Frontier – western TV show

Frontier – western TV show.

This is a Western series that originally aired on NBC from September 1955 – September 1956. The series focuses on the hazards of the settlement of the American West. It was only the second anthology Western series in television history being preceded by Death Valley Days. Walter Coy narrated the series and starred in occasional episodes which are dramatizations based on actual events. Frontier ran only a single season but was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and in 1957 launched the role of Bart Maverick in the

western series Maverick appeared three times on Frontier in the episodes entitled The Hunted, The Return of Jubal Dolan and The Hostage. Robert Vaughn was Jack Kelly’s co-star in The Return of Jubal Dolan.

Season 1

Paper Gunman S1, Ep1
25 Sep. 1955 Paper Gunman
A newspaper reporter determined to write articles about famous gunslingers finds that real gunmen are in short supply, so he decides to invent one. He buys a young man who hero-worships Clay Allison a holster and a frock coat and creates a reputation for him as a formidable gunslinger by publishing embellished accounts of exploits.


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Tomas and the Widow S1, Ep2
2 Oct. 1955

A Stillness in Wyoming S1, Ep3
16 Oct. 1955 A Stillness in Wyoming
A range war breaks out between the cattle ranchers and the sheepherders in 19th Century Wyoming. The sons of the faction leaders meet and become friends, leading to tragedy when a hired killer of one faction kills one of the boys by mistake.

The Shame of a Nation S1, Ep4
23 Oct. 1955

In Nebraska S1, Ep5
30 Oct. 1955

The Suspects S1, Ep6
6 Nov. 1955

King of the Dakotas: Part 1 S1, Ep7
8 Nov. 1955 King of the Dakotas: Part 1
A French expatriate with a reputation as a duelist plans to create a cattle empire in the Dakota territory but runs into opposition from the ranchers he has mistreated.

King of the Dakotas: Part 2 S1, Ep8
20 Nov. 1955

Cattle Drive to Casper S1, Ep9
27 Nov. 1955

Romance of Poker Alice S1, Ep10
11 Dec. 1955

Ferdinand Meyer’s Army S1, Ep11
18 Dec. 1955

The Long Road to Tucson S1, Ep12
25 Dec. 1955

The Texicans S1, Ep13
8 Jan. 1956

Mother of the Brave S1, Ep14
15 Jan. 1956

The 10 Days of John Leslie S1, Ep15
22 Jan. 1956

The Devil and Doctor O’Hara S1, Ep16
5 Feb. 1956

The Captivity of Joe Long S1, Ep17
12 Feb. 1956

The Voyage of Captain Castle S1, Ep18
19 Feb. 1956

The Assassin S1, Ep19
4 Mar. 1956 The Assassin
Thorpe Henderson is an assassin, a Regulator, hired by the cattlemen to deal with their rustler problem. Thorpe prefers to hide in the brush and kill from 200 yards away but, when bored, isn’t afraid to face a man down with pistols at close range. It is 1902 and civilization has made it’s way west. The good citizens decide that the time has come to end the lawlessness even if their methods prove to be as amoral as the evil they profess to hate.

The Hanging at Thunder Butte Creek S1, Ep20
18 Mar. 1956

The Big Dry S1, Ep21
18 Mar. 1956

The Ballad of Pretty Polly S1, Ep22
1 Apr. 1956

The Well S1, Ep23
8 Apr. 1956

The Salt War S1, Ep24
22 Apr. 1956

Patrol S1, Ep25
29 Apr. 1956

A Somewhere Voice S1, Ep26
6 May 1956

The Hunted S1, Ep27
13 May 1956

Georgia Gold S1, Ep28
10 Jun. 1956

Out from Texas S1, Ep29
24 Jun. 1956

The Return of Jubal Dolan S1, Ep30
26 Aug. 1956

Hostage S1, Ep31
9 Sep. 1956

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