Jack Hoxie Western Movies to Watch Free

Jack Hoxie Western Movies to Watch Free.
Jack Hoxie (January 11, 1885 – March 28, 1965) was an American rodeo performer and motion picture actor whose career was most prominent in the silent film era of the 1910s through the 1930s. Hoxie is best recalled for his roles in Westerns and never strayed from the genre. Born John Hartford Hoxie in Kingfisher Creek in Indian Territory (now the state of Oklahoma), he was the son of a veterinarian father named Bart ‘Doc’ Hoxie, who was killed in a horse accident just weeks before Jack’s birth, and a half–Nez Perce mother (some reports list her as Cherokee) named Matilda E. Quick Hoxie. After his father’s death

he and his mother moved to Northern Idaho where, at an early age, Jack became a working cowboy and ranch hand. Matilda married a rancher and horse trader named Calvin Scott Stone. The family then relocated to Boise, where Jack worked as a packer for a US Army fort in the area, continuing to hone his skill as a horseback rider while competing in rodeos. In 1909 he met performer Dick Stanley and joined his Wild West show. It was during this period that Jack met and married his first wife, Hazel Panting, who was a Western trick rider with the outfit. Hoxie continued to tour with circuit rodeos until 1913, when he was approached to perform in the Western drama film short The Tragedy of Big Eagle Mine. Now billing himself as Hart Hoxie (a moniker he would use until 1919), he would continue working through the 1910s in popular Western shorts, often in small but well-received roles. In 1919, after appearing in approximately 35 films, he was cast in the starring role in the Paul Hurst-directed Lightning Bryce serials as main character Sky Bryce. Hoxie began billing himself as Jack Hoxie and would use this name permanently. It was during this time that he met and married his second wife, actress and frequent co-star Marin Sais, after his divorce from Hazel Panting.


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Jack Hoxie in his first starring role in 1919’s Lightning Bryce with Ann Little.
Through the early 1920s Hoxie became an extremely popular western film star and worked for such film companies as Pathé Exchange, Arrow, National Film Corp. and Sunset Pictures. In 1923 Universal Pictures head Carl Laemmle put Hoxie under contract and soon his career was on par with that of other Western stars of the era: Art Acord, Harry Carey and Hoot Gibson. Hoxie appeared in such high-profile films as 1923’s Where Is This West? with newcomer Mary Philbin and 1924’s Universal promotional film Hello, ‘Frisco, alongside such popular actors of the era as Jackie Coogan, Norman Kerry, Barbara La Marr, Antonio Moreno, Anna Q. Nilsson, Bebe Daniels and Rin Tin Tin. The film was designed to showcase Universal’s roster of its most popular actors. Hoxie, often atop his horses Fender and Dynamite, would star alongside such actresses as Marceline Day, Alice Day, Helen Holmes, Lottie Pickford and Fay Wray in westerns throughout the silent era.
Also, during this period, Jack’s younger half-brother Al Stone began to appear with him in films. Al would eventually become a successful actor in the western genre after changing his name to Al Hoxie and appearing in a series of films by actor/director J.P. McGowan. In 1925 Jack’s stepfather Scott Stone was convicted of the kidnap-murder of Los Angeles sisters May and Nina Martin and sentenced to death, a sentence that was commuted to life without parole after District Attorney Keyes told the governor his office had made mistakes in the case; both Hoxie and Stone’s son Al refused to assist in his defense.
In 1926 Laemmle and Universal chose Jack to star as Buffalo Bill Cody in Metropolitan Pictures’ The Last Frontier, co-starring William Boyd. The film would prove enormously successful and Hoxie is often best recalled for his performance in the film. In 1927, however, Hoxie became dissatisfied with his contract at Universal and refused to renegotiate for another stint at the studio. He would continue throughout the late ’20s making films of lesser quality with lower-rank film studios. He made his last silent film, Forbidden Trail, in 1929 before pursuing further work in circuit rodeos, carnivals and the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show.

Acting credits
1933 Trouble Busters
Tex Blaine
1933 Gun Law
The Sonora Kid
1933 Via Pony Express
Buck Carson
1932 Law and Lawless
1932 Outlaw Justice
Panamint Jack
1932 Gold
Jack Tarrant
1929 Forbidden Trail
1927 Heroes of the Wild
Jack Hale
1927 The Fighting Three
Jack Conway
1927 Men of Daring
Jack Benton
1927 Grinning Guns
‘Grinner’ Martin
1927 The Rambling Ranger
Hank Kinney
1927 The Western Whirlwind
Jack Howard
1927 Rough and Ready
Ned Raleigh
1926 Red Hot Leather
Jack Lane
1926 The Wild Horse Stampede
Jack Tanner
1926 The Last Frontier
Buffalo Bill Cody
1926 The Fighting Peacemaker
‘Peace River’ Parker
1926 Looking for Trouble
Jack William Pepper
1926 The Border Sherriff
Sheriff Cultus Collins
1926 A Six Shootin’ Romance
‘Lightning’ Jack
1926 The Demon
Dane Gordon
1925 Two-Fisted Jones
Jack Wilbur
1925 Hidden Loot
1925/I Bustin’ Thru
Jack Savage
1925 The White Outlaw
Jack Lupton
1925 The Red Rider
White Elk
1925 Don Dare Devil
Jack Bannister
1925 Ridin’ Thunder
Jack Douglas
1925 A Roaring Adventure
Duffy Burns
1925 Flying Hoofs
Frank Moody
1925 The Sign of the Cactus
Jack Hayes
1924 Daring Chances
Jack Armstrong
1924 The Western Wallop
Bart Tullison
1924 Fighting Fury
Clay Hill Sr. / Clay Hill Jr
1924 The Back Trail
Jeff Prouty
1924 Ridgeway of Montana
Buck Ridgeway
1924 The Galloping Ace
Jim Jordan
1924 The Phantom Horseman
Bob Winton
1924 The Man from Wyoming
Ned Bannister
1923 The Red Warning
Philip Haver
1923 Men in the Raw
Windy Watkins
1923 Where Is This West?
John Harley
1923 Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande
‘Pep’ Pepper
1923 Desert Rider
Jack Sutherland
1923 Wolf Tracks
John Hastings
1923 Gallopin’ Through
1923 The Forbidden Trail
Jack Merriwell / Col. Jim Merriwell
1922 Riders of the Law
Jack Meadows
1922 Back Fire
‘Lightning’ Carson
1922 The Crow’s Nest
1922 The Marshal of Moneymint (Short)
Jack Logan
1922 Barb Wire
Jack Harding
1922 The Desert Bridegroom
Jack Harkins
1922 The Desert’s Crucible
Jack Hardy Jr. / Deerfoot
1922 Two-Fisted Jefferson
1921 Sparks of Flint (Short)
1921 The Double O
Happy Hanes
1921 Hills of Hate
Nate ‘Hate’ Hammond
1921 The Broken Spur
‘Silent’ Joe Dayton / Jacques Durand
1921 Devil Dog Dawson
1921 Cupid’s Brand (Short)
Reese Wharton
1921 Dead or Alive
Jack Stokes
1921 The Sheriff of Hope Eternal (Short)
Drew Halliday
1921 Cyclone Bliss
Jack Bliss
1920 Death Valley Kid
1920 Thunderbolt Jack
Jach Halliday
1920 A Man from Nowhere
Clay Norton
1919 Lightning Bryce
Sky Bryce aka Lightning Bryce
1919 Told in the Hills
Henry Hardy (as Hart Hoxie)
1919 The Valley of the Giants
Jules Rondeau (as Hart Hoxie)
1919 The Love Call
Nick Horton (as Hart Hoxie)
1919 Johnny Get Your Gun
Bill Burnham (as Hart Hoxie)
1918 The Iron Test (as Hart Hoxie)
1918 A Fight for Millions (as Hart Hoxie)
1918 His Majesty, Bunker Bean
The greatest pitcher (as Hart Hoxie)
1918 Nobody’s Wife
Jack Darling (as Hart Hoxie)
1918 ‘Blue Blazes’ Rawden
Joe La Barge (as Hart Hoxie)
1918 The Wolf and His Mate
Donald Bayne, ‘The Wolf’ (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 Bull’s Eye (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 Nan of Music Mountain
Sandusky (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 Jack and Jill
Cactus Jim (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 Whirlwind of Whiskers (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Ghost of the Desert (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Man from Tia Juana (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Door in the Mountain (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Further Adventures of Stingaree (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Vanished Line Rider (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Trapping of Two-Bit Tuttle (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Tyrant of Chiracahua (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Vulture of Skull Mountain (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Skeleton Canyon Raid (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 A Western Romance (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1917 The Romantic Sheriff (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 Joan the Woman (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 On the Brink of War (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Stain of Chuckawalla (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 Border Wolves (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Fight for Paradise Valley (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Witch of the Dark House (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Son of Cain (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Harvest of Gold (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Ore Plunderers (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 Tigers Unchained (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Oil Field Plot (Short)
Santone (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Girl from Frisco
Santone / The Sheriff (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Three Godfathers
Sheriff Pete Cushing (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 A Youth of Fortune
Gardener (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Dumb Girl of Portici
Perrone (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 The Quarter Breed (Short)
Jess Melton (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 Secret Love
Bit part (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 Buck Simmons, Puncher (Short)
Ted (as Hart Hoxie)
1916 Blind Fury (Short)
Buck (as Hart Hoxie)
1915 Fatherhood
Del Beasley (as Hart Hoxie)
1915 The Gopher (Short)
The Sheriff (as Hart Hoxie)
1915 The Scarlet Sin
‘Bull’ Morgan (as Hart Hoxie)
1915 The Wild Engine (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1915 The Diamond from the Sky
Matt Hardigan (as Hart Hoxie)
1915 Captain Courtesy
Martinez (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 The Girl at the Throttle (Short)
Hanson, the Hunter (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 The Hazards of Helen
Hanson [Ch. 3] (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 The Car of Death (Short)
Dan – a Lineman (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 Near Death’s Door (Short)
Jack Fleming – foreman (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 The Operator at Black Rock (Short)
Sheriff Storm (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 The Identification (Short)
Mr. Allister (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 Kaintucky Bill (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1914 The Conductor’s Courtship (Short)
Bill – the Engineer (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 The Big Horn Massacre (Short)
Fleetfoot (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 The Battle at Fort Laramie (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 The Invaders (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 Brought to Bay (Short)
Pete Frawley – the Rustler (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 The Tragedy of Big Eagle Mine (Short)
Big Eagle – Laughing Water’s Brother (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 The Holdup at Black Rock (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1913 The Village Doctor (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
1910 Ridin’ Romance (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)
Films of Berwilla Studio (Short) (as Hart Hoxie)

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