Lash LaRue Western Movies to Watch Free

Lash LaRue Western Movies to Watch Free.
Alfred “Lash” LaRue (June 15, 1917 – May 21, 1996) was a popular western motion picture star of the 1940s and 1950s. He had exceptional skill with the bull whip and taught Harrison Ford how to use a bullwhip in the Indiana Jones movies. LaRue was one of the first recipients of the Golden Boot Awards in 1983. Born Alfred LaRue in Watervliet, Michigan, he was reared in various towns throughout Louisiana, but in his teens the family moved to Los Angeles, California, where he attended St. John’s Military Academy. However, California death records show his father’s last name as Wilson and that he was born in Michigan.

He began acting in films in 1944 as Al LaRue, appearing in two musicals and a serial before being given a role in a Western film that would result in his being cast in a cowboy persona for virtually the rest of his career. He was given the name Lash because of the 18-foot-long bullwhip he used to help bring down the bad guys. The popularity of his first role as the Cheyenne Kid, a sidekick of singing cowboy hero Eddie Dean, not just brandishing a whip but using it expertly to disarm villains, paved the way for LaRue to be featured in his own series of Western films. After appearing in all three of the Eddie Dean Cinecolor singing Westerns in 1945-46, he starred in quirky B-westerns from 1947 to 1951, at first for Poverty Row studio PRC, then for Eagle-Lion when they took over the studio, and later for producer Ron Ormond. He developed his image as a cowboy hero dressed all in black and inherited from Buster Crabbe a comic sidekick in the form of “Fuzzy Q. Jones” played by Al St. John.
He was different from the usual cowboy hero of the era: dressed in black, he spoke with a “city tough-guy” accent somewhat like that of Humphrey Bogart, whom he physically resembled. His use of a bullwhip, however, was what set him apart from bigger cowboy stars such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.


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His influence was felt throughout the dying medium of B-westerns; for example, he had an imitator, Whip Wilson, who starred in his own brief series, and even Roy Rogers started picking up and using a bullwhip in some of his Republic Studios Westerns made in the same period.
He also made frequent personal appearances at small-town movie theaters that were showing his films during his heyday of 1948-51, a common practice for cowboy stars in those days. However, his skillful displays of stunts with his whip, done live on movie theater stages, also convinced young Western fans that there was at least one cowboy hero who could do in real life the same things he did on screen.

Lash LaRue Western comic books were published first by Fawcett Comics and later by Charlton Comics between 1949 and 1961. They were among the most popular Western-themed comics of the era, running for more than 100 (usually monthly) issues.
In the later 1950s, LaRue was featured in archival footage numerous times on the children’s program The Gabby Hayes Show. He appeared several times too on the syndicated television series 26 Men, true stories of the Arizona Rangers. He appeared seven times in different roles in the 1956 TV Western Judge Roy Bean, starring Edgar Buchanan in the title role, with Jack Buetel and Jackie Loughery. One of his roles on Judge Roy Bean was as the outlaw John Wesley Hardin. He portrayed another real-life criminal, Doc Barker, in the TV series Gangbusters, which was later recut into the film Guns Don’t Argue.
LaRue and Steve Brodie shared the role from 1959 to 1961 of Sheriff Johnny Behan in Cochise County, Arizona, on ABC’s The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, starring Hugh O’Brian. LaRue appeared five times; Brodie, nine times.
After decades of popularity, interest in westerns faded and he was forced to make a living from appearances at conventions for western film buffs and sometimes as an evangelist on the rodeo and country-music circuit. Problems with the Internal Revenue Service made it difficult for him to work.
A role as the villain in a pornographic western, Hard on the Trail, led him to repentance as a missionary for ten years, as he had not been informed of the adult nature of the film and would not have consented to appear in the film. He did not actually appear in any of the pornographic scenes. The film was later released without the pornographic scenes and retitled Hard Trail to eliminate the double entendre.
Late in his career, he appeared in two low-budget horror films shot in North Carolina, Alien Outlaw and The Dark Power. In the latter, he plays a park ranger who makes extensive use of the bullwhip to battle wild dogs and attacking zombies.
Lash LaRue was a born-again Christian who was baptized at Shreveport Baptist Tabernacle by pastor Jimmy G. Tharpe. Tharpe initially met LaRue in Alexandria, the seat of Rapides Parish, when LaRue was visiting the home of his daughter. He and another minister, Don Chelette of Alexandria, were proselytizing door-to-door when they met LaRue and his daughter. Tharpe thereafter declared a “Lash LaRue Day” at his church at which LaRue gave his Christian testimony: “He came, and we had a wonderful service in our gymnasium. There were thirty-seven people saved in the gym that day. He cut paper from the mouth of Debbye, my daughter, with his whip. We all rejoiced over Lash LaRue and his testimony. I introduced Lash to others, and several churches invited him to give his testimony, and he accepted.”

Acting credits
1990 Pair of Aces (TV Movie)
1989 Escape
Gas station owner
1986 Stagecoach (TV Movie)
Lash (as Lash LaRue)
1985 Alien Outlaw
Alex Thompson
1985 The Dark Power
Ranger Girard (as Lash LaRue)
1984 Chain Gang
1972 Hard on the Trail
1969 Lanton Mills (Short)
1963 Please Don’t Touch Me
Bill (as Al La Rue)
1959-1960 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (TV Series)
Johnny Behan / Sheriff Johnny Behan
– My Enemy – John Behan (1960) … Johnny Behan
– John Clum, Fighting Editor (1960) … Sheriff Johnny Behan
– Behan’s Double Game (1960) … Johnny Behan
– Don’t Get Tough with a Sailor (1960) … Johnny Behan
– Let’s Hang Curly Bill (1960) … Sheriff Johnny Behan
– Get Shotgun Gibbs (1959) … Sheriff Johnny Behan
– Behan Shows His Hand (1959) … Johnny Behan (uncredited)
– You Can’t Fight City Hall (1959) … Sheriff Johnny Behan
Show less
1960 Tightrope (TV Series)
Mike Garret
– Three to Make Ready (1960) … Mike Garret (as Lash LaRue)
1958 26 Men (TV Series)
– Chain Gang (1958)
1956 Judge Roy Bean (TV Series)
Duke Castle / Storts / Harbon, Bank Cashier / …
– The Reformer (1956) … Duke Castle
– The Katcina Doll (1956) … Storts
– The Defense Rests (1956) … Harbon, Bank Cashier
– Outlaw’s Son (1956) … Matt Logan
– Lone Star Killer (1956) … Henchman Bass
– Gunman’s Bargain (1956) … John Wesley Hardin
– Bad Medicine (1956) … Todd Malone / Will Malone
Show less
1953 Lash of the West (TV Series)
Lash LaRue
– Episode #1.1 … Lash LaRue (as Lash La Rue)
1952 The Frontier Phantom
Marshal Lash La Rue / The Frontier Phantom
1952 The Black Lash
U.S. Marshal Lash LaRue
1951 The Vanishing Outpost
U. S. Marshal Lash LaRue
1951 The Thundering Trail
Marshal Lash LaRue
1950 King of the Bullwhip
Marshal Lash LaRue
1950 The Daltons’ Women
Marshal Lash LaRue
1949 Son of a Badman
Marshal Lash La Rue
1949 Son of Billy the Kid
Jack Garrett
1949 Outlaw Country
Marshal Lash La Rue / The Frontier Phantom
1948 Frontier Revenge
Lash La Rue
1948 Mark of the Lash
U.S. Marshal Lash LaRue
1948 Dead Man’s Gold
Lash LaRue
1948 The Enchanted Valley
Pretty Boy
1947 Cheyenne Takes Over
Cheyenne Davis (as ‘Lash’ La Rue)
1947 The Fighting Vigilantes
Marshal Cheyenne Davis
1947 Return of the Lash
Cheyenne Davis aka The Cheyenne Kid
1947 Stage to Mesa City
Marshal Cheyenne Davis (as ‘Lash’ La Rue)
1947 Ghost Town Renegades
Marshal Cheyenne Davis (as ‘Lash’ LaRue)
1947 Heartaches
DeLong aka Trigger Malone (as Al LaRue)
1947 Pioneer Justice
1947 Border Feud
Cheyenne Davis (as Al ‘Lash’ La Rue)
1947 Law of the Lash
Cheyenne Davis (as Al ‘Lash’ La Rue)
1946 Wild West
Stormy Day (as Al LaRue)
1946 The Caravan Trail
Cherokee (as Al La Rue)
1945 Song of Old Wyoming
The Cheyenne Kid (as Al La Rue)
1945 Lady on a Train
Circus Club Waiter / Henchman (uncredited)
1945 The Master Key
Migsy (Street Urchin) (as Alfred La Rue)

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