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Starring Tim Conway. The adventures of Rango a bumbling Texas Ranger who always comes out on top no matter what has gone wrong. In Rango Tim Conway plays an inept Texas Ranger who is assigned to the quietest crime free post the Rangers have Deep Wells, Texas. This is meant to keep him from creating unnecessary trouble. The Rangers want him removed from the service altogether but are prevented from doing so by the fact that his father is the commander. Rango seems to bring his own trouble with him because crime suddenly returns to a place that had seen very little crime for the past 20 years.
Also appearing in Rango is the Native Indian Pink Cloud an overly assimilated Indian who is very fond of the ways of the white man and whose command of the English language is many times usually better than theirs. Norman Alden, Tim Conway, Guy Marks, Michael Carr, Ernie Anderson.
The theme song was co written by Earle Hagen and sung by Frankie Laine. This series has 17 episodes and ran for less than a year in 1967.

Episode Guide for the Rango – western TV show.
S1, Ep1
13 Jan. 1967 Rango the Outlaw
S1, Ep2
20 Jan. 1967 The Daring Holdup of the Deadwood Stage
S1, Ep3
27 Jan. 1967 The Town Tamer
S1, Ep4
3 Feb. 1967 Gunfight at the K.O. Saloon
S1, Ep5
10 Feb. 1967 The Spy Who Was Out Cold
S1, Ep6
17 Feb. 1967 What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing Holding Up a Place Like This?
S1, Ep7
24 Feb. 1967 Requiem for a Ranger
S1, Ep8
3 Mar. 1967 Diamonds Look Better Around Your Neck Than a Rope
S1, Ep9
10 Mar. 1967 My Teepee Runneth Over
S1, Ep10
17 Mar. 1967 The Not So Good Train Robbery
S1, Ep11
24 Mar. 1967 Viva Rango
S1, Ep12
31 Mar. 1967 It Ain’t the Principle, It’s the Money
S1, Ep13
7 Apr. 1967 Shootout at Mesa Flats
S1, Ep14
14 Apr. 1967 In a Little Mexican Town
S1, Ep15
21 Apr. 1967 If You Can’t Take It with You, Don’t Go
S1, Ep16
28 Apr. 1967 You Can’t Scalp a Bald Indian
S1, Ep17
5 May 1967 The Rustlers

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