Fury – western TV show

Fury – western TV show.

A boy (Joey) gets into trouble and ends up in court instead of letting him go into a home for orphans or a detention center Jim Newton the owner of a ranch offers for him to come to his ranch and work for him. The Judge agrees and Joey goes to Jim’s Ranch where he forms a special bound with the horse Fury! Many younger people have very found memories of this show because of the reruns years later!
The Story of a horse and the boy who loved him! In this thrilling Western TV series a recent

widower (Peter Graves) and owner of the Broken Wheel ranch takes in Joey, a young orphan boy. The ranch is also the home of a wild stallion named Fury, that none of the ranch hands can tame—except young the boy! Joey and Fury form a special bond and embark upon lifetime adventures at the Broken Wheel Ranch! This Classic TV Western series follows the adventures of Joey (Bobby Diamond) a young orphan boy who is taken in by Jim Newton (Peter Graves), a recently widowed horse rancher, and Fury, the wild stallion he befriends. Joey’s first experience with love comes in dealing with Fury’s attraction to a mare.
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Season 1



Joey Finds a Friend S1, Ep1
15 Oct. 1955 Joey Finds a Friend
Jim Newton captures a magnificent wild stallion and brings him back to ranch. Later in town, he comes to the aid of a small boy who is falsely accused of breaking a window and brings back to the ranch, too. The boy and the horse soon become fast friends.
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Killer Stallion S1, Ep2
22 Oct. 1955 Killer Stallion
A wild stallion is menacing all of the local ranches and frees the horses. Neighbouring rancher Charlie Stevens thinks that ‘Fury’ is to blame, but Joey has seen the white renegade stallion and must find it, because Charlie wants ‘Fury’ dead for something it had no part of.

The Horse Coper S1, Ep3
29 Oct. 1955

Joey Goes Hunting S1, Ep4
5 Nov. 1955 Joey Goes Hunting
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Scorched Earth S1, Ep5
12 Nov. 1955

Joey’s Dame Trouble S1, Ep6
19 Nov. 1955

Joey and the Gypsies S1, Ep7
26 Nov. 1955

Joey’s Father S1, Ep8
3 Dec. 1955 Joey’s Father
A stranger shows up at the ranch, claiming to be Joey’s real father and threatening to separate the boy from Jim and Fury. Jim knows the man isn’t who he claims to be and has to stop him.

Joey Saves the Day S1, Ep9
10 Dec. 1955

The 4-H Story S1, Ep10
17 Dec. 1955

Junior Rodeo S1, Ep11
24 Dec. 1955

Ghost Town S1, Ep12
31 Dec. 1955

The Hobo S1, Ep13
7 Jan. 1956

Tungsten Queen S1, Ep14
14 Jan. 1956

Joey Sees It Through S1, Ep15
21 Jan. 1956 Joey Sees It Through
The Newtons babysit Betsy, a spoiled young girl whose mother is marrying Jim’s friend Bill. Betsy misses her dad, who was killed in the Korean War. Betsy’s grief, anger, and hatred of Bill make her stay with the Newtons a trying time.

Stolen Fury S1, Ep16
28 Jan. 1956

The Choice S1, Ep17
4 Feb. 1956 The Choice
A wealthy gentleman rancher and his wife want to buy Fury. Fury’s not for sale, declares Jim, but his resolve weakens when Joey suffers a head injury that will leave him blind unless he undergoes an immediate $5,000 surgery.

The Boy Scout Story S1, Ep18
11 Feb. 1956 The Boy Scout Story
Joey joins the Boy Scouts of America, but Joey’s friend Buzz thinks scouting is kid’s stuff. Joey and Fury set out into the woods to show Buzz that scouting can make men out of boys.

Search for Joey S1, Ep19
18 Feb. 1956 Search for Joey
School’s over for the summer and Joey doesn’t have a care in the world. He convinces Johnny and Pete to go on a camping trip to a area far from the ranch and his plan sounds like a good one, until Dr. Walton discovers that the dog that bit him was rabid.

The Miracle S1, Ep20
25 Feb. 1956 The Miracle
Jim’s old friend Val Benton visits the Broken Wheel Ranch. Benton is a rodeo cowboy confined to a wheelchair following an accident, but Joey, who idolizes Benton, is convinced a miracle will allow Benton to walk again.

The Test S1, Ep21
3 Mar. 1956 The Test
Joey befriends a new boy in school, but the friendship is discouraged by the boy’s demanding father who requires his son to spend all of his free time studying in order to excel in school.

Fury Runs to Win S1, Ep22
10 Mar. 1956 Fury Runs to Win
The Broken Wheel’s mortgage holder wants to own Fury and convinces Joey to enter him into a winner-take-all horse race where Fury himself is the prize. An Irish hobo happens along and helps train Joey and Fury for their big race.

Timber S1, Ep23
17 Mar. 1956

Wonder Horse S1, Ep24
24 Mar. 1956

Pirate Treasure S1, Ep25
31 Mar. 1956

The Baby S1, Ep26
7 Apr. 1956 The Baby
A young couple’s baby daughter wanders away from their camper. Jim and Pete join the sheriff’s search party. Joey, Frankie, and Fury also try to locate the little girl before the brewing bad storm blows in.

Season 2

The Runaway S2, Ep1
6 Oct. 1956

Joey and the Little League S2, Ep2
13 Oct. 1956

Earthquake S2, Ep3
20 Oct. 1956 Earthquake
When Fury starts behaving strangely, Pete tells Joey it’s “Earthquake weather”, and some superstitious tales about the Indian “earthquake gods”. Jim dismisses such talk, but then several tremors and then a huge, volcanic cataclysm rocks the valley.

Trial by Jury S2, Ep4
27 Oct. 1956 Trial by Jury
Rustlers hide a stolen truck full of cattle in an unsuspecting new neighbor’s barn, where police find it, and arrest him. His little girl seeks Joey’s help in exposing the real crooks.

Joey and the Wolf Pack S2, Ep5
3 Nov. 1956

Indian Mountain S2, Ep6
17 Nov. 1956

Flying Saucers S2, Ep7
24 Nov. 1956

Joey and the Stranger S2, Ep8
1 Dec. 1956

Pete’s Folly S2, Ep9
15 Dec. 1956

Boy’s Day S2, Ep10
22 Dec. 1956

The Feud S2, Ep11
5 Jan. 1957

Loco Weed Story S2, Ep12
12 Jan. 1957

The Horse Caper S2, Ep13
19 Jan. 1957

Joey Shows the Way S2, Ep14
26 Jan. 1957

Nature’s Engineers S2, Ep15
2 Feb. 1957

The Strong Man S2, Ep16
16 Feb. 1957

The Scientists S2, Ep17
23 Feb. 1957

My Horse Ajax S2, Ep18
9 Mar. 1957

The Tomboy S2, Ep19
16 Mar. 1957

Joey, Junior Lifeguard S2, Ep20
30 Mar. 1957

Season 3

Fire Prevention Week S3, Ep1
12 Oct. 1957

The Racers S3, Ep2
19 Oct. 1957

Community Chest S3, Ep3
26 Oct. 1957

Mercy Flight S3, Ep4
2 Nov. 1957 Mercy Flight
Jim becomes the area Civil Defense Warden and establishes the Broken Wheel Ranch as headquarters. He enlists all his neighbors to the program, except one rancher, who will live to regret his decision following a flash flood.

The Renegade S3, Ep5
9 Nov. 1957 The Renegade
A neighboring chicken farmer believes his trusted dog has turned renegade after finding his chickens killed. Joey and Pee Wee try to prove the dog’s innocence.

Pee Wee Grows Up S3, Ep6
16 Nov. 1957 Pee Wee Grows Up
When Pee Wee is picked on by the class bully because of his small size, Joey orders a body building kit to help Pee Wee bulk up. But at the school picnic Pee Wee helps rescue the bully’s sister when she falls down a narrow pipe.

The Fourth Estaters S3, Ep7
23 Nov. 1957 The Fourth Estaters
A land developer is threatening to pull advertising revenue from the local newspaper where Joey is working. The developer is trying to run an untruthful editorial about a land deal which the towns people are soon to vote on.

The Tornado S3, Ep8
30 Nov. 1957 The Tornado
A tornado strikes a town about 100 miles from the Broken Wheel Ranch. The Sheriff wants to set up a tornado alarm system amongst the ranchers in the valley. Jim, Pete, Joey and Fury dig a tornado shelter.

The Pinto Stallion S3, Ep9
7 Dec. 1957 The Pinto Stallion
A pinto stallion has taken over Fury’s old herd. Fury leaves the ranch to gain back control. In the meantime, Joey goes searching for Fury and is attacked by the pinto.

Bike Road-eo S3, Ep10
14 Dec. 1957 Bike Road-eo
Jim and the Sheriff organize a bike safety program after a near miss accident on the county roads involving Joey, Pee Wee and their friends.

The Wayfarer S3, Ep11
21 Dec. 1957 The Wayfarer
On Christmas Eve, Jim and Pete are disappointed that Joey and Pee Wee seem to have lost the Christmas spirit. Suddenly an old prospector arrives at the ranch looking for directions, but ‘Uncle Kris’ is not who he seems to be.

One Thousand Dollar Reward S3, Ep12
28 Dec. 1957 One Thousand Dollar Reward
Joey and Pee Wee study the wanted posters at the Post Office hoping to earn themselves a reward. When they later recognize a real robber, they tell Jim and the Sheriff but are not taken seriously.

Operation CD S3, Ep13
4 Jan. 1958

The Break-Up S3, Ep14
11 Jan. 1958 The Break-Up
When the stresses of running the ranch come to a head, Jim and Pete have an argument resulting in Pete’s resignation and Jim letting him go. Everyone being short staffed and over worked, Joey has a serious accident.

Joey’s First Crush S3, Ep15
18 Jan. 1958 Joey’s First Crush
Joey develops a crush on his school teacher’s niece. An invitation to a picnic with Miss Miller and Susan sounds ideal until Miss Miller invites the Deputy and his younger brother along.

Pee Wee’s Problem S3, Ep16
25 Jan. 1958 Pee Wee’s Problem
Pee Wee’s father is offered his old job back and needs to travel to South America. Pee Wee is being sent away to boarding school.

The Lost Herd S3, Ep17
1 Feb. 1958 The Lost Herd
Jim, Pete, Joey and Pee Wee have been searching the range for a lost herd in the heat of drought. An unscrupulous horse dealer arrives and tries to poison Jim’s only horses so he can buy them cheaply.

The Baby Sitters S3, Ep18
8 Feb. 1958 The Baby Sitters
Joey and Pee Wee baby sit for Martha Mitchell, whose husband had deserted her and her five year old son Mark. While they are baby sitting, two mysterious tramps arrive.

The Horse Nobody Wanted S3, Ep19
15 Feb. 1958

The Bounty Hunters S3, Ep20
22 Feb. 1958

The Meanest Man S3, Ep21
1 Mar. 1958

A Fish Story S3, Ep22
8 Mar. 1958

Rogues and Squires S3, Ep23
15 Mar. 1958

Robbers’ Roost S3, Ep24
22 Mar. 1958

Second Chance S3, Ep25
29 Mar. 1958

The Claim Jumpers S3, Ep26
5 Apr. 1958

Season 4

Aunt Harriet S4, Ep1
4 Oct. 1958

The Littlest Horse Thief S4, Ep2
11 Oct. 1958

Palomino S4, Ep3
18 Oct. 1958

Halloween S4, Ep4
25 Oct. 1958

Jailbreak S4, Ep5
1 Nov. 1958

The Fire Watchers S4, Ep6
15 Nov. 1958

The Ornithologists S4, Ep7
22 Nov. 1958

The Unwanted Shepherd S4, Ep8
29 Nov. 1958

Troubles Have Wings S4, Ep9
6 Dec. 1958

The Model Plane S4, Ep10
20 Dec. 1958

The Will S4, Ep11
27 Dec. 1958

The Pulling Contest S4, Ep12
3 Jan. 1959

Ten Dollars a Head S4, Ep13
17 Jan. 1959

Feeling His Oats S4, Ep14
24 Jan. 1959

Bad Medicine S4, Ep15
31 Jan. 1959

Sonic Boom S4, Ep16
7 Feb. 1959

An Old Indian Trick S4, Ep17
14 Feb. 1959

The Relay Station S4, Ep18
21 Feb. 1959

Black Gold S4, Ep19
28 Feb. 1959

Girl Scout S4, Ep20
7 Mar. 1959
House Guests S4, Ep21
14 Mar. 1959

Joey’s Jalopy S4, Ep22
4 Apr. 1959

Season 5

Junior Achievement S5, Ep1
10 Oct. 1959

The Big Leaguer S5, Ep2
17 Oct. 1959

Trail Drive S5, Ep3
24 Oct. 1959

Man-Killer S5, Ep4
31 Oct. 1959

Visiting Day S5, Ep5
7 Nov. 1959

Timber Walker S5, Ep6
14 Nov. 1959

Turkey Day S5, Ep7
21 Nov. 1959

The Map S5, Ep8
28 Nov. 1959

The Rocketeers S5, Ep9
5 Dec. 1959

The Fort S5, Ep10
12 Dec. 1959

The Vanishing Blacksmith S5, Ep11
19 Dec. 1959

The Big Brothers S5, Ep12
26 Dec. 1959

Packy, the Lion Tamer S5, Ep13
2 Jan. 1960

Private Eyes S5, Ep14
9 Jan. 1960

The Witch S5, Ep15
16 Jan. 1960

Gymkhana S5, Ep16
23 Jan. 1960

A Present for Packy S5, Ep17
30 Jan. 1960

Trottin’ Horse S5, Ep18
6 Feb. 1960

Packy’s Dilemma S5, Ep19
13 Feb. 1960

Gaucho S5, Ep20
20 Feb. 1960

The Skin Divers S5, Ep21
27 Feb. 1960

Packy’s Dream S5, Ep22
19 Mar. 1960

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