Wichita Town – western TV show

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This show stars Joel McCrea, Jody McCrea, George N. Neise and Robert Foulk. What a great series starring the wonderful Joel McCrea and his son! There are 26 episodes of this westerns television series all about Marshal Mike Dunbar and his deputies. In Wichita Kansas. The episodes are Black and White and are 30 minutes in length taking out for commercials. This series originally aired in 1959 and 1960. Joel McCrea was one of the best western movie actors of all time with a very captivating screen presence!
Episode Guide to the Wichita Town – western TV series show.
The Night the Cowboys Roared S1, Ep1
30 Sep. 1959 The Night the Cowboys Roared

Wyndham’s Way S1, Ep2
7 Oct. 1959 Wyndham’s Way

Bullet for a Friend S1, Ep3
14 Oct. 1959 Bullet for a Friend

They Won’t Hang Jimmy Relson S1, Ep4
21 Oct. 1959 They Won’t Hang Jimmy Relson

Drifting S1, Ep5
28 Oct. 1959 Drifting

Man on the Hill S1, Ep6
4 Nov. 1959 Man on the Hill

Day of Battle S1, Ep7
18 Nov. 1959 Day of Battle

Compadre S1, Ep8
25 Nov. 1959 Compadre

Passage to the Enemy S1, Ep9
2 Dec. 1959 Passage to the Enemy

Out of the Past S1, Ep10
9 Dec. 1959 Out of the Past

Death Watch S1, Ep11
16 Dec. 1959 Death Watch

The Devil’s Choice S1, Ep12
23 Dec. 1959 The Devil’s Choice

Biggest Man in Town S1, Ep13
30 Dec. 1959 Biggest Man in Town

Ruby Dawes S1, Ep14
6 Jan. 1960 Ruby Dawes

Bought S1, Ep15
13 Jan. 1960 Bought

The Long Night S1, Ep16
20 Jan. 1960 The Long Night

Seed of Hate S1, Ep17
27 Jan. 1960 Seed of Hate

The Avengers S1, Ep18
3 Feb. 1960 The Avengers

Brothers of the Knife S1, Ep19
10 Feb. 1960 Brothers of the Knife

Afternoon in Town S1, Ep20
17 Feb. 1960 Afternoon in Town

The Frontiersman S1, Ep21
2 Mar. 1960 The Frontiersman

The Hanging Judge S1, Ep22
9 Mar. 1960 The Hanging Judge

Second Chance S1, Ep23
16 Mar. 1960 Second Chance

Paid in Full S1, Ep24
23 Mar. 1960 Paid in Full

The Legend of Tom Horn S1, Ep25
30 Mar. 1960 The Legend of Tom Horn

Sidekicks S1, Ep26
6 Apr. 1960 Sidekicks

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