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This was a series that never got picked up which is a bit strange considering how popular Red Ryder and Little Beaver were at the time. There was even a Little Beaver theme park located in New Mexico for several years. There seems to be a bit of confusion on how many half hour shows were made some say possibly only 2 some sources say 39 episodes of this show were made. To be released for 1951 and 1956. Allan Lane, Jim Bannon, Louis Lettieri, Elizabeth Slifer. Red Ryder appeared in more than 35 movies and serials. They began in 1940 with the 12-chapter Republic movie serial The Adventures of Red Ryder played by Don “Red” Barry, who got his nickname “Red” from the role and Tommy Cook as Red Ryder’s young Indian sidekick Little Beaver. After this Wild Bill Elliott and Allan Rocky Lane portrayed Red Ryder in a number of films, both working with Robert Blake as Little Beaver. The last four Red Ryder movies starred Jim Bannon as Red Ryder and Don Kay (“Little Brown Jug”) Reynolds as Little Beaver. All four of these movies were done in color. Both Bannon and Lane filmed pilots for a Red Ryder television series, but neither version sold. Both pilots survive and appear on various western DVD collections.

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