stars Rex Allen as Dr. Bill Baxter. Originally airing from September 26, 1958, until June 20, 1959. There are 39 episodes 30 minutes long each of this classic wonderful black and white western TV series show.

Season 1
Queen of the Cimarron S1, Ep1
26 Sep. 1958 Queen of the Cimarron
Dr. Baxter discovers that the cattle that saloon owner Fancy Varden plans to start her cattle empire with are infected with anthrax, and the disease is spreading from the cattle to the cowhands.

San Francisco Story S1, Ep2
4 Oct. 1958 San Francisco Story
While in San Francisco at a medical convention, Dr. Baxter is framed for murder when a man whom he treated for a routine leg injury dies mysteriously.

Three Wanted Men S1, Ep3
11 Oct. 1958 Three Wanted Men

Crooked Circle S1, Ep4
18 Oct. 1958 Crooked Circle


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The Apache Uprising S1, Ep5
25 Oct. 1958 The Apache Uprising

Double Boomerang S1, Ep6
1 Nov. 1958 Double Boomerang

Mystery of the Black Stallion S1, Ep7
8 Nov. 1958 Mystery of the Black Stallion
Two Eastern crooks try to run an insurance scam to victimize the owner of a valuable racehorse and fix a major horse race.

The Outlaw Legion S1, Ep8
15 Nov. 1958 The Outlaw Legion
Lured to a remote cabin, Dr. Baxter discovers the men he’s treating for bullet wounds are members of Butch Cassidy’s “Hole in the Wall Gang”.

Fury of the Big Top S1, Ep9
22 Nov. 1958 Fury of the Big Top

The Desperate Game S1, Ep10
29 Nov. 1958 The Desperate Game

The Great Stagecoach Robbery S1, Ep11
6 Dec. 1958 The Great Stagecoach Robbery

Iron Trail Ambush S1, Ep12
13 Dec. 1958 Iron Trail Ambush

Shotgun Hattie S1, Ep13
20 Dec. 1958 Shotgun Hattie

Trouble in Paradise Valley S1, Ep14
27 Dec. 1958 Trouble in Paradise Valley
Dr. Baxter tries to help a young man who, when faced with an eviction notice and his mother’s mounting medical bills, goes on a criminal rampage.

Shadow of Belle Starr S1, Ep15
3 Jan. 1959 Shadow of Belle Starr

Illegal Entry S1, Ep16
10 Jan. 1959 Illegal Entry

Sabotage S1, Ep17
17 Jan. 1959 Sabotage

Belle of Tennessee S1, Ep18
24 Jan. 1959 Belle of Tennessee

Bittercreek Gang S1, Ep19
31 Jan. 1959 Bittercreek Gang

Broken Barrier S1, Ep20
7 Feb. 1959 Broken Barrier

The Woman Who Dared S1, Ep21
14 Feb. 1959 The Woman Who Dared

Storm over King City S1, Ep22
21 Feb. 1959 Storm over King City

Law of the Badlands S1, Ep23
28 Feb. 1959 Law of the Badlands

The Big Gamblers S1, Ep24
7 Mar. 1959 The Big Gamblers

Strangers in Town S1, Ep25
14 Mar. 1959 Strangers in Town

The Big Frame Up S1, Ep26
21 Mar. 1959 The Big Frame Up

Drifting Sands S1, Ep27
28 Mar. 1959 Drifting Sands

The Homesteaders S1, Ep28
4 Apr. 1959 The Homesteaders
A young ranch hand tries to protect his girlfriend and her family of immigrant homesteaders from the attacks of his cowboy friends who want to keep the range open to run their cattle.

Danger Valley S1, Ep29
11 Apr. 1959 Danger Valley
Sheriff Quinn and his posse search for the man responsible for an express office hold-up, Dr. Bill Baxter tries to find the source of the diphtheria epidemic that’s sweeping the valley. Bill soon realizes that he and the Sheriff are searching for the same man.

South of the Rio Grande S1, Ep30
18 Apr. 1959 South of the Rio Grande

The Twisted Road S1, Ep31
25 Apr. 1959 The Twisted Road
When two young women are strangled, the townspeople of Rising Springs suspect any and all newcomers of the crimes. The sheriff arrests a man who claims to have recently moved West for his health, but Dr. Baxter becomes convinced that they’ve arrested the wrong man.

Gringo Pete S1, Ep32
2 May 1959 Gringo Pete
An outlaw leader suffering from a fatal heart disease convinces the territorial governor that he will cooperate with the law to round up his former outlaw gang. Once paroled, he resumes command of his henchman and rustles horses badly need as U.S. Cavalry remounts. Dr. Baxter, who treated the outlaw in prison, devises a plan to recapture the double-crossing criminal.

Superstition Mountain S1, Ep33
9 May 1959 Superstition Mountain

Elkton Lake Feud S1, Ep34
16 May 1959 Elkton Lake Feud
A fight has been raging for years between two families over the ownership of a lake. Now there are only three members of each family left, and a court has finally handed down its decision. However, the family that lost is refusing to abide by the decision, possibly leading to even more trouble.

Strange Cargo S1, Ep35
23 May 1959 Strange Cargo

Man to Man S1, Ep36
21 Jun. 1959 Man to Man
A young boy finds himself accused of plotting to murder an important political figure.

The Confidence Gang S1, Ep37
6 Jun. 1959 The Confidence Gang

The Counterfeiters S1, Ep38
13 Jun. 1959 The Counterfeiters

Flaming Gold S1, Ep39
20 Jun. 1959 Flaming Gold
Returning from a medical convention, Dr. Baxter stops off in an oil-boom town to visit and old patient, but discovers that the lawyer had suddenly died while arguing a case in court. Baxter becomes convinced that the oil companies who were the defendants in the suit murdered the lawyer to force his inexperienced junior partner to handle the case alone.

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