The Adventures of Spin and Marty – western TV show

The Adventures of Spin and Marty – western TV show.

The Adventures of Spin and Marty. Disney part of the Mickey Mouse Club. FROM 1955. Dee Aaker, Tim Considine, David Stollery, Roy Barcroft, Harry Carey Jr..

Season 1

An Introduction S1, Ep0
4 Nov. 1955 An Introduction

The ‘Triple R’ S1, Ep1
7 Nov. 1955 The ‘Triple R’

The Misfit S1, Ep2
8 Nov. 1955 The Misfit

The White Stallion S1, Ep3
9 Nov. 1955 The White Stallion

A Froggy Day S1, Ep4
10 Nov. 1955 A Froggy Day

The Battle S1, Ep5
11 Nov. 1955 The Battle


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A Surprise Decision S1, Ep6
14 Nov. 1955 A Surprise Decision

Homesick S1, Ep7
15 Nov. 1955 Homesick

Logan’s Lesson S1, Ep8
16 Nov. 1955 Logan’s Lesson

The Chase S1, Ep9
17 Nov. 1955 The Chase

Ride-‘Em-Cowboy S1, Ep10
18 Nov. 1955 Ride-‘Em-Cowboy

The Snipe Hunt S1, Ep11
21 Nov. 1955 The Snipe Hunt

The Secret Ride S1, Ep12
22 Nov. 1955 The Secret Ride

Tragedy! S1, Ep13
23 Nov. 1955 Tragedy!

Perkins’ Decision S1, Ep14
24 Nov. 1955 Perkins’ Decision

Tossing the Calf S1, Ep15
25 Nov. 1955 Tossing the Calf

Rope Artist S1, Ep16
28 Nov. 1955 Rope Artist

Nothing Happens on Sunday S1, Ep17
29 Nov. 1955 Nothing Happens on Sunday

Perkins and the Bear S1, Ep18
30 Nov. 1955 Perkins and the Bear

Runaway! S1, Ep19
1 Dec. 1955 Runaway!

Haunted Valley S1, Ep20
2 Dec. 1955 Haunted Valley

The Live Ghost S1, Ep21
5 Dec. 1955 The Live Ghost

The Big Rodeo S1, Ep22
6 Dec. 1955 The Big Rodeo

Off on the Wrong Foot S1, Ep23
7 Dec. 1955 Off on the Wrong Foot

Skyrocket’s Trick S1, Ep24
8 Dec. 1955 Skyrocket’s Trick

The Last Campfire S1, Ep25
9 Dec. 1955 The Last Campfire

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