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The Range Rider and his young sidekick Dick West travel through the west righting wrongs and battling the bad guys! This western series show was produced by Gene Autry Flying A productions and stars Jock Mahoney and Dick Jones. Dick later starred in his own western series Buffalo Bill Jr. also produced by Gene Autry! Dick was also in many Gene Autry western movies and TV show episodes. A lost episode surfaced and was broadcast in 1959. The Range Rider was also broadcast on British television during the 1960s, and in Melbourne, Australia during the 1950s.
Episode Guide for 1951 – of The Range Rider – western TV show
Season 1
S1, Ep1
1951 Six Gun Party
S1, Ep2
1951 The Secret Lode
S1, Ep3
1951 The Range Rider
S1, Ep4
1951 Stage to Rainbow’s End
S1, Ep5
1951 Gunslinger in Paradise
S1, Ep6
1951 Right of Way
S1, Ep7
1951 The Crooked Fork
S1, Ep8
19 Feb. 1951 Gun Point
S1, Ep9
1951 The Baron of Broken Bow
S1, Ep10
1951 Western Fugitive
S1, Ep11
1951 Bad Medicine
S1, Ep12
8 Mar. 1951 Pack Rat
S1, Ep13
1951 The Grand Fleece
S1, Ep14
1951 The Flying Arrow
S1, Ep15
1951 The Hawk
S1, Ep16
1951 Dead Man’s Shoe
S1, Ep17
1951 The Golden Peso
S1, Ep18
1951 Hidden Gold
S1, Ep19
1951 Diablo Pass
S1, Ep20
1951 Last of the Pony Express
S1, Ep21
1951 Marked for Death
S1, Ep22
1951 Ten Thousand Reward
S1, Ep23
1951 Indian Sign
S1, Ep24
1951 False Trail
S1, Ep25
16 Aug. 1951 The Ghost of Poco Loco
S1, Ep26
10 Sep. 1951 Harsh Reckoning
Episode Guide for 1951 – 1952 – of The Range Rider – western TV show.
Season 2
S2, Ep1
1951 Sealed Justice
S2, Ep2
1951 Marked Bullets
S2, Ep3
1951 The Fatal Bullet
S2, Ep4
1951 Dim Trails
S2, Ep5
1951 Red Jack
S2, Ep6
1951 Gunman’s Game
S2, Ep7
1951 Big Medicine Man
S2, Ep8
1952 The Blind Trail
S2, Ep9
1952 Rustler’s Range
S2, Ep10
1952 Shotgun Stage
S2, Ep11
31 Jan. 1952 Blind Canyon
S2, Ep12
1952 Trail of the Lawless
S2, Ep13
1952 Fight Town
S2, Ep14
1952 Secret of the Red Raven
S2, Ep15
1952 Pale Horse
S2, Ep16
1952 Jimmy the Kid
S2, Ep17
18 Feb. 1952 The Bandit Stallion
S2, Ep18
1952 Renegade Ranch
S2, Ep19
1952 Outlaw Masquerade
S2, Ep20
1952 Law of the Frontier
S2, Ep21
1952 Let ‘er Buck
S2, Ep22
1952 Gold Fever
S2, Ep23
1952 Silver Blade
S2, Ep24
1952 Romeo Goes West
S2, Ep25
1952 Peace Pipe
S2, Ep26
1952 Border Trouble
Episode Guide for 1952 – 1953 – of The Range Rider – western TV show.
Season 3
S3, Ep1
1952 Greed Rides the Range
S3, Ep2
1952 Gold Hill
S3, Ep3
1952 Outlaw’s Double
S3, Ep4
1952 Feud at Friendship City
S3, Ep5
1952 The Secret of Superstition Peak
S3, Ep6
1952 Ambush in Coyote Canyon
S3, Ep7
1953 Indian War Party
S3, Ep8
1953 Bad Men of Rimrock
S3, Ep9
1953 Saga of Silver Town
S3, Ep10
1953 Cherokee Round-Up
S3, Ep11
1953 Treasure of Santa Dolores
S3, Ep12
1953 The Holy Terror
S3, Ep13
1953 Border City Affair
S3, Ep14
1953 The Black Terror
S3, Ep15
1953 Marshal from Madero
S3, Ep16
1953 Bullets and Badmen
S3, Ep17
1953 West of Cheyenne
S3, Ep18
1953 Western Edition
S3, Ep19
1953 Convict at Large
S3, Ep20
1953 Hideout
S3, Ep21
1953 The Buckskin
S3, Ep22
1953 The Chase
S3, Ep23
1953 Old Timer’s Trail
S3, Ep24
1953 Two-Fisted Justice
S3, Ep25
1953 Outlaw Territory
S3, Ep26
1953 Outlaw Pistols
Written by Buckley Angell
Eric Freiwald
Oliver Drake
Orville H. Hampton
Lawrence Hazard
Edward Llewellyn
Joe Richardson
Arthur Rowe
Jack Townley
Directed by George Archainbaud
William A. Berke
Thomas Carr
John English
Wallace Fox
D. Ross Lederman
Frank McDonald
Don McDougall
Ray Nazarro
Starring Jock Mahoney
Dick Jones
Opening theme “Home on the Range”
Composer Carl Cotner
Walter Greene
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 79
Executive producer Gene Autry
Louis Gray
Producer Hugh McCollum
Armand Schaefer
Running time 30 minute time slot
Original channel Syndication
Picture format Black-and-white
Audio format Monaural
Original run April 5, 1951 – September 1, 1953
Fantastic Guest stars include.
Jim Bannon — “Stage to Rainbow’s End”, “The Crooked Fork”, and “Marked for Death” (all 1951), and “Badmen of Rimrock” (1953)
Jeanne Bates — “The Black Terror” (1953)
Pamela Blake — “West of Cheyenne” (1953)
Rand Brooks — “Dim Trails” (1951) and “Shotgun Stage” (1952)
Lonnie Burr — then as a child actor, he appeared as Jimmy in the title role of “The Holy Terror” (1953).
Phyllis Coates — twice, including “Pale Horse” (1952)
Harry Cheshire — five times, including “The Secret Lode” and “Red Jack” (1951)
Gail Davis — twice, including as Ann Carter in “Greed Rides the Range” and in “Outlaw’s Double” (both 1952)
Edgar Dearing — “Pack Rat”, “Indian Sign”, “False Trail”, and “The Fatal Bullet” (all 1951)
John Doucette — four times, including “The Border City Affair” (1953)
James Griffith — seven episodes, including “The Flying Arrow” and “Ghost of Poco Loco” (both 1951)
Alan Hale, Jr. — five times, including the episodes “Bad Medicine”, “Diablo Posse”, and “Last of the Pony Express” (all 1951)
Don C. Harvey — five times, including “The Baron of Broken Bow”, “Marked Bullets”, and “Red Jack” (all 1951)
Myron Healey — six times, including “Gold Hill” (1952)
Darryl Hickman — in “Fight Town” (1952)
Sherry Jackson — then a child actor in “Dead Man’s Shoes” (1951) and “Secret of the Red Raven” (1952)
Brad Johnson — three times, including “The Border City Affair” and “Bullets and Badmen” (1953)
I. Stanford Jolley — twice, including “The Black Terror” and “Hideout” (both 1953)
Tom Keene — as Lang in “The Grand Fleece” (1951)
Fred Krone — “Convict at Large”, “The Buckskin”, “The Chase”, “Outlaw Territory” (all 1953)
Tom London — “The Hawk” and “Dead Man’s Shoes” (both 1951)
Kenneth MacDonald — seven episodes, mostly as a sheriff
Kermit Maynard — “Sealed Justice” (1951) and “Jimmy the Kid” (1952)
Ewing Mitchell — eleven episodes, mostly as a law-enforcement officer
Clayton Moore — as Martin Wickett in “Ambush in Coyote Canyon” (1952) and as Dan Meighan in “The Saga of Silver Town” (1953)
Sheb Wooley — four times, including “The Treasure of Santa Dolores” and “The Old Timer’s Trail” (both 1953), and “Outlaw Pistols” (1953, the series finale)
Dennis Moore — “Ten Thousand Reward” (1951)
J. Pat O’Malley — three times, including “Diablo Posse” (1951)
John M. Pickard — “The Holy Terror” and “The Buckskin” (both 1953)
Denver Pyle — fourteen times, including “Six Gun Party”, “Gunslinger in Paradise”, and “Big Medicine Man” (all 1951)
Marshall Reed — “Pack Rat” and “Sealed Justice” (1951)
Karen Sharpe — “The Chase” (1953)
Glenn Strange — twice, including the role of Chief Black Cloud in “Indian War Party” (1952)
Lyle Talbot — four episodes, including “The Secret of Superstition Peak” (1952) and “West of Cheyenne” (1953)
Gloria Talbott — in “Gold Hill” (1952)
Dub Taylor — three episodes
Minerva Urecal — “Bad Men of Rimrock” and “Outlaw Territory” (both 1953)
Lee Van Cleef — three times, including as Rocky Hatch in “Greed Rides the Range” (1952)
Pierre Watkin — twice, including “Blind Canyon” (1952)
Robert J. Wilke — eight episodes, including “Right of Way” (1951)
Gloria Winters — four times, including “Pack Rat”, as Sally Roberts in “Ghost of Poco Loco” (both 1951), and “Blind Canyon” (1952)
Chief Yowlachie — twice, “Sealed Justice” and “Big Medicine Man” (1951)

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