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This western series ran from 1959 – 1963 and stars John Smith, Robert Fuller, Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Randall, Eddy Waller, Robert Crawford, Jr., Dennis Holmes and Spring Byington. There are 124 episodes of the Laramie western television series show. Each episode is made for the hour time slot and time allowed for commercials. The first episodes running from 1959 – 1961 are black and white. The episodes running from 1961 – 1963 are in color.
Regular Cast –
John Smith as Slim Sherman
Robert Fuller as Jess Harper
Robert Crawford, Jr., as Andy Sherman (1959-1960, 1962)
Stuart Randall as Sheriff Mort Corey (1961-1963)
Hoagy Carmichael as Jonesy (1959-1960)
Dennis Holmes as Mike Williams (1961-1963)
Spring Byington as Daisy Cooper (1961-1963)
Eddy Waller as Mose Shell, a stagecoach driver in 19 episodes between 1959 and 1962.

format Black-and-white (September 1959 – August 1961)
Color (September 1961 – September 1963)
Audio format Mono
Originally airing September 15, 1959 – May 21, 1963

The two Sherman brothers and a drifter, Jess Harper, come together to run a stagecoach stop for the Great Central Overland Mail Company after the Shermans’ father, Matt, was murdered by a greedy land seeker. The Sherman parents are buried on the ranch. The series premiere “Stage Stop” (September 15, 1959) explains how Slim Sherman and Jess Harper become partners in the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station. Jess arrives in Wyoming from Texas in search of his so called “friend”, Pete Morgan, played by John Mitchum, who has robbed Jess.
Episode Guide for the Laramie – western TV show.
Stage Stop
Glory Road
Circle of Fire
Fugitive Road
Star Trail
The Lawbreakers
Iron Captain
General Delivery
The Run to Tumavaca
The General Must Die
Dark Verdict
Man of God
Bare Knuckles
The Lonesome Gun
Night of the Quiet Man
The Pass
Trail Drive
Day of Vengeance
The Legend of Lily
Death Wind
Company Man
Rope of Steel
Duel at Alta Mesa
Street of Hate
Ride or Die
The Hour After Dawn
The Protectors
Saddle and Spur
Midnight Rebellion
Cemetery Road
Men of Defiance
Queen Of Diamonds
Track of the Jackal
Three Roads West
Ride the Wild Wind
Ride Into Darkness
The Long Riders
The Dark Trail
45 Calibre
License to Kill
Drifter’s Gold
No Second Chance
Duel at Parkinson Town
A Sound of Bells
The Passing of Kuba Smith
The Man From Kansas
Killer Without Cause
Stolen Tribute
The Lost Dutchman
Cactus Lady
Riders of the Night
Mark of the Manhunters
Run of the Hunted
Two for the Gallows
The Debt
Killer’s Odds
Bitter Glory
The Tumbleweed Wagon
Trigger Point
Badge of the Outsider
Men in Shadows
Strange Company
Widow in White
Dragon at the Door
Ladies Day
Siege at Jubilee
The Mountain Men
The Fatal Step
The Last Journey
Deadly is the Night
The Accusers
Wolf Cub
Handful of Fire
The Killer Legend
The Jailbreakers
The Lawless Seven
The Perfect Gift
The Barefoot Kid
Shadows in the Dust
The Runaway
Confederate Express
The High Country
A Grave for Cully Brown
The Runt
The Dynamiters
Day of the Savage
Justice in a Hurry
The Replacement
The Turn of the Wheel
Trial by Fire
Fall Into Darkness
Among The Missing
War Hero
The Fortune Hunter
Shadow of the Past
The Long Road Home
Lost Allegiance
The Sunday Shoot
Double Eagles
Beyond Justice
Bad Blood
Time of the Traitor
Gun Duel
Naked Steel
Protective Custody
The Betrayers
The Wedding Party
No Place to Run
The Fugitives
The Dispossessed
The Renegade Brand
The Violent Ones
The Unvanquished
The Sometime Gambler
Edge of Evil
Broken Honor
The Last Battleground
The Stranger
The Marshals
Badge of Glory
The Road to Helena

The Sherman brothers run a stagecoach station. Drifter gunfighter Jess Harper drifts in and is befriended and stays to help and start a new life.

Guest Stars include –

Rico Alaniz
Eddie Albert
Phyllis Avery
Joanna Barnes
James Best
Lyle Bettger
Robert Bray
Charles Bronson
James Brown
Kathie Browne
Jean Byron
Pat Conway
Russ Conway
Jim Davis (actor)
Frank Dekova
Jena Engstrom
Nanette Fabray
Paul Fix
Ron Foster
Dean Fredericks
Tom Greenway
Kevin Hagen
Margaret Hamilton
Stacy Harris
Ron Hayes
Ben Johnson
Brett King
Robert Knapp
John Larch
Dayton Lummis
Jock Mahoney
John McIntire
David McLean
Stephen McNally
Read Morgan
Ed Nelson
Leonard Nimoy
Gregg Palmer
Denver Pyle
Herbert Rudley
Bing Russell
Jacqueline Scott
Olan Soule
Fay Spain
Karl Swenson
Gloria Talbott
Kent Taylor
Gary Vinson
Adam West
Robert J. Wilke
Will Wright

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