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Luke Perry and Simon Kane run a stagecoach line in the Old West where they come across a wide variety of killers, robbers and ladies in distress. Also along is Simon’s young son David. This western television series ran for thirty-eight episodes from October 4, 1960, until June 27, 1961. Characters Luke Perry (played by Wayne Rogers) and Simon Kane (Robert Bray) operate the Timberland Stage Line from fictitious Outpost, Missouri to San Francisco, California. Simon’s 15-year-old son, David “Davey” Kane (played by Richard Eyer). Stagecoach West was produced by Dick Powell’s Four Star Television. It is believed that the series was cancelled despite the high quality of its production because of the glut of westerns on television at the time that it aired. The same fate had fallen on CBS’s Johnny Ringo, a 1959 one-season spin-off of Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater. Richard Eyer, Robert Bray, Wayne Rogers, Jack Lord, Christopher Dark, Dodie Heath, Frank Ferguson, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr, Than Wyenn, John Dehner. There were two episodes of “Stagecoach West” filmed at Apacheland, “The Butcher” featuring Jack Lord and “The Swindler” featuring Dennis Patrick. In the opening scenes of “The Butcher” you can see Dinosaur Mountain as the guests exit the stagecoach. Leland Wainscott, Apacheland’s first street manager was also featured in these episodes along with Jack Young, famous stuntman from Old Tucson Studios.
Season 1

High Lonesome S1, Ep1
4 Oct. 1960 High Lonesome
Simon Kane drubs his supervisor Osgood for revealing that Kane’s wife deserted he and his son. Kane had been working off the $2000 he embezzled to search for his wife who returned to low life, but Osgood’s taunts made his life miserable, now the single father can’t face further derision from the town. Kane pays Osgood $2000 and packs to start over elsewhere. But Osgood hires an assassin to bump off Kane after his stagecoach heads West.

The Land Beyond S1, Ep2
11 Oct. 1960 The Land Beyond
Though Luke & Simon foil a gunman who provokes a passenger on their first stagecoach run, the vicious gunslinger tracks the stage. He’s a detective hired to break up a naïve young couple eloping from the East. To protect her groom, Sarah Lou claims it’s her idea to return home. Luke, Simon, and Simon’s son Davey are excited to be on the journey, because the destination is their new home, Outpost.

Dark Return S1, Ep3
18 Oct. 1960 Dark Return
Looking to escape a storm, Frankie Niles ducks into a barn and witnesses a murder. He takes it on the lam, but when he returns years later, the murderer is still in town, waiting for him.

The Unwanted S1, Ep4
25 Oct. 1960 The Unwanted
After killing a man in self defense, his widow forces their young daughter into Luke’s care and sets out on a life of despair and downward spiral.

A Fork in the Road S1, Ep5
1 Nov. 1960 A Fork in the Road
While on their regular stagecoach run Simon and Davey Kane pick up a man walking by the road in the middle of nowhere. Their new passenger takes an unusual interest in their only cargo – a coffin. The Kanes soon learn that the man is the leader of an outlaw gang who plans to hold the contents of the coffin, the remains of a dead war hero, for ransom.

A Time to Run S1, Ep6
15 Nov. 1960 A Time to Run
A wounded Mexican tries to hijack Luke’s stagecoach to steal a horse, but passes out from loss of blood before he can ride away. Luke bundles the man into his stage intending to turn him over to the sheriff in the next town, but a gang of bounty hunters try to abduct his prisoner in order to take across the border to stand trial for treason.

Red Sand S1, Ep7
22 Nov. 1960 Red Sand
During a ferocious sandstorm, Simon Kane spots a man lying by the side of the road. When he stops his stagecoach and attempts to render assistance, he discovers that the “body” is alive and well – and the junior member of a pair of bank robbers who will stop at nothing to escape the pursuing posse.

The Saga of Jeremy Boone S1, Ep8
29 Nov. 1960 The Saga of Jeremy Boone
A young man from Texas with a large roll of cash falls head over heels for a beautiful con woman. Luke attempts to save the young man from Texas from being murdered by her cold-blooded partner.

Life Sentence S1, Ep9
6 Dec. 1960 Life Sentence
Simon Kane takes an interest in a fight between two Civil War veterans when his son is injured by a runaway wagon whose horses bolted during one of their fights. Kane learns that Leo Calloway blames Toby Reese for fleeing the battlefield after he was badly wounded and Reese, tired of running from Calloway, is prepared to make a stand.

The Storm S1, Ep10
13 Dec. 1960 The Storm
A pretty but violent and ruthless woman holds Luke at gunpoint during a blizzard, demanding he help her wounded lover.

Three Wise Men S1, Ep11
20 Dec. 1960 Three Wise Men
A young man is given a free stagecoach ride by Simon Kane to the stagecoach relay station. At the station, the man confesses that he is an escaped prisoner who, upon learning he has less than a year to live became determined to spend Christmas with his wife and children. He promises to turn himself in on December 26, but three bounty hunters are determined to collect the reward for his capture before then.

By the Deep Six S1, Ep12
27 Dec. 1960 By the Deep Six
Simon Kane offers a British sailor a ride in his stagecoach when he spots him standing forlornly by the side of the road. The sailor tells Simon he jumped ship in San Francisco and a band of men have been chasing him ever since. The five men, all federal marshals, surround Simon’s stagecoach and tell him that his newest passenger fled a ship that contained bubonic plague and they were authorized to kill everyone the Britisher came in contact with to prevent the diseases spread.

Object: Patrimony S1, Ep13
3 Jan. 1961 Object: Patrimony
A couple engaged to be married buy all the tickets for the westbound run from Timberline, booting off Mr. Duncan, one of the scheduled passengers, in the process. When the stagecoach stops at the next way-station, Luke discovers that an outlaw gang was planning on robbing Duncan of the $20,000 he was carrying. Since their intended victim wasn’t on-board, the owlhoots decide to hold the other passengers for ransom.

Come Home Again S1, Ep14
10 Jan. 1961 Come Home Again
Simon and Davey find Deborah Cotton and her daughter standing on the bank of river and agree to give them a ride into Outpost. The two women are fleeing a private detective who has been hired to arrest Deborah for kidnapping her own daughter. When Simon appears reluctant to assist the Cottons, Davey decides to act on his own and obstruct the detective’s pursuit.

The Brass Lily S1, Ep15
17 Jan. 1961 The Brass Lily
A famous singer arrives in Outpost to deliver a concert and is welcomed by the entertainment starved community. When a stray bullet seriously wounds the chanteuse, the townspeople discover the goddess they idolized is really a foul-tempered and selfish shrew. After her business manager abandons her, only Vernon, a patient deaf-mute, is willing to tend to her many needs, but the singer scorns his pity.

Finn McColl S1, Ep16
24 Jan. 1961 Finn McColl

Image of a Man S1, Ep17
31 Jan. 1961 Image of a Man
Ethan Blount, a once famous attorney, now a drunken old man, is forced to prosecute a case for murder were the defendant is the son of the town’s leading businessman. Blount is ordered to lose the case or else, but when the town boss pulls down a statue of Justice that the aging lawyer paid for, the old man refuses to back down in spite of death threats.

Not in Our Stars S1, Ep18
7 Feb. 1961 Not in Our Stars
Simon Kane and Zeke Bonner’s job offer to itinerant laborer Ben Wait involves the stagecoach line and its passengers with the vengeful Sutter clan. The old man blames Ben for the death of his daughter because of the faulty first aid he believes the vagabond administered.

The Arsonist S1, Ep19
14 Feb. 1961 The Arsonist
A retiring bookkeeper agrees to help a businessman destroy his factory for the insurance money backfires when the owner is killed in a bungled robbery by his wife’s lover. The crook joins the husband and wife on Luke’s stagecoach for their trip to San Francisco and tries to steal the five thousand dollars the bookkeeper received as a retirement gift en route.

Songs My Mother Told Me S1, Ep20
21 Feb. 1961 Songs My Mother Told Me
Matt Dexter, an Irish drifter witnesses a murder but flees town because he doesn’t want to get involved. Two of the gunman’s cronies decide not to risk his return and ride out after the old man to kill him. Dexter saves Davey Kane’s life by killing a rattlesnake about to strike. In return the young man agrees to smuggle food to Matt while he hides from his would-be assailants.

The Root of Evil S1, Ep21
28 Feb. 1961 The Root of Evil
Ralph Barnes, a retired army officer, has one last military mission to perform – delivery of top secret military papers – and he hopes to use his honeymoon as his cover. He is pursued by outlaws who trying to relieve of the documents. When the stagecoach stops at Halfway House with the Barnes’s on board, Luke makes a disquieting discovery – all the guns in the armory have been stolen and Barnes fears the gang trying to steal his papers now have the upper hand.

The Outcasts S1, Ep22
7 Mar. 1961 The Outcasts
Acting in the capacity of a Deputy Sheriff, Ken Rawlins fires at outlaws attempting a bank robbery and accidentally kills his brother who was a member of the gang. Distraught, Ken turns in his badge and heads west, finding work at Halfway House as a handyman. While working for Zeke he bumps into a pair of shady characters from his less than honest past.

The Remounts S1, Ep23
14 Mar. 1961 The Remounts
When their attempt to steal a herd of cavalry remounts fails, a two saddle tramps recruit a pair of outlaws assist them in another attempt. Their plan is to kill the army officers bringing the money to buy the horses and force Simon and Luke to assist them by holding Simon’s son, Davey, as hostage. Simon devises a desperate plan to rescue Davey from the outlaws.

House of Violence S1, Ep24
21 Mar. 1961 House of Violence
A notorious outlaw gang holes up at a stagecoach relay station to hide from the posse chasing them after the owlhoots steal a payroll and killing the express agent. The gang capture the stagecoach driven by Luke Perry and Simon Kane and hold Simon’s son, Davey, a U.S. Senator and his pretty daughter, and jewelry drummer hostage.

The Butcher S1, Ep25
28 Mar. 1961 The Butcher
One of the passengers on Simon Kane’s stagecoach is a U.S. Army colonel recalled to Washington to face charges of excessive force against Mexicans living in California. A band of bandits aren’t willing to let military justice take it’s course and plan to capture the stagecoach, abduct the officer and administer their own kind of retribution without the bother of a trial.

Fort Wyatt Crossing S1, Ep26
4 Apr. 1961 Fort Wyatt Crossing
Luke and his passengers find a severely wounded cavalry soldier besides the road. While Luke treats the wound, Brewster makes an amazing discovery – four boxes of gold coins worth nearly two hundred thousand dollars. While waiting to the wounded trooper to recover sufficiently to travel, the small group is beset by outcast Indians who want to steal their food and horses.

A Place of Still Waters S1, Ep27
11 Apr. 1961 A Place of Still Waters

Never Walk Alone S1, Ep28
18 Apr. 1961 Never Walk Alone
Cole Eldredge, recently released from prison, is framed for train robbery and murder by two of his former friends. Luke Perry convinces Ruby, Cole’s fiancee, that he can help Cole if she can take him to where the ex-convict is hiding from the posse who is pursuing him. When Ruby finds Luke’s U.S. Marshal’s badge in his saddle bags, she decides that Perry has lied to her about being Cole’s friend.

The Big Gun S1, Ep29
25 Apr. 1961 The Big Gun
Luke Perry is assigned to deliver a Gatling gun to a distant army post. Colonel Martinez discovers that Luke’s stagecoach will not have a cavalry escort and determine to steal the gun and force the young driver to deliver it to Juarez’s forces fighting Emperor Maximilian. When the American mercenaries assisting Martinez learn that Maximilian has been overthrown they decide to make use of the Gatling’s firepower to rob an express office.

The Dead Don’t Cry S1, Ep30
2 May 1961 The Dead Don’t Cry
Upon arriving in Tucson to visit his brother, Luke Perry learns that the young man fled town when he was falsely accused of murder. Although the true culprit was soon captured by the army, wanted posters offering a large reward – dead or alive – have been sent out to every corner of Arizona and ruthless bounty hunters are still searching the desert for fugitive.

The Raider S1, Ep31
9 May 1961 The Raider
Emily Prince, a pretty blonde new to the Wyoming Territory, takes the stagecoach to Halfway House expecting to meet her fiancée. Instead she makes the acquaintance of a ruthless range detective who has been hired to drive out or kill homesteaders – like her future husband. Simon and Davey Kane decide to help the young couple fight the murderous gunslinger.

Blind Man’s Bluff S1, Ep32
16 May 1961 Blind Man’s Bluff
Stace, a blind gunfighter, pursues the pretty saloon singer who spurned his love intending to kill both the chanteuse and her piano-playing husband.

The Bold Whip S1, Ep33
23 May 1961 The Bold Whip
While attempting to open up a stagecoach route to a northern Army fort, Luke, Simon and Davey are beset by troubles on their initial trip. The men discover that one of the passengers is not only wanted for murder but is running guns to the Indians. When the coach arrives at a relay station, they discover their fresh horses have been run off and the cavalry patrol promised to provide protection for the army payroll has been wiped out by Cheyenne warriors.

The Orphans S1, Ep34
30 May 1961 The Orphans
Jaime and Angela Toreno, two teenagers recently arrived from Spain, ride with Simon and Davey Kane to the open range to meet their father who has been herding sheep in the area for the past seven years. When Simon discovers the elderly immigrant has been murdered, he assumes it’s the work of hired guns employed to drive the sheep off the range and sets a trap for the killers.

The Guardian Angels S1, Ep35
6 Jun. 1961 The Guardian Angels

The Swindler S1, Ep36
13 Jun. 1961 The Swindler

The Renegades S1, Ep37
20 Jun. 1961 The Renegades

The Marker S1, Ep38
27 Jun. 1961 The Marker

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