Randolph Scott Theatre of the West – western TV show

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Randolph Scott’s only venture into television (other than an appearance on Celebrity Golf) was in the mid 1950′s as the host of a proposed series entitled Randolph Scott Theater of the West. The episode titled Officer’s Choice starred Scott Brady as a lawman trying to escape a criminal past and Paul Kelly as the Ranger who pursued him. The series was never sold and this probably is the one and the episode was most likely never aired. Randolph Scott hosts this show. A Bernard L. Schubert presentation. Produced by Federal Telefilms. Teleplay by Ralph Murphy and V.D. Portianko. From a story by Ernest Haycox. Directed by Ralph Murphy and produced by Hary Joe Brown. Starring Scott Brady, Paul Kelly, Cathy Downs, Mimi Gibson, Virginia Welles, Dick Crane, Ted de Corsia, Phil Tully and Olin Howlin. This western movie show was probably filmed in late 1955 or early 1956 and was most likely never aired. It looks like a project Harry Joe Brown and Randolph Scott were starting to try and come up with something to keep them on top of the western movies business. But little did they know at this time that Randolph Scotts western movie career was fixing to take off again after Seven Men From Now was filmed. Additional hosting by Bob Terry of Westerns On The Web.

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