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Tough sheriff Clay Hollister keeps the law in Tombstone, Arizona–“The Town Too Tough to Die”–with the support of his faithful deputies and the editor of the local newspaper. Pat Conway, Richard Eastham, Quintin Sondergaard, Allison Hayes. There are 91 episodes of this classic western television series show. Originally airing from 1957 till 1960.
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Season 1

Gunslinger from Galeville S1, Ep1
16 Oct. 1957 Gunslinger from Galeville
August 6, 1881 – After Clay gives lawyer and saloon owner, J. Homer Radcliffe, a bill for his taxes, he challenges Clay to collect back taxes from a group of outlaws who are occupying different hideouts far from Tombstone but within the county. Clay uses the services of Curly Bill Brocius as his deputy and guide.

Reward for a Gunslinger S1, Ep2
23 Oct. 1957 Reward for a Gunslinger
Sept 20, 1881 – The stage line into Tombstone has been plagued by outlaw Frank Masters, resulting in the death of three coach drivers. With the mayor demanding action, Clay Hollister searches the county for the outlaw. Meanwhile, the stage company and the townspeople of Tombstone post a reward for $5000; attracting the attention of two shady bounty hunters who refuse to let Hollister stand between them and their reward.

Ride Out at Noon S1, Ep3
30 Oct. 1957 Ride Out at Noon
Nov 1, 1881 – Sam Brewster’s cattle drive stops by Tombstone on its way to the army post. After a fight in the saloon bar, Hollister throws the cowboys out of town. Sam’s son Tully stays behind to settle a score with a saloon patron only to be shot in self defense by Deputy Charlie. Brewster swears he’ll return with his men after the drive if his son dies. When Tully passes away, the town folk are reluctant to stand by the sheriff to face the angry drovers. Only Curly Bill Brocius decides he’ll side with the sheriff when they meet Brewster’s men at the outskirts of …

Revenge Town S1, Ep4
6 Nov. 1957 Revenge Town
After Clay kills a cattle baron who forced a gunfight, he receives an urgent telegram ordering him to attend a meeting of Arizona sheriffs. The telegram turns out to be a ruse; part of a plot by the people of the rancher’s home town who, not satisfied with the Tombstone coroner’s jury of justifiable homicide, plan to execute Clay for murder after a trial before a kangaroo court.

A Bullet for an Editor S1, Ep5
13 Nov. 1957 A Bullet for an Editor
March 24, 1884 – Gambler Raoul de Moreney arrives on the stage and soon finds himself accused of card cheating at the saloon. Harris Claibourne does some digging and discovers that he’s a well known card hustler and has killed numerous men in dueling matches. When confronted, Harris refuses to retract the story and is challenged by Raoul to a duel. Can Hollister find a way to save his friend and stop the killings?

Killer Without a Conscience S1, Ep6
20 Nov. 1957 Killer Without a Conscience
Aug 23, 1883 – While arresting two gunmen at the saloon, Hollister is saved by Jake Hoyt from being shot in the back by a third gunman. A stranger in town, Hoyt has an ulterior motive for saving Hollister’s life; he’s a ruthless gun who believes he’d make a better sheriff. When Hoyt guns down an innocent salesman mistaking him for a wanted man, Hollister searches for Hoyt. They meet up and face off in the street.

Guns of Silver S1, Ep7
27 Nov. 1957 Guns of Silver
July 13 1882 – During an Indian attack, a miner is killed and his two partners find silver while burying his body. They decide to take the dead miner’s right to the claim and not share the proceeds with his family. In Tombstone, the mood of the mining community turns sour and an angry mob want to deal out their own justice. It’s up to Hollister to calm down the mob and reason with the greedy miners.

Desert Survival S1, Ep8
4 Dec. 1957 Desert Survival
July 29 1881 – Trying to arrest an outlaw in Tombstone, Hollister is overcome by his two partners and forced to lead them across the desert to Senora Mexico, 50 miles away. Hollister knows that they’ll shoot him when the crossing is finished, so he tries to wear them down in the desert heat in an attempt to survive.

Apache Vendetta S1, Ep9
11 Dec. 1957 Apache Vendetta
Feb 3 1885 – An Apache, Tee-A-Hah, rides into Tombstone looking to avenge the death of his father in Tuscon at the hands of buffalo skinner Floyd Rank. When Floyd is killed in the streets by Tee-A-Hah, Hollister must follow him to the reservation to bring him back for trial. Floyd’s brother Karl wants to deal out his own justice, Tee-A-Hah doesn’t want to die with the white man’s eyes watching him hang, while Hollister is caught in the middle exercising his sworn duty.

Ambush at Gila Gulch S1, Ep10
18 Dec. 1957 Ambush at Gila Gulch
August 15, 1884 – A Mexican rancher and his foreman are ambushed and killed outside of Tombstone for a $20,000 purse they are thought to be carrying. The murders are witnessed by young Jimmy Edwards who decides to say nothing about what he’s seen. The men responsible, rancher Nate Crandall and his men, figure out Jimmy’s secret and entice him to participate in a robbery at the Hotel in Tombstone, where the clerk is shot and Jimmy is setup to take the fall for the robbery.

Sermons and Six Guns S1, Ep11
25 Dec. 1957 Sermons and Six Guns
Dec 9, 1882 – The Rev. Malcolm Tuttle is on the stage heading back to Tombstone when it is held up and robbed. Hollister believes that Big Jim Sten and his men, who are coincidentally in town, may be to blame. When the Rev and Big Jim meet, Hollister detects there’s something between the two men but he’s unsure what it is.

The Youngest Gun S1, Ep12
1 Jan. 1958 The Youngest Gun
June 18, 1885 – When outlaw Hode Sergeant meets his teenage son Jett from the stage in Tombstone, Hollister and his deputy follow them back to the hideout. During a shootout, Hode is killed and young Jett vows to take his revenge on Hollister for his father’s death.

Shoot Out at Dark S1, Ep13
8 Jan. 1958 Shoot Out at Dark
Buckskin Frank Leslie is paroled from Yuma prison and returns to Tombstone to be with the woman who arranged for his release – the former wife of the man he killed. The dead man’s brothers don’t believe five years in prison is a sufficient penalty and plan to exact their own form of justice, even though Sheriff Hollister has ordered them to get out of town by sundown.

The Rebels’ Last Charge S1, Ep14
15 Jan. 1958 The Rebels’ Last Charge
June 1881 – Sheriff Hollister and Harris Claibourne ride into the small town of Osage to find it deserted. The town folk have left in panic when they heard that a group of rebel confederates, turned outlaws, are coming to plunder their town. While outnumbered, Hollister and Calibourne take on the raiders to restore peace in Osage.

Gun Fever S1, Ep15
22 Jan. 1958 Gun Fever
January 16, 1882 – Clay Hollister has a problem. Having recently hired Neal Weaton as a deputy, he’s living to regret it after Neal guns down another civilian in the “name of the law”. He eventually makes the tough decision to fire him but Neal soon gets another job at a saloon as a guard where he continues to dispense his style of justice. Clay orders Neal to leave town.

Mexican Bandito S1, Ep16
29 Jan. 1958 Mexican Bandito
August 2, 1882 – Mexican bandit, Augustine Ramirez and his gang rob the bank at Tombstone, killing the teller during their getaway. Hollister disguises himself as an outlaw so he can move freely through the border towns looking for his quarry.

Tong War S1, Ep17
5 Feb. 1958 Tong War
April 28, 1889 – Lum Chen, a worker at the Can Can Restaurant in the Chinese Quarter, returns to Tombstone with his fiancé Mei Lon. Owner of the restaurant, Kwong Chee, initially accuses Lum of a robbery weeks earlier and tries to deal with the crime himself. Hollister steps in and both men refuse to talk about the matter. Soon after, two Chinese strangers arrive in town and Lum and Mei Lon disappear. Kwong identifies them as Hatchet Men of the Society, a group of Chinese assassins.

Postmarked for Death S1, Ep18
12 Feb. 1958 Postmarked for Death
December 8, 1882 – Postmaster Clem Hawley is on a mail run when he’s gunned down on the trail. When his buggy and team stampede back into Tombstone, Clay and his Deputy back track his trail and find Clem left for dead, but alive and unconscious. While out of town, the bank is robbed of the mine payroll of $15,000. Clay investigates and finds that the bank thieves were probably locals and they’re still in town.

Johnny Ringo’s Last Ride S1, Ep19
19 Feb. 1958 Johnny Ringo’s Last Ride
May 10, 1882 – Johnny Ringo is a popular character in Tombstone, even with Sheriff Hollister. When he loses everything in a friendly poker game, he draws his gun, takes his money and a watch and leaves the game. Witnessed by many people including the new Judge, a warrant is issued for his arrest. Clay must follow Johnny to Charleston, eight miles away, to bring him back to justice. Althought Clay does everything possible to help him, Johnny gets free and rides off into the desert followed by a posse led by Judge Reese.

Outlaw’s Bugle S1, Ep20
26 Feb. 1958 Outlaw’s Bugle
June 4, 1885 – Cattle broker and former rustler, Kirk Stevens, is feeling the squeeze from Sheriff Hollister’s campaign to stamp out rustling in the county. His partner Monty offers to run a newspaper in opposition to the Epitaph so they can influence public opinion against Hollister. The Bugle newspaper opens for business in Tombstone.

Geronimo S1, Ep21
5 Mar. 1958 Geronimo
May 26, 1889 – Apache chief Geronimo is looking to resupply his raiding party’s ammunition stocks and attacks an army supply train just north of Tombstone killing the small army guard detail. Wile Sheriff Hollister and his men search the county looking for Geronimo, he makes his way to town and hides out in a pool hall. Waiting for an illegal arms dealer to deliver his ammo, Geronimo is detected and Hollister is only steps away from an encounter with the chief.

The Return of the Outlaw S1, Ep22
12 Mar. 1958 The Return of the Outlaw
July 9, 1886 – Running from Hollister’s posse after robbing Tombstone’s bank, Logan Beatty seeks refuge and medical attention for a gunshot wound at the Danbury homestead. There, he wins the affection of Danbury’s daughter Kay who leaves her home for an exciting lifestyle with Logan. Hollister tracks them down to New Mexico where he tries to talk them back to returning to Tombstone. Life on the run isn’t what Kay imagined, so she returns with Hollister and encourages Logan to follow.

Guilt of a Town S1, Ep23
19 Mar. 1958 Guilt of a Town
March 27, 1882 – The town’s people are angry that crime is escalating and criminals are being set free by the courts. Meanwhile, Mitt Porter and Billy Clyde kill a paymaster at the Tombstone Mine during a failed robbery attempt. Sheriff Hollister suspects the pair but has no proof. He sets a trap which leads him and his posse to a cabin where a shoot out occurs; Billy is killed and Mitt is wounded and arrested. In the hospital, Mitt’s brother Dave wants him to break out and head with him to Texas. Fearing a conviction for murder, Mitt agrees.

Cave-In S1, Ep24
26 Mar. 1958 Cave-In
While search for a break in the town’s main waterline, Big Bill Hartley discovers a chunk of rich silver ore. He convinces an ambitious saloon girl to bankroll his mining operation and digs a shaft from an abandoned house to the pocket of silver that lies directly under Tombstone’s main street. Just when Bill thinks he’s struck in rich, the mine collapses, causing a girl riding on the street to be trapped inside the resulting sinkhole.

Skeleton Canyon Massacre S1, Ep25
2 Apr. 1958 Skeleton Canyon Massacre
June 5, 1883 – A Mexican pack train is attacked at Skeleton Canyon. Four of the five Mexicans are killed with the survivor Don Jacinto Orosco calling for reinforcements to come to Tombstone to track down and kill the outlaws. Sheriff Hollister must persuade Orosco to let him deal with the problem in the hope of preventing an international incident.

Strange Vengeance S1, Ep26
9 Apr. 1958 Strange Vengeance
May 10, 1885 – With the railway coming to town, the Beaumont brothers try to force a lessee cattleman off their property and frame Winnie Joe Westerby for poisoning his cattle herd. The Beaumont land is prime real estate and right in the path of the planned rail route. When Winnie Joe is found innocent and set free, the Beaumonts realize that Winnie Joe and his lawyer Frank Callaway may know too much and need to act fast to prevent Sheriff Hollister from finding the truth.

The Tin Gunman S1, Ep27
6 Apr. 1958 The Tin Gunman
July 29, 1884 – Billy Denver comes to Tombstone and is billed at the Bird Cage Hotel as the “Fastest Gun In The World”. Clay is concerned that there will be a dozen or more locals who would be glad to take him on. When Johnny Pearce and his brother Dick come to watch the show, Johnny believes that Billy is all show and is determined to go up against him.

The Outcasts S1, Ep28
23 Apr. 1958 The Outcasts
May 10, 1881 – A religious sect decides to settle down five miles from Tombstone and Ben Ashdown, one of the young men, goes to work for Harris. However, Lige Crown and his friends want to drive them away from Tombstone. They plan to tar and feather Elder Elias Ransom.

Doc Holliday in Durango S1, Ep29
30 Apr. 1958 Doc Holliday in Durango
June 19, 1882 – Outlaw Ed Mace is passing through Tombstone when he kills two men in a saloon, one of those being Clay Hollister’s deputy. Mace leaves town headed for Durango where he intends to kill Doc Holliday. Mace is looking for revenge for his bother’s death back in Texas. Sheriff Hollister, having been deputized as a US Marshal, goes after Mace and his gang.

Triangle of Death S1, Ep30
7 May 1958 Triangle of Death
Sept 2, 1885 – Con man George Camden and his sister Patricia arrive in Tombstone. Soon after getting off the stage, they visit an old friend and associate Aaron McCafin and take possession of his Double T ranch. George hatches a plan to invite Sheriff Hollister out for Sunday lunch, and while he’s being entertained by Patricia, George slips into town and robs the bank.

Pick up the Gun S1, Ep31
14 May 1958 Pick up the Gun
Young troublemaker Billy Clanton makes a pass at Lisa Carew, getting into a fight with her father, who has promised Lisa to Johnny Coster. But Lisa, feeling stifled by her father and Johnny’s tight-knit Cornish community, runs away from her home and comes to Clay for help.

The Assassin S1, Ep32
21 May 1958 The Assassin
Bill Doolin, a former outlaw recently released from prison, returns to Tombstone only to discover his wife has been kidnapped. She is being held prisoner by the family of a man about to go on trial for murder where the star witness will be Clay Hollister. They will only release her if Doolin kills Sheriff.

The Lady Gambler S1, Ep33
28 May 1958 The Lady Gambler
A pretty blonde arrives on the stage in Tombstone. Julie Dixon is traveling between towns working as a faro dealer while she tries to find her brother Sam, a gambler and a murderer. Sheriff Hollister is intrigued by the fact that she meets every incoming stagecoach. What the sheriff doesn’t know is the real reason behind why Julie is so intent on finding Sam.

Fight for a Fugitive S1, Ep34
4 Jun. 1958 Fight for a Fugitive
A disheveled escapee from Yuma prison breaks into the Epitaph office and at gunpoint, convinces Harris Claibourne to look into the court records of his murder conviction. Claiming his innocence, Vince Harper states that on the night of the murder his gun had been taken from him by a saloon girl named Laura Coleman, who seems to have disappeared soon after the trial. Arriving in town at the same time is the prison guard Captain, looking to take Harper back to prison dead or alive, preferably dead. Hollister doesn’t care for the Captain’s ethics and commences his own …

Legacy of Death S1, Ep35
11 Jun. 1958 Legacy of Death
Oct 13, 1886 – A wounded Mexican freedom fighter, Santiago is fleeing with his men “The Faceless Ones” through the town of Tombstone. Sheriff Clay Hollister permits the small group to resupply but insists they move out of the territory. Finding the fatally wounded Santiago and his men held up in a cave just outside town, Hollister agrees to bring Santiago’s younger brother to him before he dies. What Hollister doesn’t realize is that Santiago’s brother is not who he seems to be.

The Gatling Gun S1, Ep36
27 Aug. 1958 The Gatling Gun
August 12, 1886 – Former bank robber Sam Colby and his two partners intend to ambush and rob an army payroll wagon using a stolen Gatling gun. After setting their trap, Colby rides into Tombstone to purchase as much ammunition as he can and comes into contact with Harris Claibourne and his former fiancé Sarah Medford. Colby’s violent actions bring him to the attention of Sheriff Clay Hollister who has serious concerns about Colby and the real reasons behind his visit.

The Black Marshal from Deadwood S1, Ep37
3 Sep. 1958 The Black Marshal from Deadwood
July 16, 1885 – The Black Marshal of Deadwood, Marshal Daggett, arrives in Tombstone to settle down as a rancher. Sheriff Hollister is concerned that once word gets out that he’s in town, criminals from his past will come to Tombstone seeking revenge. When Hollister finds out his gun hand has been crippled from a previous wound, he does all he can to keep Daggett safe.

Thicker Than Water S1, Ep38
10 Sep. 1958 Thicker Than Water
June 9, 1888 – Clay Hollister arrests Milo Wade for murder in a border town and begins the return journey to Tombstone to take Wade back for trial. On the trail, Wade is freed by his young brother Seth and they leave Hollister for dead in the desert.

Rose of the Rio Bravo S1, Ep39
17 Sep. 1958 Rose of the Rio Bravo
July 7, 1884 – A young Barton Clark Jr. comes to Tombstone to learn about life and takes a job with Clay Hollister as a jailer. When Hollister arrests Rose, wanted in Texas for cattle rustling and robbery, Barton falls for her charms and soon falls in love. Rose takes advantage of the situation and has Barton help her to escape by knocking the sheriff unconscious.

Season 2

Whipsaw S2, Ep1
13 Mar. 1959 Whipsaw
Bob Pickett, accused of murder in Tombstone escapes from the Red Rock jail before Clay Hollister can bring him back for trial. As fate would have it, Pickett saves Clay from an Apache Indian who was about to shoot him. The two men get along famously until Dempsey meets them on the trail and identifies Pickett as the man Clay was meant to arrest.

Marked for Murder S2, Ep2
20 Mar. 1959 Marked for Murder
Clay spots Whit Purcell, arranger of murders, when he rides into Tombstone. He knows that Stu Regan, his hired gun, will soon follow and the two will conspire to draw an innocent man in a gunfight that the victim cannot win. Worse, Clay knows the two have never been convicted of a crime because their quarry has always been goaded into drawing first.

Payroll to Tombstone S2, Ep3
27 Mar. 1959 Payroll to Tombstone
A dispatch case carrying $30,000 in payroll money is stolen from the Army officer serving as its courier. The Army suspects that the aging officer may have stolen the money to finance his retirement, but Clay isn’t so sure – especially with three other likely suspects – a down-on-his-luck gambler, a woman living beyond her means and a storekeeper who claims to be crack shot, but can’t hit a would-be thief at point blank range.

Day of the Amnesty S2, Ep4
3 Apr. 1959 Day of the Amnesty
After a government-enforced truce and amnesty ends a murderous range-war, the hired killers employed by the factions are allowed the run of Tombstone knowing they can’t be held accountable for their crimes. When one of the ranchers finds his son murdered just before the truce took affect, he is determined to exact his revenge no matter what the terms of the amnesty dictate.

Trail’s End S2, Ep5
10 Apr. 1959 Trail’s End

The Black Diamond S2, Ep6
17 Apr. 1959 The Black Diamond

The Man from Brewster S2, Ep7
24 Apr. 1959 The Man from Brewster

Gun Hostage S2, Ep8
1 May 1959 Gun Hostage

Warrant for Death S2, Ep9
8 May 1959 Warrant for Death

Surrender at Sunglow S2, Ep10
1959 Surrender at Sunglow
When the sheriff of Sunglow is murdered by Harvey Logan and his gang, the town finds itself under siege. Sheriff Hollister and Harris Claibourne ride out to bring the gang to justice and restore law and order.

Grave Near Tombstone S2, Ep11
22 May 1959 Grave Near Tombstone
Nancy Cooley arrives in Tombstone to visit her only surviving relative, her uncle C.J. Cooley of the Jackpot Mine. Sheriff Hollister volunteers to escort Nancy to see her uncle, but on arrival he’s nowhere to be found. His partner Burt Foster is less than helpful, raising Clay’s suspicions.

Death Is to Write About S2, Ep12
29 May 1959 Death Is to Write About
David Armbruster, a famous English journalist writing about America’s violent West, tries to hire a gunslinger to face Sheriff Clay Hollister in a face-to-face gunfight so he can write an article about a shootout. Finding no takers, he tries to help a condemned criminal escape to accomplish the same thing.

Season 3

Red Terror of Tombstone S3, Ep1
9 Oct. 1959 Red Terror of Tombstone

The Gunfighter S3, Ep2
16 Oct. 1959 The Gunfighter

Stolen Loot S3, Ep3
23 Oct. 1959 Stolen Loot

The Writer S3, Ep4
30 Oct. 1959 The Writer
Ferguson, President Chester Arthur’s personal agent and a Elizabeth Blythe, a beautiful reporter travel to Tombstone to report about the lawlessness that appears to be rampant in the boomtown. Both agent and reporter are captured by the notorious Chandler gang with Elizabeth being held hostage until Hollister releases Joe Chandler from his jail.

Payroll Robbery S3, Ep5
6 Nov. 1959 Payroll Robbery
An ex-convict recently released in Yuma prison convinces a wheelwright shop owner to give him a chance when the man’s assistant was found murdered under mysterious circumstances. He soon proves his worth with his tools and his fists and is given the job or delivering a mine owner’s newly repaired buggy just when the mine payroll is expected.

The Horse Thief S3, Ep6
13 Nov. 1959 The Horse Thief
Local hardcase Jess Buckhorn tries to kill Little Hawk, whom he accuses of stealing the mission’s horses. Sheriff Hollister insists that the Apache be held for trial, angering attorney Fred Griffin who leads a lynch mob to the Tombstone jail. While Harris Claibourne holds the mob at bay with his shotgun, Clay and his deputies slip Little Hawk out the back door and into the old Spanish mission. The Indian breaks out of the room where he’s held prisoner, forcing Clay to track him into the nearby mountains where other Apache renegades roam.

The Legend S3, Ep7
20 Nov. 1959 The Legend
Jay Pell, an Eastern journalist looking for stories about the Wild West, arranges for a stagecoach hold-up that turns deadly when outlaw Sam Crane guns down the shotgun guard. One killing wasn’t enough for the story the reporter is determined to right, so Pell tries to prod Sheriff Hollister and Crane into confronting each other in a deadly gunfight.

Premature Obituary S3, Ep8
27 Nov. 1959 Premature Obituary
Neer-do-well Ron Browning tries to pay for his own obituary in Harris’ newspaper before the subject is even dead. When Harris refuses, Browning pulls a gun and attempts suicide but the newspaper editor manages to wrestle the pistol away before the young man can do himself harm. Clay learns that Ron didn’t want to face his fiancée who wrote him that she would soon be arriving by stage and locks him in jail for self-protection. When a criminal in the next cell breaks jail, he forces Ron to join him as a hostage.

Dangerous Romance S3, Ep9
4 Dec. 1959 Dangerous Romance

Self-Defense S3, Ep10
11 Dec. 1959 Self-Defense

The Marked Horseshoe S3, Ep11
18 Dec. 1959 The Marked Horseshoe

The Noose That Broke S3, Ep12
25 Dec. 1959 The Noose That Broke

Mine Disasters S3, Ep13
1 Jan. 1960 Mine Disasters

Eyewitness S3, Ep14
8 Jan. 1960 Eyewitness

The Capture S3, Ep15
15 Jan. 1960 The Capture

State’s Witness S3, Ep16
22 Jan. 1960 State’s Witness

The Target S3, Ep17
29 Jan. 1960 The Target

The Bride S3, Ep18
5 Feb. 1960 The Bride

Female Killer S3, Ep19
12 Feb. 1960 Female Killer

The Lady Lawyer S3, Ep20
19 Feb. 1960 The Lady Lawyer

Silver Killers S3, Ep21
26 Feb. 1960 Silver Killers

Holcomb Brothers S3, Ep22
4 Mar. 1960 Holcomb Brothers

Young Killer S3, Ep23
11 Mar. 1960 Young Killer

Coded Newspaper S3, Ep24
18 Mar. 1960 Coded Newspaper
John Whittaker places ads with hidden codes in the Epitaph, telling his gang where and when to rob the Argus mine shipments.

Memory S3, Ep25
25 Mar. 1960 Memory

Revenge S3, Ep26
1 Apr. 1960 Revenge

The Hostage S3, Ep27
8 Apr. 1960 The Hostage

The Governor S3, Ep28
16 Apr. 1960 The Governor

The Kidnapping S3, Ep29
22 Apr. 1960 The Kidnapping

Girl from Philadelphia S3, Ep30
22 Apr. 1960 Girl from Philadelphia

The Fortune S3, Ep31
6 May 1960 The Fortune

The Innocent Man S3, Ep32
13 May 1960 The Innocent Man

The Siesta Killer S3, Ep33
20 May 1960 The Siesta Killer

The Return of Kansas Joe S3, Ep34
27 May 1960 The Return of Kansas Joe
October 20, 1883 – Territorial Governor Armstrong arrives in Tombstone just ahead of Kansas Joe Barton, who has been released from Yuma Prison and has sworn to kill him. However, Lt. Governor Owens is actually the man who’s trying to assassinate the Governor. Clay knows that Kansas Joe Barton is innocent of the written threat on the Governor’s life because Kansas Joe never learned to read and write.

Betrayal S3, Ep35
3 Jun. 1960 Betrayal

The Treaty S3, Ep36
10 Jun. 1960 The Treaty

The Outlaw S3, Ep37
17 Jun. 1960 The Outlaw

The Injury S3, Ep38
24 Jun. 1960 The Injury

Crime Epidemic S3, Ep39
1 Jul. 1960 Crime Epidemic

Juan Diega S3, Ep40
8 Jul. 1960 Juan Diega

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