The Gray Ghost – western TV show

The Gray Ghost – western TV show.

Originally airing from October 10, 1957 to July 3, 1958. The show is based upon the true story of Major John Singleton Mosby, a Virginia officer in the Confederate Army, whose cunning and stealth earned him the nickname “Gray Ghost”. There are 39 half hour episode all in black and white. Produced by Russell Hayden.

Some of the guest stars are –
Peter Breck (“The Deserter”)
Richard Beymer (“An Eye for an Eye”)
Harry Carey, Jr. (“The Picnic”)
Russ Conway (“Judith”)
Dennis Cross (“Sealed Orders”)
Francis De Sales (“Charity”)
Angie Dickinson (“Point of Honor”)
Ann Doran (“Charity”)
Anthony Eisley (“The Trial”)
Ross Elliott (“The Rivals”)
Dabbs Greer (“Rebel Christmas”)
Kevin Hagen (“The Missing Colonel”)


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Ron Hagerthy (“A Problem of Command”)
Richard Jaeckel (“The Manhunt”)
Sammy Jackson (“Resurrection”)
Robert Knapp (“Rebel Christmas”)
Charles Lane (“Secret and Urgent”)
Ruta Lee (“Contraband”)
Tyler MacDuff (“The Gallant Foe”)
Strother Martin (“Reconnaissance Mission”)
Carole Mathews (“Greenback Raid”)
Denver Pyle (“Resurrection”)
William Schallert (“Russell of ‘The Times’”)
Karen Sharpe (“The Humanitarian”)
Liam Sullivan (“Point of Honor”)
Gloria Talbott (“Sealed Orders”)

Episode Guide for The Gray Ghost – western TV show.
S1, Ep0
Oct. 1957 Mosby’s Rangers
S1, Ep1
1957 The Humanitarian
S1, Ep2
1957 The Missing Colonel
S1, Ep3
1957 Point of Honor
S1, Ep4
1957 Charity
S1, Ep5
1957 An Eye for an Eye
S1, Ep6
1957 Horses for Stuart
S1, Ep7
1957 The Brothers
S1, Ep8
1957 Jimmy
S1, Ep9
1957 Conscript
S1, Ep10
Dec. 1957 Rebel Christmas
S1, Ep11
1957 The Rescue
S1, Ep12
1957 Angel of Loudoun
S1, Ep13
1957 Sealed Orders
S1, Ep14
1957 The Escape
S1, Ep15
1957 A Problem of Command
S1, Ep16
1957 Reconnaissance Mission
S1, Ep18
1957 Judith
S1, Ep19
1957 Russell of ‘The Times’
S1, Ep20
1957 The Trial
S1, Ep21
1957 The Long Way Home
S1, Ep22
1957 The Rivals
S1, Ep23
1957 Ulysses S. Grant
S1, Ep24
1957 The Deserter
S1, Ep25
1957 Resurrection
S1, Ep26
1957 Father and Son
S1, Ep27
1957 Taps for a Hero
S1, Ep28
1957 Renegade Rangers
S1, Ep29
1957 The Bribe
S1, Ep17
1958 Greenback Raid
S1, Ep30
1958 The Master Spy
S1, Ep31
1958 Manhunt
S1, Ep32
1958 The Hero
S1, Ep33
1958 Contraband
S1, Ep34
1958 Secret and Urgent
S1, Ep35
1958 Epidemic
S1, Ep36
1958 The Picnic
S1, Ep37
1958 Strange Bedfellows
S1, Ep38
1958 The Gallant Foe

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