Would you pay to be in a Western?

With all the technology these days the film industry has been entering new territory for several years now!


More and more independent film makers have stepped up to the plate and started producing films of all kinds. There is currently something like one gudzillion TV channels on one budzillion networks including local and national channels, satellite, cable, internet and on and on. Not to forget movie theaters and DVDs and other ways to watch programing. Funding and sponsors are what have always made films happen! Whether it has been TV shows or Movies. With all this entertainment sponsorship seems to be getting pretty thin! Many western movie fans fantasize about actually being in a western film and portraying either the Hero or Villain or even the Damsel in distress. Or perhaps just be part of the crowd or someone with a small scene like the much needed bartender or hotel clerk. There have been Dude Ranches for over 100 years where people who lived in a much tamer environment could spend a few weeks living the Old West life style Riding, Branding Cattle, sitting around the campfire in the evening and don’t forget cleaning those stalls! So with all the hustle and bustle in life to be part of the cast of a Western Film would seem like it could be a lot of fun and a very memorable event! Not to mention you could have a copy of the film to watch and show your friends. So all this being said. Would you pay to be in a Western Film?

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2 Responses to Would you pay to be in a Western?

  1. johnny-wrongway says:

    Would absolutely pay to be in a decent western. At the very least, I’d do it for free!!…..

  2. Dustin says:

    I would . The western genre is somehow highly under rated in current pop culture. the world needs more warm hearted family entertainment, with moral lessons and great action.

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