Zorro and Son – western TV show

Zorro and Son – western TV show. buy prednisone for pets CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GO TO Zorro and Son – western TV show VIDEOS.


From 1983 there are only 5 episodes of this western series online. Twenty five years after defending the people of California Zorro has fallen a victim of age. The people are still being oppressed now by Commandant Paco Pico and his aide Sergeant Sepulveda. So Zorro’s faithful servant Bernardo sends for Zorro’s son who is living in Spain. The son turns out to be a swinger always chasing the women also gambling and using modern weapons guns, gas bombs, etc. in his war on Pico. This review Written by J.E. McKillop.

Henry Darrow – Don Diego de Vega (5 episodes, 1983)
Paul Regina – Don Carlos de Vega (5 episodes, 1983)
Bill Dana – Bernardo (5 episodes, 1983)
Gregory Sierra – Commandante Paco Pico (5 episodes, 1983)
Richard Beauchamp – Sgt. Sepulveda (5 episodes, 1983)
Barney Martin – Napa (5 episodes, 1983)
Pete Leal – Peasant (3 episodes, 1983)
Catherine Parks – Señorita Anita (3 episodes, 1983)

Episode Guide for the Zorro and Son – western TV show.
Season 1
Zorro and Son S1, Ep1
6 Apr. 1983 Zorro and Son

Beauty and the Mask S1, Ep2
13 Apr. 1983 Beauty and the Mask

A Fistful of Pesos S1, Ep3
20 Apr. 1983 A Fistful of Pesos

Wash Day S1, Ep4
4 May 1983 Wash Day

The Butcher of Barcelona S1, Ep5
1 Jun. 1983 The Butcher of Barcelona

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