Johnny Mack Brown Western Movies to Watch Free

Johnny Mack Brown Western Movies to Watch Free.
Johnny Mack Brown (September 1, 1904 – November 14, 1974) was an American college football player and film actor originally billed as John Mack Brown at the height of his screen career. Born and raised in Dothan, Alabama, Brown was a star of the high school football team, earning a football scholarship to the University of Alabama. Playing the halfback position on his university’s Crimson Tide football team, he earned the nickname “The Dothan Antelope” and helped his team to become the 1926 NCAA Division I-A national football champions.

In that year’s Rose Bowl Game, he earned Most Valuable Player honors after scoring two of his team’s three touchdowns in an upset win over the heavily favored Washington Huskies. While at The University of Alabama, Brown became an initiated member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. His good looks and powerful physique saw him portrayed on Wheaties cereal boxes and in 1927, brought an offer for motion picture screen tests that resulted in a long and successful career in Hollywood. He played silent film star Mary Pickford’s love interest in her first talkie, Coquette (1929), for which Pickford won an Oscar.
He appeared in minor roles until 1930 when he was cast as the star in a Western entitled Billy the Kid and directed by King Vidor. An early widescreen film (along with Raoul Walsh’s The Big Trail with John Wayne, produced the same year), the movie also features Wallace Beery as Pat Garrett. Brown was billed over Beery, who would become MGM’s highest paid actor within the next three years. Also in 1930, Brown played Joan Crawford’s love interest in Montana Moon.


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Brown went on to make several more top-flight movies under the name John Mack Brown, including The Secret Six (1931) with Wallace Beery, Jean Harlow, and Clark Gable, as well as the legendary Lost Generation celebration of alcohol, The Last Flight (1931), and was being groomed by MGM as a leading man until being abruptly replaced on Laughing Sinners in 1931, with all his scenes reshot, substituting rising star Clark Gable in his place.
Rechristened “Johnny Mack Brown” in the wake of this extremely serious career downturn, he made exclusively low budget westerns and eventually became one of the screen’s top B-movie cowboy stars, making 127 western films during his career, including Ride ‘Em Cowboy with Abbott and Costello. A fan of Mexican music, he showcased the talents of guitarist Francisco Mayorga and The Guadalajara Trio in films like Boss of Bullion City and The Masked Rider. Brown also starred in four serials for Universal Studios (Rustlers of Red Dog, Wild West Days, Flaming Frontiers and The Oregon Trail) and was a hero to millions of young children at movie theaters and on their television screens.
When the B-Western genre dropped sharply in box office popularity, Johnny Mack Brown went into retirement in 1953. He returned more than ten years later to appear in secondary roles in a few Western films. Altogether, Brown appeared in over 160 movies between 1927 and 1966, as well as a smattering of television shows, in a career spanning almost forty years.
Johnny Mack Brown was married to Cornelia “Connie” Foster from 1926 to his death in 1974, and they had four children.

Acting credits
1965 Apache Uprising
Sheriff Ben Hall
1965 The Bounty Killer
Sheriff Green
1965 Requiem for a Gunfighter
1958 Tales of Wells Fargo (TV Series)
Sheriff Eaton
– Scapegoat (1958) … Sheriff Eaton
1958 Perry Mason (TV Series)
Warner Griffith
– The Case of the Daring Decoy (1958) … Warner Griffith (as John Mack Brown)
1957 Official Detective (TV Series)
Lt. Coleman
– Hired Killer (1957) … Lt. Coleman
1953 The Marshal’s Daughter
Johnny Mack Brown, Poker-Game Player
1952 Canyon Ambush
Johnny Mack Brown
1952 Dead Man’s Trail
Johnny Mack Brown
1952 Man from the Black Hills
Johnny Mack Brown
1952 Texas City
Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Texas Lawmen
Marshal Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Whistling Hills
Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Oklahoma Justice
Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Montana Desperado
Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Blazing Bullets
Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Man from Sonora
Johnny Mack Brown
1951 Colorado Ambush
Johnny Mack Brown
1950 Short Grass
Sheriff Ord Keown
1950 Outlaw Gold
Johnny Mack Brown
1950 Law of the Panhandle
U.S. Marshal Johnny Mack Brown
1950 Six Gun Mesa
Johnny Mack Brown
1950 Over the Border
Johnny Mack Brown
1950 West of Wyoming
Johnny Mack Brown
1949 Western Renegades
Johnny Mack Brown
1949 Range Justice
Johnny Mack Brown
1949 West of El Dorado
Johnny Mack
1949 Stampede
Sheriff Aaron Ball
1949 Trails End
Johnny Mack
1949 Law of the West
Federal Agent Johnny Mack
1948 Hidden Danger
Johnny Mack
1948 Gunning for Justice
Johnny Mack
1948 The Sheriff of Medicine Bow
Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown
1948 The Fighting Ranger
Johnny Brown
1948 Back Trail
Johnny Mack
1948 Triggerman
Johnny Mack Brown
1948 Frontier Agent
Johnny Mack Brown
1948 Crossed Trails
Johnny Mack
1948 Overland Trails
Johnny Murdock
1947 Gun Talk
Johnny McVey
1947 Prairie Express
Johnny Hudson
1947 Flashing Guns
Johnny Mack
1947 Code of the Saddle
John Macklin
1947 The Law Comes to Gunsight
Johnny Mackey
1947 Land of the Lawless
Johnny Mack
1947 Trailing Danger
1947 Valley of Fear
Johnny Williams
1947 Raiders of the South
Captain Brownell posing Johnny Langdon
1946 Silver Range
Johnny Bronton
1946 Shadows on the Range
Steve Mason posing as Steve Saunders
1946 Trigger Fingers
Sam Hurricane Benton
1946 The Gentleman from Texas
Johnny Macklin
1946 Under Arizona Skies
Dusty Smith
1946 The Haunted Mine
Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1946 Drifting Along
Steve Garner
1946 Border Bandits
Marshal Nevada
1945 Frontier Feud
Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1945 The Lost Trail
Marshal ‘Nevada Jack’ McKenzie
1945 Flame of the West
Dr. John Poole
1945 Stranger from Santa Fe
U.S. Marshal Nevada McKenzie, posing as Roy Ferris
1945 Gun Smoke
Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1945 Forever Yours
Maj. Tex O’Connor
1945 The Navajo Trail
Marshal Nevada McKenzie
1944 Ghost Guns
Marshal Nevada McKenzie
1944 Law of the Valley
Marshal Nevada McKenzie
1944 Land of the Outlaws
Marshal Nevada McKenzie
1944 West of the Rio Grande
U.S. Marshal Nevada McKenzie
1944 Range Law
U. S. Marshal Nevada McKenzie
1944 Law Men
U.S. Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1944 Partners of the Trail
U.S. Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1944 Raiders of the Border
Nevada Jack McKenzie
1943 The Texas Kid
Nevada Jack McKenzie
1943 Outlaws of Stampede Pass
Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1943 Crazy House
Johnny Mack Brown
1943 The Lone Star Trail
Blaze Barker
1943 Six Gun Gospel
Marshal Nevada Jack McKenzie
1943 The Stranger from Pecos
Nevada Jack McKenzie
1943 Raiders of San Joaquin
Rocky Morgan aka The Black Rider
1943 Cheyenne Roundup
Buck Brandon & Gils Brandon
1943 The Ghost Rider
Nevada Jack McKenzie
1943 Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
Wade Benson
1942 The Old Chisholm Trail
Dusty Gardner
1942 Little Joe, the Wrangler
Neal Wallace
1942 Deep in the Heart of Texas
Jim Mallory
1942 Boss of Hangtown Mesa
Steve Collins
1942 Silver Bullet
‘Silver Jim’ Donovan
1942 Ride ‘Em Cowboy
Alabam’ Brewster
1942 Stagecoach Buckaroo
Steve Hardin
1941 Fighting Bill Fargo
Bill Fargo
1941 Arizona Cyclone
Tom Baxter
1941 The Masked Rider
Larry Prescott
1941 Man from Montana
Sheriff Bob Dawson
1941 Rawhide Rangers
Brand Calhoun
1941 Law of the Range
Steve Howard
1941 Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
Joe Henderson
1940 Pony Post
Cal Sheridan
1940 Law and Order
Bill Ralston
1940 Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Steve Logan
1940 Son of Roaring Dan
Jim Reardon (Posing as Horace McPhail)
1940 Bad Man from Red Butte
Gils Brady / Buck Halliday
1940 Riders of Pasco Basin
Lee Jamison
1940 Boss of Bullion City
Tom Bryant
1940 West of Carson City
Jim Bannister
1939 Chip of the Flying U
‘Chip’ Bennett
1939 Oklahoma Frontier
Jeff McLeod
1939 Desperate Trails
Steve Hayden (as John Mack Brown)
1939 The Oregon Trail
Jeff Scott (as John Mack Brown)
1938 Flaming Frontiers
Tex Houston (as John Mack Brown)
1937 Wells Fargo
Talbot Carter (as John Mack Brown)
1937 Born to the West
Tom Fillmore (as John Mack Brown)
1937 Boothill Brigade
Lon Cardigan
1937 Wild West Days
Kentucky Wade (as John Mack Brown)
1937 A Lawman Is Born
Tom Mitchell
1937 Guns in the Dark
Johnny Darrel
1937 Bar-Z Bad Men
Jim Waters
1937 Lawless Land
Ranger Jeff Hayden
1937 Trail of Vengeance
Dude Ramsay
1937 The Gambling Terror
Jeff Hayes
1936 Undercover Man
Steve McLain
1936 The Crooked Trail
Jim Blake
1936 Everyman’s Law
Johnny- aka The Dog Town Kid
1936 Rogue of the Range
Dan Doran
1936 Desert Phantom
Billy Donovan
1936 Valley of the Lawless
Bruce Reynolds
1935 The Courageous Avenger
Kirk Baxter
1935 Between Men
Johnny Wellington Jr.
1935 Branded a Coward
Johnny Hume
1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog
Jack Wood (as John Mack Brown)
1934 Against the Law
Steve Wayne (as John Mack Brown)
1934 Belle of the Nineties
Brooks Claybourne (as John Mack Brown)
1934 Cross Streets
Adam Blythe (as John Mack Brown)
1934 Marrying Widows
The Husband (as John Mack Brown)
1934 St. Louis Woman
Jim Warren (as John Mack Brown)
1934 Three on a Honeymoon
Chuck Wells
1933 Son of a Sailor
1933 Female
1933 Saturday’s Millions
Alan Barry
1933 Fighting with Kit Carson
Kit Carson
1932 Malay Nights
Jim Wilson (as John Mack Brown)
1932 70,000 Witnesses
Wally Clark
1932 The Vanishing Frontier
Kirby Tornell
1932 Flames
1931 Hollywood Halfbacks (Short)
1931 Lasca of the Rio Grande
Miles Kincaid (as John Mack Brown)
1931 The Last Flight
Bill Talbot (as John Mack Brown)
1931 The Secret Six
Hank (as John Mack Brown)
1931 The Great Meadow
Berk Jarvis (as John Mack Brown)
1930 Great Day
1930 Billy the Kid
Billy (as John Mack Brown)
1930 Montana Moon
Larry (as John Mack Brown)
1930 Undertow
Paul Whalen
1929 Jazz Heaven
Barry Holmes (as John Mack Brown)
1929 Hurricane
1929 The Single Standard
Tommy Hewlett (as John Mack Brown)
1929 The Valiant
Robert Ward
1929 Coquette
Michael Jeffery (as John Mack Brown)
1928 A Woman of Affairs
David (as John Mack Brown)
1928 A Lady of Chance
Steve Crandall (as John Mack Brown)
1928 Annapolis
Bill (as John Mack Brown)
1928 Our Dancing Daughters
Ben Blaine (as John Mack Brown)
1928 The Play Girl
Bradley Lane
1928 Square Crooks
Larry Scott (as John Mack Brown)
1928 Soft Living
Stockney Webb (as John Mack Brown)
1928 The Divine Woman
Jean Lery
1927 The Fair Co-Ed
1927 After Midnight
Party Boy (uncredited)
1927 Mockery
Russian Officer
1927 The Bugle Call
Bit (uncredited)
1927 Slide, Kelly, Slide
John Mack Brown (as John Mack Brown)

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