Gregory Peck Western Movies to Watch Free

Gregory Peck Western Movies to Watch Free.
Eldred Gregory Peck (April 5, 1916 – June 12, 2003) was an American actor. One of the world’s most popular film stars from the 1940s to the 1960s, Peck continued to play major film roles until the late 1970s. His performance as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor. He had also been nominated for an Oscar for the same category for The Keys of the Kingdom (1944), The Yearling (1946), Gentleman’s Agreement (1947) and Twelve O’Clock High (1949). Other notable films he appeared in include Spellbound (1945), The Paradine Case (1947), Roman Holiday (1953), Moby Dick (1956) (and its 1998 miniseries of the same name), The Guns of Navarone (1961), Cape Fear (1962) (and its 1991 remake of the same name), How the West Was

Won (1962).
President Lyndon Johnson honored Peck with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969 for his lifetime humanitarian efforts. In 1999, the American Film Institute named Peck among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time, ranking at No. 12. He was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1983.
Eldred Gregory Peck was born on April 5, 1916 in the San Diego, California neighborhood of La Jolla, the son of Gregory Pearl Peck, a New York-born chemist and pharmacist, and his Missouri-born wife Bernice Mary “Bunny” (née Ayres). His father was of Irish (maternal) heritage and English (paternal) heritage while his mother had Scottish and English ancestry.


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Peck’s father was Roman Catholic, while his mother converted to Roman Catholicism when she married his father. Through his Irish-born paternal grandmother Catherine Ashe, Peck was related to Thomas Ashe, who took part in the Easter Rising fewer than three weeks after Peck’s birth and died while on hunger strike in 1917. Peck’s parents divorced by the time he was six years old; his maternal grandmother raised him for the next few years. Peck’s first film, Days of Glory, was released in 1944. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor five times, four of which came in his first five years of film acting: for The Keys of the Kingdom (1944), The Yearling (1946), Gentleman’s Agreement (1947), and Twelve O’Clock High (1949).
The Keys of the Kingdom emphasized his stately presence. As the farmer Ezra “Penny” Baxter in The Yearling, his good-humored warmth and affection toward the characters playing his son and wife confounded critics who had been insisting he was a lifeless performer. Duel in the Sun (1946) showed his range as an actor in his first “against type” role as a cruel, libidinous gunslinger. Gentleman’s Agreement established his power in the “social conscience” genre in a film that took on the deep-seated but subtle antisemitism of mid-century corporate America. Twelve O’Clock High was the first of many successful war films in which Peck embodied the brave, effective, yet human fighting man.
Among his other films were Spellbound (1945), The Paradine Case (1947), The Gunfighter (1950), Moby Dick (1956), The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956), On the Beach (1959), which brought to life the terrors of global nuclear war, The Guns of Navarone (1961), and Roman Holiday (1953), with Audrey Hepburn in her Oscar-winning role. Peck and Hepburn were close friends until her death; Peck even introduced her to her first husband, Mel Ferrer. Peck once again teamed up with director William Wyler in the epic Western The Big Country (1958), which he co-produced. Peck won the Academy Award with his fifth nomination, playing Atticus Finch, a Depression-era lawyer and widowed father, in a film adaptation of the Harper Lee novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Released in 1962 during the height of the US civil rights movement in the South, this film and his role were Peck’s favorites. In 2003, Peck’s portrayal of Atticus Finch was named the greatest film hero of the past 100 years by the American Film Institute.

Acting credits
1998 Moby Dick (TV Mini-Series)
Father Mapple
1993 The Portrait (TV Movie)
Gardner Church
1991 Cape Fear
Lee Heller
1991 Other People’s Money
Andrew Jorgenson
1991 The Will Rogers Follies (TV Movie)
Voice of Mr. Ziegfeld
1989 Old Gringo
Ambrose Bierce
1987 Amazing Grace and Chuck
1983 The Scarlet and the Black (TV Movie)
Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty
1982 The Blue and the Gray (TV Mini-Series)
Abraham Lincoln
– Part 3 (1982) … Abraham Lincoln
– Part 2 (1982) … Abraham Lincoln
– Part 1 (1982) … Abraham Lincoln
1980 The Sea Wolves
Col. Lewis Pugh
1978 The Boys from Brazil
Dr. Josef Mengele
1977 MacArthur
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
1976 The Omen
Robert Thorn
1974 Billy Two Hats
Arch Deans
1971 Shoot Out
Clay Lomax
1970 I Walk the Line
Sheriff Tawes
1969 Marooned
Charles Keith
1969 The Most Dangerous Man in the World
John Hathaway
1969 Mackenna’s Gold
Sheriff Mackenna
1968 The Stalking Moon
Sam Varner
1966 Arabesque
Prof. David Pollock
1965 Mirage
David Stillwell
1964 Behold a Pale Horse
Manuel Artiguez
1963 Captain Newman, M.D.
Capt. Josiah J. Newman, MD
1962 To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus Finch
1962 How the West Was Won
Cleve Van Valen
1962 Cape Fear
Sam Bowden
1961 The Guns of Navarone
1959 On the Beach
Cmdr. Dwight Lionel Towers, USS Sawfish
1959 Beloved Infidel
F. Scott Fitzgerald
1959 Pork Chop Hill
Lt. Joe Clemons
1958 The Big Country
James McKay
1958 The Bravados
Jim Douglass
1957 Designing Woman
Mike Hagen
1956 Moby Dick
Captain Ahab
1956 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
Tom Rath
1954 The Purple Plain
Squadron Leader Bill Forrester
1954 Night People
Col. Steve Van Dyke
1954 Man with a Million
Henry Adams
1953 Roman Holiday
Joe Bradley
1952 The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Harry Street
1952 The World in His Arms
Capt. Jonathan Clark
1951 David and Bathsheba
King David
1951 Only the Valiant
Capt. Richard Lance
1951 Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
Capt. Horatio Hornblower R.N
1950 The Gunfighter
Jimmy Ringo
1949 Twelve O’Clock High
Gen. Frank Savage
1949 The Great Sinner
1948 Yellow Sky
James ‘Stretch’ Dawson
1947 The Paradine Case
Anthony Keane
1947 Gentleman’s Agreement
Philip Schuyler Green
1947 The Macomber Affair
Robert Wilson
1946 Duel in the Sun
Lewton ‘Lewt’ McCanles
1946 The Yearling
Penny Baxter
1945 Spellbound
John Ballantyne
1945 The Valley of Decision
Paul Scott
1944 The Keys of the Kingdom
Father Francis Chisholm
1944 Days of Glory

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