Whiplash – western TV show

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This is a down under Australia western starring Peter Graves, Anthony Wickert. From 1960 – 1961. There are 34 episodes.
Episode Guide for the Whiplash – western TV show.
Season 1
Convict Town S1, Ep1
18 Feb. 1961 Convict Town

Rider on the Hill S1, Ep2
25 Feb. 1961 Rider on the Hill

The Legacy S1, Ep3
6 Mar. 1961 The Legacy

The Other Side of the Swan S1, Ep4
11 Mar. 1961 The Other Side of the Swan

Barbed Wire S1, Ep5
18 Mar. 1961 Barbed Wire

Episode in Bathurst S1, Ep6
25 Mar. 1961 Episode in Bathurst

The Twisted Road S1, Ep7
1 Apr. 1961 The Twisted Road

Dutchman’s Reef S1, Ep8
8 Apr. 1961 Dutchman’s Reef

The Actress S1, Ep9
15 Apr. 1961 The Actress

Divide and Conquer S1, Ep10
22 Apr. 1961 Divide and Conquer

The Remittance Man S1, Ep11
29 Apr. 1961 The Remittance Man

Sarong S1, Ep12
6 May 1961 Sarong

Solid Gold Brigade S1, Ep13
13 May 1961 Solid Gold Brigade

Stage for Two S1, Ep14
20 May 1961 Stage for Two

The Bone That Whispered S1, Ep15
27 May 1961 The Bone That Whispered

The Day of the Hunter S1, Ep16
5 Jun. 1961 The Day of the Hunter

The Canoomba Affair S1, Ep17
17 Jun. 1961 The Canoomba Affair

The Rushing Sands S1, Ep18
24 Jun. 1961 The Rushing Sands

Fire Rock S1, Ep19
1 Jul. 1961 Fire Rock

The Hunters S1, Ep20
8 Jul. 1961 The Hunters

Stage Fright S1, Ep21
15 Jul. 1961 Stage Fright

A Portrait in Gunpowder S1, Ep22
22 Jul. 1961 A Portrait in Gunpowder

Ribbons and Wheels S1, Ep23
29 Jul. 1961 Ribbons and Wheels

The Wreckers S1, Ep24
5 Aug. 1961 The Wreckers

Storm River S1, Ep25
12 Aug. 1961 Storm River

Flood Tide S1, Ep26
19 Aug. 1961 Flood Tide

A Dilemma in Wool S1, Ep27
26 Aug. 1961 A Dilemma in Wool

Dark Runs the Sea S1, Ep28
2 Sep. 1961 Dark Runs the Sea

The Magic Wire S1, Ep29
9 Sep. 1961 The Magic Wire

The Haunted Valley S1, Ep30
16 Sep. 1961 The Haunted Valley

Love Story in Gold S1, Ep31
23 Sep. 1961 Love Story in Gold

Secret of the Screaming Hills S1, Ep32
30 Sep. 1961 Secret of the Screaming Hills

Act of Courage S1, Ep33
7 Oct. 1961 Act of Courage

The Adelaide Arabs S1, Ep34
14 Oct. 1961 The Adelaide Arabs

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