The Alaskans – western TV show

The Alaskans – western TV show.

Roger Moore, Dorothy Provine, Jeff York. (37 episodes, 1959-1960). When gold was discovered in the Yukon in the 1890′s, thousands of hopeful prospectors headed north for a chance at becoming rich. The easiest passage to the Yukon was through the small Alaskan port town of Skagway, which quickly exploded into a sprawling boom town, offering almost everything a miner could want, for a price. Adventurers

Silky Harris and Reno McKee have arrived in this town looking to make their fortunes. Not mining for gold, but by catering to and fleecing the hardy, hard-living miners who pass through town. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher.

Episode guide
Season 1

Gold Sled S1, Ep1
4 Oct. 1959 Gold Sled

Cheating Cheaters S1, Ep2
11 Oct. 1959 Cheating Cheaters


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The Blizzard S1, Ep3
18 Oct. 1959 The Blizzard

Petticoat Crew S1, Ep4
25 Oct. 1959 Petticoat Crew

Starvation Stampede S1, Ep5
1 Nov. 1959 Starvation Stampede

Big Deal S1, Ep6
8 Nov. 1959 Big Deal

Contest at Gold Bottom S1, Ep7
15 Nov. 1959 Contest at Gold Bottom

Winter Song S1, Ep8
22 Nov. 1959 Winter Song

The Golden Fleece S1, Ep9
29 Nov. 1959 The Golden Fleece

Doc Booker S1, Ep10
6 Dec. 1959 Doc Booker

The Abominable Snowman S1, Ep11
13 Dec. 1959 The Abominable Snowman

Remember the Main S1, Ep12
20 Dec. 1959 Remember the Main

Million Dollar Kid S1, Ep13
3 Jan. 1960 Million Dollar Kid

The Trial of Reno McKee S1, Ep14
10 Jan. 1960 The Trial of Reno McKee

Gold Fever S1, Ep15
17 Jan. 1960 Gold Fever

The Challenge S1, Ep16
24 Jan. 1960 The Challenge

The Long Pursuit S1, Ep17
31 Jan. 1960 The Long Pursuit

Spring-Fever S1, Ep18
7 Feb. 1960 Spring-Fever

Black Sand S1, Ep19
14 Feb. 1960 Black Sand

The Seal Skin-Game S1, Ep20
21 Feb. 1960 The Seal Skin-Game

Peril at Caribou Crossing S1, Ep21
28 Feb. 1960 Peril at Caribou Crossing

Behind the Moon S1, Ep22
6 Mar. 1960 Behind the Moon

Partners S1, Ep23
13 Mar. 1960 Partners

Disaster at Gold Hill S1, Ep24
20 Mar. 1960 Disaster at Gold Hill

The Last Bullet S1, Ep25
27 Mar. 1960 The Last Bullet

A Barrel of Gold S1, Ep26
3 Apr. 1960 A Barrel of Gold

The Bride Wore Black S1, Ep27
10 Apr. 1960 The Bride Wore Black

Odd Man Hangs S1, Ep28
17 Apr. 1960 Odd Man Hangs

Counterblow S1, Ep29
24 Apr. 1960 Counterblow

Heart of Gold S1, Ep30
1 May 1960 Heart of Gold

Kangaroo Court S1, Ep31
8 May 1960 Kangaroo Court

The Silent Land S1, Ep32
15 May 1960 The Silent Land

Calico S1, Ep33
22 May 1960 Calico

Sign of the Kodiak S1, Ep34
29 May 1960 Sign of the Kodiak

White Vengeance S1, Ep35
5 Jun. 1960 White Vengeance

The Ballad of Whitehorse S1, Ep36
12 Jun. 1960 The Ballad of Whitehorse

The Devil Made Fire S1, Ep37
19 Jun. 1960 The Devil Made Fire

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