Jack Randall Western Movies to Watch Free

Jack Randall Western Movies to Watch Free.
Addison Byron Owen Randall (May 12, 1906 in San Fernando, California – July 16, 1945 in Canoga Park, California) was an American film actor, chiefly in Westerns. He often used a pseudonym for his film work, chiefly “Jack Randall”, though he also played roles as “Allen Byron” and “Byron Vance”. Randall began his career as a supporting actor and foil at RKO, but he left when Monogram Pictures promised him the chance to star in films.

They were true to their word, and he appeared in a series of Western films through the 1930s and 1940s. (In 1935, he actually played a star of Westerns in RKO’s Another Face, released in 1935.) Many of Randall’s early B-movies with Monogram feature him as a singing cowboy, but his later roles were generally straight Western stories, and all were hampered by the low budgets typical of that studio.
Randall adopted his new “Allen Byron” identity in the 1940s in an effort to boost his fading professional fortunes, but the roles he received with new studio Producers Releasing Corporation were not up to the task.


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He died unexpectedly in 1945 while filming a serial called The Royal Mounted Rides Again for Universal Studios, after a fall from a horse. Some sources attribute his death to injuries sustained during the fall, which in those versions resulted from an attempt to recover a hat he had dropped, while others state that he suffered a fatal heart attack before falling.

Acting credits
1943 Cry ‘Havoc’
Lt. Thomas Holt – Communications Officer (uncredited)
1943 Danger! Women at Work
Danny (as Allan Byron)
1943 Girls in Chains
Johnny Moon (as Allan Byron)
1943 High Explosive
Joe (as Allan Byron)
1941 Pacific Blackout
Interne (uncredited)
1940 Riders from Nowhere
Jack Rankin (as Jack Randall)
1940 Wild Horse Range
Jack Wallace (as Jack Randall)
1940 The Kid from Santa Fe
Santa Fe Kid (as Jack Randall)
1940 Land of the Six Guns
Jack Rowan (as Jack Randall)
1940 Covered Wagon Trails
Jack Cameron (as Jack Randall)
1940 The Cheyenne Kid
The Cheyenne Kid (as Jack Randall)
1940 Pioneer Days
Jack Dunham (as Jack Randall)
1940 Nothing But Pleasure (Short) (as Jack Randall)
1939 Overland Mail
Jack Mason (as Jack Randall)
1939 Oklahoma Terror
Jack Ridgely (as Jack Randall)
1939 Across the Plains
Jack Winters, aka Cherokee (as Jack Randall)
1939 Trigger Smith
Jack ‘Trigger’ Smith, aka Arizona Jones (as Jack Randall)
1939 Drifting Westward
Jack Martin (as Jack Randall)
1938 Wild Horse Canyon
Jack Gray (as Jack Randall)
1938 Gun Packer
Jack Denton, aka Jack Drake, aka Trigger Smith (as Jack Randall)
1938 The Mexicali Kid
Jack Wood (as Jack Randall)
1938 Man’s Country
Jack Hale (as Jack Randall)
1938 Gunsmoke Trail
Jack Lane (as Jack Randall)
1938 Land of Fighting Men
Jack Lambert (as Jack Randall)
1938 Where the West Begins
Jack Manning (as Jack Randall)
1937 Danger Valley
Jack Bruce (as Jack Randall)
1937 Stars Over Arizona
Jack Dawson (as Jack Randall)
1937 Riders of the Dawn
Marshal Jack Preston (as Jack Randall)
1937 Blazing Barriers
Arthur Forsythe
1936 Flying Hostess
Earl Spencer
1936 Red Lights Ahead
1936 Don’t Turn ’em Loose
Al – Henchman
1936 Navy Born
Lt. Tex Jones
1936 Love on a Bet
Jackson Wallace
1936 Follow the Fleet
Lieutenant Williams (uncredited)
1936 Two in the Dark
Duke Reed
1935 Another Face
Tex Williams
1935 His Family Tree
Mike Donovan
1933 Tugboat Annie
Dance Extra (uncredited)
1933 Hold Your Man
Elite Club Dance Patron (uncredited)

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