Bob Custer Western Movies to Watch Free

Bob Custer Western Movies to Watch Free.
Bob Custer born Raymond Glenn in Frankfort, Kentucky (October 18, 1898 – December 27, 1974) and attended the University of Kentucky was an American film actor who appeared in over 50 films, mostly Westerns, between 1924 and 1937 including The Fighting Hombre, Arizona Days, The Last Roundup, The Oklahoma Kid, Law of the Rio Grande, The Law of the Wild and Ambush Valley.

Using his original name Raymond Glenn, the actor also appeared in non-Western movies, including the 1927 film The Return of Boston Blackie as the title character. After he retired from acting, with a degree in engineering, he become a building inspector in Los Angeles and eventually become chief building inspector in Newport Beach, California. Custer died of a heart attack in 1974 in Torrance, California.


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Acting credits
1937 Santa Fe Rides
Santa Fe Evans
1936 Vengeance of Rannah
Ted Sanders
1936 Ambush Valley
Marshal Bruce Manning
1934 The Law of the Wild
John Sheldon
1932 The Scarlet Brand
Bud Bryson
1932 Mark of the Spur
Bud Drake aka The Kid
1931 Quick Trigger Lee
Phil ‘Quick Trigger’ Lee
1931 Headin’ for Trouble
Cyclone Crosby
1931 Law of the Rio Grande
Jim Norris aka The Cub
1931 A Son of the Plains
Deputy Bob Brent
1931 Riders of the North
Mountie Sergeant Stone
1930 Under Texas Skies
1930 Covered Wagon Trails
Deputy ‘Smoke’ Sanderson
1930 The Parting of the Trails
‘Ramblin’ Raymond
1930 O’Mally Rides Alone
Sergeant Kirk O’Mally
1929 The Ridin’ Streak
Bill Pendleton
1929 Code of the West
Jack Hartley
1929 The Oklahoma Kid
Bob, the Oklahoma Kid
1929 Riders of the Rio Grande
Jack Beresford
1929 The Fighting Terror
1929 The Last Roundup
Denver Dixon
1929 Headin’ Westward
Oklahoma Adams
1928 Texas Tommy
Bob Cooper
1928 The Law of the Mounted
1928 Manhattan Cowboy
Jack Steel
1928 West of Santa Fe
1928 On the Divide
Jim Carson
1928 Arizona Days
Chuck Drexel
1928 Silent Trail
1927 Temptations of a Shop Girl
Jerry Horton (as Raymond Glenn)
1927 Ladies at Ease
Buck Bevin (as Raymond Glenn)
1927 The Return of Boston Blackie
Boston Blackie (as Raymond Glenn)
1927 Galloping Thunder
Kincaid Currier
1927 Bulldog Pluck
Bob Hardwick
1927 The Fighting Hombre
Bob Camp
1927 The Terror of Bar X
Bob Willis
1927 Cactus Trails
Ross Fenton
1926 Border Whirlwind
Tom Blake Jr
1926 The Dude Cowboy
Bob Ralston
1926 Hair Trigger Baxter
Baxter Brant
1926 The Devil’s Gulch
Ace Remsen
1926 The Dead Line
Sonora Slim
1926 The Valley of Bravery
Steve Tucker
1926 The Fighting Boob
The Tiger
1926 Beyond the Rockies
Con Benteen
1926 Man Rustlin’
Buck Hayden
1925 No Man’s Law
Dave Carson
1925 A Man of Nerve
Hackamore Henderson
1925 That Man Jack!
1925 The Bloodhound
Balleau / Sergeant Bill McKenna
1925 The Texas Bearcat
Dave Sethman
1925 Galloping Vengeance
Tom Hardy
1925 The Range Terror
Speed Meredith
1924 Flashing Spurs
Ranger Sgt. Stuart
1924 Trigger Fingers
Sgt. Bob Steele, posing as Lightning Brady

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