Temple Houston – western TV show

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This western series has 26 episodes and originally aired in 1963 and 1964 and stars Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam, Frank Ferguson. Temple is the son of Texas Legend Sam Houston and is an attorney. Very interesting Lawyer true life person. Once shooting a bullet above the juries heads to prove a point AND win the case! Considered “the first attempt … to produce an hour-long western series with the main character being an attorney in the formal sense. Temple Houston was the only program which Jack Webb sold to a network during his ten months as the head of production at Warner Bros. Television. It was also the lone series in which actor Jeffrey Hunter played a regular part! The series was produced by Warner Bros. Television and Apollo Productions, a company co-owned by star Jeffrey Hunter, who had demanded to produce it in exchange for a film and television commitment to Warner Bros.. Starring Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam, Frank Ferguson.
EPISODE GUIDE for the Temple Houston – western TV show.
Season 1

The Twisted Rope S1, Ep1
19 Sep. 1963

Find Angel Chavez S1, Ep2
26 Sep. 1963

Letter of the Law S1, Ep3
3 Oct. 1963

Toll the Bell Slowly S1, Ep4
17 Oct. 1963

The Third Bullet S1, Ep5
24 Oct. 1963

Gallows in Galilee S1, Ep6
31 Oct. 1963

The Siege at Thayer’s Bluff S1, Ep7
7 Nov. 1963

Jubilee S1, Ep8
14 Nov. 1963

Thunder Gap S1, Ep9
21 Nov. 1963

Billy Hart S1, Ep10
28 Nov. 1963

Seventy Times Seven S1, Ep11
5 Dec. 1963

Fracas at Kiowa Flats S1, Ep12
12 Dec. 1963

Enough Rope S1, Ep13
19 Dec. 1963

The Dark Madonna S1, Ep14
26 Dec. 1963

The Guardian S1, Ep15
2 Jan. 1964

Thy Name Is Woman S1, Ep16
9 Jan. 1964

The Law and Big Annie S1, Ep17
16 Jan. 1964

Sam’s Boy S1, Ep18
23 Jan. 1964

Ten Rounds for Baby S1, Ep19
30 Jan. 1964

The Case for William Gotch S1, Ep20
6 Feb. 1964

A Slight Case of Larceny S1, Ep21
13 Feb. 1964

Last Full Moon S1, Ep22
27 Feb. 1964

The Gun That Swept the West S1, Ep23
5 Mar. 1964

Do Unto Others, Then Gallop S1, Ep24
19 Mar. 1964

The Town That Trespassed S1, Ep25
26 Mar. 1964

Miss Katherine S1, Ep26
2 Apr. 1964

Guest stars include
Parley Baer
Charles Bateman
James Best
Patricia Blair
Robert Bray
Kathie Browne
Walter Burke
Robert Conrad
William Conrad
Russ Conway
Royal Dano
John Dehner
William Fawcett
Shug Fisher
Constance Ford
Douglas Fowley
Anne Francis
Victor French
Virginia Gregg
Ron Hayes
Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr.
Anne Helm
Richard Jaeckel
Victor Jory
Susan Kohner
Robert Lansing
Dayton Lummis
J. Pat O’Malley
Paula Raymond
Tom Skeritt
Everett Sloane
Connie Stevens
Frank Sutton
Karl Swenson
Russell Thorson
Peter Whitney
Collin Wilcox
Van Williams
Morgan Woodward

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