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This classic western show lasted a bit longer than I would expect! Since the man did not have a gun! Adam MacLean is publisher and chief reporter for the Yellowstone Sentinel of Yellowstone Wyoming. Originally airing in 1957, 1958 and 1959 and starring Rex Reason, Mort Mills and Harry Harvey. The episodes are Black and White and half hour each!
Man Without a Gun, is an American western television series produced by 20th Century Fox television and presented in first-run syndication in the United States from 1957 to 1959. Set in the town of Yellowstone near Yellowstone National Park in the then Dakota Territory during the 1870s, the program starred Rex Reason as newspaper editor Adam MacLean, who brought miscreants to justice without the use of violence or gunplay but through his Yellowstone Sentinel. The co-star was Mort Mills, as Marshal Frank Tallman, who intervened when the “pen” proved not to be “mightier than the sword”. Harry Harvey, Sr., was cast in twenty-one episodes as Yellowstone Mayor George Dixon.
Starring Rex Reason, Mort Mills and Harry Harvey Sr.
Notable Guest stars include.
Chris Alcaide
John Anderson
Whit Bissell
Lloyd Corrigan
Dennis Cross
John Doucette
James Drury
Stanley Fafara
Bruce Gordon
Don Gordon
Dabbs Greer
Ron Hagerthy
Myron Healey
Diane Jergens
Robert Karnes
Dayton Lummis
Doug McClure
Patrick McVey
Carole Mathews
James Philbrook
Dorothy Provine
Denver Pyle
Victor Rodman
Robert F. Simon
Olan Soule
Ray Teal
Robert J. Wilke

This list of episodes seems a bit odd because of repeats!
1 The Day the West Went Wild
2 Reward
3 Peril
4 The Sealed Envelope
5 Lissie
6 Danger
7 Invisible Energy
8 The Thin Wall
9 The Mine
10 Night of Violence
11 Wanted
12 The Seven Killers
13 The Gun From Boot Hill
14 Jailbreak
15 Trap Line
16 Teen-Age Idol
17 The Last Hunt
18 Silent Town
19 The Gunsmith
20 The Kidder
21 Guilty
22 The Fugitive
23 High Iron
24 Headline
25 Dream Weaver
26 Buried Treasure
27 Lady From Laramie
28 The Law of The Land
29 Man Missing
30 No Heart For Killing
31 Shadow of A Gun
32 Wire’s End
33 Dark Road
34 The Gun From Boot Hill
35 Danger
36 Silent Town
37 Shadow of A Gun
38 Night of Violence
39 The Seven Killers
40 Teen-Age Idol
41 Headline
42 No Heart For Killing
43 Peril
44 Trap Line
45 Wire’s End
46 Wanted
47 The Fugitive
48 High Iron
49 Lady From Laramie
50 Guilty
51 The Day the West Went Wild
52 The Thin Wall
53 Lissie
54 The Kidder
55 Dream Weaver
56 Buried Treasure
57 Dark Road
58 The Law of The Land
59 Reward
60 Jailbreak
61 The Last Hunt
62 The Gunsmith
63 The Mine Man
64 Invisible Energy
65 The Sealed Envelope
66 Man Missing
67 Eye Witness
68 Eye Witness

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