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This series stars Darren McGavin, Burt Reynolds, Dick Wessel and Jack Lambert. There are 42 episodes of this western series that originally aired from 1959 – 1961. The exploits of Captain Grey Holden and his crew, as they navigate the vessel called the Enterprise principally, along the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers. Episodes are set in the eastern end of the American West or in the Midwest.
Episode Guide for the Riverboat – western TV show.
Season 1
S1, Ep1
13 Sep. 1959 Payment in Full
A simple-minded man betrays his friend and employer when the latter accidentally kills a man, selling him out to the authorities and collecting the reward to build a better life for himself.

S1, Ep2
20 Sep. 1959 The Barrier
The boat’s passengers include a young couple whose husband is on his way to his first assignment as an Indian agent. Also aboard is a man who plans to try to bribe the new agent to help him smuggle liquor to the Indians.

S1, Ep3
27 Sep. 1959 About Roger Mowbray
A wealthy young man’s marriage is in danger when an ex-girlfriend claims that he married his new wife for money. He also discovers that his father appears to be involved in the attempt to break up his marriage.

S1, Ep4
4 Oct. 1959 A Race to Cincinnati
Three ruthless men try to block the Enterprise’s path so a farmer’s crop of peaches will spoil and he won’t be able to make the last payment on a valuable plot of land.

S1, Ep5
11 Oct. 1959 The Unwilling
Even though Dan Simpson lost his last cargo he refuses to give up his dream of building a general store in the West. The river pirates that made $20,000 stealing his merchandise the first time are planning to stage another robbery, in spite of Ben Frazer’s precautions.

S1, Ep6
18 Oct. 1959 The Fight Back
Seeking cargo for his riverboat, Captain Holden docks in the town of Hampton and discovers that Fowler, the town boss, won’t allow the farmers to ship their crops. Desperate for work, Holden agrees to host the wedding of a local townsman. When Fowler’s brother dies trying to kill the groom, the boss leads a lynch mob against Holden and his ship.

S1, Ep7
25 Oct. 1959 Escape to Memphis
A woman kills her brutal husband in self-defense and flees her plantation, with the husband’s ne’er-do-well brother in pursuit. She takes passage on the Enterprise and meets with an unscrupulous man who has stolen a fortune from his wife and wishes an accomplice to help him evade police pursuit.

S1, Ep8
1 Nov. 1959 Witness No Evil
In Natchez, the Enterprise takes on board a number of passengers one of whom is transporting a large consignment of exotic animal bound headed for a traveling circus headquartered in St. Louis. On the trip upriver the riverboat’s crew must deal with a marauding ape who can climb into passengers’ rooms and steal their valuables, then disappear into hiding somewhere on the vessel.

S1, Ep9
8 Nov. 1959 A Night at Trapper’s Landing
The U.S. Army plans to commandeer The Enterprise to launch a punitive expedition against the Indians and avenge the loss of Lieutenant Devereaux and his men. Frazer tries to convince the army brass that the local Indian agent and his men are the cause of the Indian uprising.

S1, Ep10
22 Nov. 1959 The Faithless
An escaped prisoner being returned to jail is chained to the Enterprise’s mast by his guard. The convict has medical training, but refuses to aid a child who been stricken with a communicable disease that puts the riverboat’s passenger and crew at risk. Damage to the ship’s engines prevent her from steaming upstream to a port with a doctor.

S1, Ep11
29 Nov. 1959 The Boy from Pittsburgh
Holden agrees to ship a box full of valuable diamonds, not realizing a pickpocket has already switched the box with the real stones for worthless paste. Complicating matters are a beautiful widow, a young stowaway who wants to become a riverboat pilot.

S1, Ep12
6 Dec. 1959 Jessie Quinn
During Texas’ War of Independence, Holden agrees to ship a load of lead to Sam Houston’s forces for use in fighting the Mexican army in Texas. Santa Ana’s agents are determined to prevent the shipment from arriving and plan to blow up The Enterprise before it can arrive using credentials stolen from one of the Texans.

S1, Ep13
13 Dec. 1959 Strange Request
An actress charters the Enterprise to transport her and her manager to an abandoned trading post, offering Grey Holden $2000 if they can leave immediately. Although he will be forced to travel with a skeleton crew since most of his men are on shore leave, the Captain can’t turn down such a generous payment. Only after the riverboat is underway does Holden learn that the woman retrieve a son from a family of river pirates who claim to have rescued the boy from Indians.

S1, Ep14
20 Dec. 1959 Guns for Empire
A businessman charters the Enterprise to deliver a cargo of farm machinery to thriving river port. When Frazer learns that the “machinery” is actually crates of guns and ammunition – enough to arm a military force and carve out an empire west of the Mississippi, he refuses to ship the boxes until he learns that agents are holding Grey Holden captive to assure the crew’s cooperation.

S1, Ep15
27 Dec. 1959 The Face of Courage
Grey Holden and his riverboat are hired to deliver a cargo of guns, ammunition and troops to an army outpost on the Missouri River. When the Enterprise docks at a landing to pick up wood, Grey learns that the Sioux Indians are gathering for an attack. When Grey decides to turn back, Sergeant Carmody commandeers the vessel.

S1, Ep16
3 Jan. 1960 Tampico Raid
A pretty stowaway convinces Grey Holden and his crew to rescue a group of teachers who are held as political prisoners on an island off the coast of Mexico for advocating democracy. Grey must not only adapt his riverboat to sail across 40 miles of open sea, but create a plan to overcome the soldiers guarding the Americans.

S1, Ep17
10 Jan. 1960 Landlubbers
The Enterprise is hijacked by the captain of a riverboat that sank a month earlier, leaving Captain Holden and his men stranded on shore. Holden and Fraser are determined to recapture their ship and they and their crew set off on a cross-country shortcut through Indian territory to head her off.

S1, Ep18
17 Jan. 1960 The Blowup
A woman with a load of unstable, experimental, gunpowder connives to draw Holden and his men into a barroom brawl and then agrees to bail out the entire crew from jail if the captain will agree to ship her volatile cargo to her father’s diamond mine.

S1, Ep19
24 Jan. 1960 Forbidden Island
A group of Cajuns hijack part of the Enterprise’s cargo while it makes a stop for wood. Two crewmen are killed during the incident, not by the Cajuns, but by a group led by an unscrupulous man who wants to use the Cajuns’ remote island for himself as a base for attacking boats.

S1, Ep20
31 Jan. 1960 Salvage Pirates
A schooner wrecks on an uncharted reef near the Florida coast and the Enterprise and her crew rescue the only two survivors. The woman who was pulled from the wreck tells Captain Holden that her dowry, a fortune in pearls, lies just below the surface in the wrecked ship. The crew tries to retrieve the chest before a gang of salvage pirates can steal the pearls.

S1, Ep21
1 Feb. 1960 Path of the Eagle
A wealthy but inexperience party of pioneers hire Captain Holden to transport them to Independence, Missouri, so they can join a wagon train for California. One of the group’s organizers connives with river pirates to hijack the riverboat and rob the party before they can reach their destination.

S1, Ep22
8 Feb. 1960 The Treasure of Hawk Hill
A falling out among thieves occurs when a bank robber refuses to reveal to his fellow gang members where he hid the loot. His former partners kill him, but not before the dead thief’s nephew flees with a map that shows where the money is hidden. When the Enterprise runs over the boy’s raft, its crew manages to rescue him, but the youngster soon jumps ship with both the bank robbers and Grey Holden in pursuit.

S1, Ep23
22 Feb. 1960 The Fight at New Canal
Charged with building an canal that would shorten the river voyage and avoid rapids, Captain Holden runs into murderous opposition from the freight and stagecoach line that hauls cargo and passengers along the proposed route.

S1, Ep24
29 Feb. 1960 The Wichita Arrows
While Holden is away from the riverboat seeking business, The Enterprise, under temporary command of Brad Turner, stops at a landing for a cargo of fur pelts and find the proprietors dead with arrows stuck in their backs. Turner and several crew members ride into town to find their cargo and find the settlement preparing for an Indian attack.

S1, Ep25
7 Mar. 1960 Fort Epitaph
In the absence of Captain Holden, Captain Brad Turner takes a cargo of military supplies to an outpost on the Little Missouri River – in the middle of Sioux country and must use the cannon he is delivering to disperse an Indian attack. He discovers the once peaceful Indians have been driven to the warpath by the actions of the fort’s commander – a martinet who commandeers “The Enterprize” and its crew to fight the Sioux.

S1, Ep26
14 Mar. 1960 Three Graves
The crew finds three recent graves at a town they had planned to dock in. They also find residents of a nearby town want to kill anyone who came in contact with the three dead men. Captain Holden then meets a woman doctor who informs him that the men died of bubonic plague.

S1, Ep27
21 Mar. 1960 Hang the Men High
Based on a statement allegedly made by a dying man, a lynch mob forces two passengers to leave the enterprise and face murder charges before a kangaroo court. Clay Holden doesn’t cotton to extra-legal methods, especially since legally constituted authority exists. He also believes that the damning testimony presented at the trial was perjured.

S1, Ep28
28 Mar. 1960 The Night of the Faceless Men
Needing a supply of wood, Clay Holden docks his riverboat to a small town only to find no one will sell him any. Upon further investigation, he discovers the town is being run by a gang of hooded outlaws who collect protection money from businesses and threaten all strangers who refuse to leave with violence and death.

S1, Ep29
4 Apr. 1960 The Long Trail
A U.S. Army detachment is ordered to remove the Cherokee Indians from the ancestral homeland and the Enterprise is commandeered to transport the tribe to its new reservation. Gray Holden is furious because he knows the Cherokees are peaceful and law-abiding. Worse, he is close friends with many of their leaders and resents being the agent of their maltreatment.

S1, Ep30
11 Apr. 1960 The Quick Noose
Someone has stabbed the son of Judge Wingate in the back with Carney’s knife and unless Captain Holden can find the real murderer, Carney will hang for the crime.

S1, Ep31
18 Apr. 1960 The Sellout
While sailing down the Mississippi in a heavy storm, the Enterprise strikes a log that rips a hole in her side. The only way Holden can raise the money to repair her is rent her to another riverboat pilot who promptly double-crosses him by turning his vessel into a floating casino.

Season 2
S2, Ep1
19 Sep. 1960 End of a Dream
Fast talking con man Martinus Van der Brig persuades Grey Holden and Bill Blake, the riverboat’s new pilot, to transport a group of pioneers to a land he recently purchased named Rolling Stone. Van der Brig has sold the pioneers on this territory as a land of plenty and wonder, but that is far from the truth.

S2, Ep2
26 Sep. 1960 That Taylor Affair
When Grey Holden loses the money in a crooked card game, the sheriff of Baton Rouge impounds his riverboat so that the vessel can be sold to pay off his debts. Grey is forced to sell a half-interest in the Enterprise to his pilot, Bill Blake to prevent the auction, then, to gain enough capital to stay in business, Holden and Blake hatch a wild scheme to hijack President-elect Zachary Taylor and his party who are bound for Washington D.C. and his inauguration.

S2, Ep3
3 Oct. 1960 The Two Faces of Grey Holden
When a pretty Cajun girl catches Captain Holden’s eye, he’s naturally interested in a bit of romance, until he learns that the young lady thinks he is her fiancée, who was killed in a riverboat explosion over a year before.

S2, Ep4
10 Oct. 1960 River Champion
After the Glen City sheriff runs him out of town, boxing promoter Dan Muldoon convinces his old friend Grey Holden to host a prize fight on the Enterprise. When Grey Holden knocks out Muldoon’s fighter, The Dublin Boy, by accident, he is forced to take the young man’s place in the ring or he’ll have to return the gate receipts to a boat-full of angry passengers. Meanwhile, a couple of thieves plan to steal all the money that has been wagered on the bout.

S2, Ep5
1960 No Bridge on the River
On a dark and stormy night, the Enterprise smashes into a recently built railroad bridge that spans the Mississippi River. Grey Holden and Bill Blake sue the railroad company for damages but must best a long-legged legal beanpole named Abraham Lincoln in court before they can repair their riverboat.

S2, Ep6
31 Oct. 1960 Trunk Full of Dreams
Captain Holden fishes a pair of actors out of the river and soon the Enterprise is fitting out to become a floating theater.

S2, Ep7
7 Nov. 1960 The Water of Gorgeous Springs
En route to a popular fair, Grey and Bill accidentally book for passage two families of hillbillies who are engaged in a murderous feud. The Cox and Jennings families proceed to shoot up the Enterprise with the riverboat’s crew caught in the crossfire. Holden desperately tries to negotiate a truce before a passenger or crew member gets hurt.

S2, Ep8
21 Nov. 1960 Devil in Skirts
Knowing Holden is desperate for a cargo, Colonel Ashley offers a profitable load if the Captain of the Enterprise will agree to take along a woman his son is smitten with.

S2, Ep9
28 Nov. 1960 The Quota
An army sergeant, determined to meet his quota for new recruits, forces one of Captain Holden’s crewmen into his platoon by hitting him on the head. When Holden comes to confront the sergeant, he too is shanghaied.

S2, Ep10
5 Dec. 1960 Chicota Landing
While carrying a cargo of gunpowder, Holden and his crew witness a band of Mexican outlaws executing a man by the river. When they come to the town of Chicota Landing they learn that the man killed was a deputy to the sheriff, who is holding the leader of the outlaws, Juan Cortilla, in his jail cell. The town’s citizens try to storm the jail for a lynching, during which Cortilla escapes. Later an Army lieutenant asks Holden to use the Enterprise to bring Cortilla and his band to a military garrison. But Cortilla soon takes over the Enterprise along with the gunpowder.

S2, Ep11
12 Dec. 1960 Duel on the River
Captain Holden and the Enterprise crew find themselves caught between ruthless Brian Cloud, who monopolizes all the cotton crop in the area, and Laurie Rawlings, the wife of a cotton planter who doesn’t like her husband being under Cloud’s control.

S2, Ep12
26 Dec. 1960 Zigzag
While in a town doctor’s office trying to pull Carney’s aching tooth, Bill Blake is abducted by three outlaws who mistakenly think he is the doctor. They want him to treat a dying old man who they believe knows the location of a large amount of money. When they realize he is not a doctor, they ask him to pretend he is the old man’s son to get him to reveal the location of the loot. To make him do this they threaten the life of the owner of the cabin they are hiding in along with his pretty daughter.

S2, Ep13
2 Jan. 1961 Listen to the Nightingale
Desperate for passengers, Holden and Blake agree to transport an opera singer and her musicians to New Orleans for a share of her concerts gate receipts.

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