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This western television series originally aired in 1955 and 1956 and stars Douglas Kennedy, Eddy Waller, Stephen Bekassy. The opening is quite impressive with Douglas Kennedy doing an amazing thing with his Colt Pistols! There are 39 episodes of this western television series show.
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Season 1

The Midnight Election S1, Ep1
24 Sep. 1955 The Midnight Election

The Deputy S1, Ep2
1 Oct. 1955 The Deputy

Plague Town S1, Ep3
8 Oct. 1955 Plague Town

Crooked Star S1, Ep4
10 Oct. 1955 Crooked Star

Special Delivery S1, Ep5
10 Oct. 1955 Special Delivery

Terror Town S1, Ep6
29 Oct. 1955 Terror Town

The Schoolteacher S1, Ep7
5 Nov. 1955 The Schoolteacher

Sketch Artist S1, Ep8
12 Nov. 1955 Sketch Artist

Ghost Town S1, Ep9
19 Nov. 1955 Ghost Town

Journey Into Danger S1, Ep10
26 Nov. 1955 Journey Into Danger

The People’s Choice S1, Ep11
3 Dec. 1955 The People’s Choice

Outlaw Actor S1, Ep12
10 Dec. 1955 Outlaw Actor

Napoleon’s Eagle S1, Ep13
17 Dec. 1955 Napoleon’s Eagle

Two Men Out S1, Ep14
24 Dec. 1955 Two Men Out

Mystery Canyon S1, Ep15
31 Dec. 1955 Mystery Canyon

Crisis at Canyonville S1, Ep16
7 Jan. 1956 Crisis at Canyonville

Comanche Kid S1, Ep17
14 Jan. 1956 Comanche Kid
When the Comanche Kid kills a childhood friend, Marshal Donovan convince their captain to send them out to capture the outlaw. Donovan believes that the Kid is operating in a small town called Sonora because it’s the only place in Central Texas that he has committed a robbery or murder, so he and Rusty go undercover as saddle tramps to try to smoke the outlaw into the open.

Journey to Justice S1, Ep18
21 Jan. 1956 Journey to Justice

Medicine Man S1, Ep19
28 Jan. 1956 Medicine Man
Steve and Rusty come up against a bitter old doctor still angry about how he had been unjustly treated in the past.

Unbranded S1, Ep20
4 Feb. 1956 Unbranded

Decision at Noon S1, Ep21
21 Feb. 1956 Decision at Noon

Missouri Outlaw S1, Ep22
18 Feb. 1956 Missouri Outlaw
Deputy Marshal Rusty Lee poses as a cattle buyer carrying a large sum of money to lure the Cantrell gang into a trap.

Stone River S1, Ep23
25 Feb. 1956 Stone River
Steve and Rusty go after counterfeiters who are operating near a border town.

A Pair of Jacks S1, Ep24
3 Mar. 1956 A Pair of Jacks

Crystal Gazers S1, Ep25
10 Mar. 1956 Crystal Gazers
Rusty has been studying how to be a ventriloquist, a talent that may come in handy when they investigate a man who may be a murderer.

The Imposters S1, Ep26
17 Mar. 1956 The Imposters
An Indian raid on an army wagon inflames tensions that may erupt into an Indian war. Steve and Rusty investigate and discover that it was actually white men disguised as Indians who committed the raid. They set out to find out who was behind it.

Outlaw’s Boy S1, Ep27
24 Mar. 1956 Outlaw’s Boy
Steve and Rusty break up the infamous Yarbo gang. However, in doing so they find themselves responsible for the care of a 16-year-old boy.

The Hope Chest S1, Ep28
31 Mar. 1956 The Hope Chest
A young boy who has recently lost his father is going through his dad’s possessions when he finds a mail sack full of money.

The Coward S1, Ep29
7 Apr. 1956 The Coward
A convicted murderer breaks out of prison intent on killing the men responsible for his incarceration – Steve Donovan and Lou Park.

Gunfighter’s Return S1, Ep30
14 Apr. 1956 Gunfighter’s Return

Widow’s Warrant S1, Ep31
21 Apr. 1956 Widow’s Warrant

Green Star S1, Ep32
28 Apr. 1956 Green Star

White Cloud S1, Ep33
5 May 1956 White Cloud

The General S1, Ep34
12 Mar. 1956 The General

Shadow of Fear S1, Ep35
19 May 1956 Shadow of Fear

The Border Shift S1, Ep36
26 May 1956 The Border Shift

Shadow Gold S1, Ep37
2 Jun. 1956 Shadow Gold
Steve and Rusty come across a young man who incurred brain damage when he tried to save some children from a runaway horse. He needs an immediate brain operation, but has no money.

Poison Trail S1, Ep38
9 Jun. 1956 Poison Trail
Steve and Rusty come across a dying boy who tells them that he has been framed for murder and then poisoned.

Trail of the Dude S1, Ep39
16 Jun. 1956 Trail of the Dude
In order to find an outlaw gang, Steve and Rusty follow one of their members who has recently been released from prison. But before he can lead them to the gang’s hideout, he is killed.

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