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David McLean (well known as The Marlboro Man) stars as Tate, a wandering gun-for-hire who lost the use of his left arm in the Civil War during the Battle of Vicksburg. Only 13 episodes of this unique TV Western were filmed.

Episode Guide for the Tate – western TV show.
Home Town S1, Ep1
8 Jun. 1960
Tate returns to his home town to help an old friend, the town’s aging marshal, guard a prisoner from a mob that wants to free him from being hanged.

Stopover S1, Ep2
15 Jun. 1960
Tate rides into town with the body of a wanted outlaw he’s just killed, and presents it to the sheriff to collect the bounty. The sheriff sends Tete to the saloon to wait while he fills out the paperwork–and, since he doesn’t like bounty hunters, decides to take his time about it. Meanwhile, at the saloon Tate runs into a young hothead who’s itching to put a notch on his gun and decides that Tate’s going to be it.

The Bounty Hunter S1, Ep3
22 Jun. 1960

The Mary Hardin Story S1, Ep4
29 Jun. 1960

Voices of the Town S1, Ep5
6 Jul. 1960

A Lethal Pride S1, Ep6
20 Jul. 1960

Tigrero S1, Ep7
3 Aug. 1960

Comanche Scalps S1, Ep8
10 Aug. 1960

Before Sunup S1, Ep9
17 Aug. 1960

The Reckoning S1, Ep10
24 Aug. 1960

The Gunfighters S1, Ep11
31 Aug. 1960

Quiet After the Storm S1, Ep12
7 Sep. 1960

The Return of Jessica Jackson S1, Ep13
14 Sep. 1960

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